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December 17, 2021
Partner Spotlight: .find everything you need on Flow
Partner Spotlight: .find everything you need on Flow

This is a guest post from the .find team.

Hello we are the .find team. We’re excited to announce that .find is now live and launched, ready for you to claim your identity! Your experience on the Flow Blockchain is about to get even better.

What is .find?

.find is an application built on the Flow Blockchain that is going to dramatically change the way you interact with Flow. It was founded by Bjartek, who many of you will know from all over the Flow community. The project was created with the intention of improving your experience in all aspects of the Flow Blockchain from your wallet address to the way you view, collect, and purchase NFTs.

.find yourself:

It can be a challenge to remember your own wallet address (does anyone remember more than 3-4 characters?) but with .find you’ll never forget it. When you join .find you’ll be able to ‘swap your old 0x… address for something more personal by purchasing a unique .find name such as - bjartek.find, michael.find, jordan.find etc. This will allow people to use your unique .find name instead of your 0x wallet address and will save everyone lots of copy and pasting.

.find NFTs:

You’re here because you love NFTs. The problem is that finding them can be impossible. Once a project has launched, locating NFTs requires many different websites, marketplaces and research. .find is changing that by allowing you to search for any Flow NFT by it’s name or metadata and immediately having all of the existing NFT’s appear. You no longer have to spend hours tracking down your perfect NFT, you can simply .find it.

.find people:

NFT’s and Flow are all about community but finding the person you’re looking for isn’t always easy. With unique addresses you’ll now be able to .find exactly who you’re looking for, but .find doesn’t stop there! In your .find profile you’ll be able to easily display ALL of your Flow NFTs with pride, now you and all of your friends can see each others NFT collections.

The .find team and Flow

.find was created and developed by the one and only Bjartek who many of you will know for his extensive work on Cadence and with the Flow team. He has worked with a number of Flow NFT projects and is a key developer of the popular auction site Versus. He also co-produced the upcoming Flow metadata standard of which .find is built upon. When it comes to Cadence and Flow, there are few people as talented as Bjartek. This experience enabled him to develop the .find project with some of the best knowledge in the world.

With such a deep understanding of the incredible projects and community present on Flow, is there any question as to why .find is built on Flow?

What’s coming up on .find?

.find officially launched on Monday 13th December and you can now register your unique .find name immediately, set up your .find profile and link your .find address to your official Flow address (no more copying and pasting). Soon after launch the search feature will be enabled and you will be able to .find people on Flow. Initially only a select number of NFT’s will be able to be displayed in .find, but as the upcoming metadata standard is implemented and more projects follow it, more NFTs will be available to view. 

Being able to .find things will be the start but in the future you’ll be able to:

.find buyers and sellers for NFTs using the exciting .find marketplace

.find NFT’s through rich filters allowing you to traverse the vast Flow blockchain instantly

.find trades for your NFT’s

And even create your own NFT collection without needing an impressive knowledge of programming.

Who are we working with?

.find already runs very deep throughout the Flow Community (ask your favourite projects owner if they’ve got a .find address…) and we’re very excited to be working with a number of excellent projects including:

Graffle - Providing the live feed and history of events to .find in instant speed

Versus - Integrating the .find profile and the new Flow Metadata Standard

Flow-Cadut - Developed a plugin that will resolve .find names into addresses

Flovatar - PFP provider for .find

.find out more

We can’t wait for you to .find out just how easier things will be on the Flow Blockchain when using .find but until the 13th you can learn more about the project over on our Discord and Twitter!