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May 5, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Epix - NFT Platform to Power Them All
Partner Spotlight: Epix - NFT Platform to Power Them All

This is a guest post from the Epix team.

The Epix vision can be described in three simple words: bold, beautiful, and visionary

The enterprise behind the premium collectibles platform Epix started as Pixeos back in 2018 when the first professional delegated proof of stake based NFT art gallery was born. Our team continued developing steadily once we saw the enormous potential in this space, even connecting physical assets with blockchain provenance over the months to follow.

Pixeos was a part of the NFT genesis in the proof-of-stake era. We envisioned a new way to buy, sell and create with a progressive community of art and digital tech lovers. New possibilities were born, with new ways to immortalize royalty payments to original creators. Our passion for art is equaled only by a brimming enthusiasm for technological inventions, and so the beginning of the smart contract era sparked a keen interest in this new layer of blockchain technology. 

We saw a technology that would allow for possibilities beyond the world of decentralized finance and into exciting new ventures. Fast forward to 2021, and Pixeos is ready to announce that we’re evolving just like the future of blockchain technology is on Flow. 

Welcome to Epix

Epix is the home for premium NFT collectibles, exhibiting exclusive collections from creators behind a selection of the most prestigious brands in entertainment, show business, comic books, and exceptional digital artworks editions. Creators and brands can now bring their incredible collections to NFT-life by teaming up with Epix, creating tailor-made experiences for fans on Flow blockchain. This includes card collections, limited edition mints, and, eventually, character figures that are both physical and digital as an NFT. 

A match made in heaven 

With a firm belief in the future of proof-of-stake architectures, Flow’s eco-friendly, scalable, and advanced technology allowed our team to focus on its own layer of infrastructure and implementation of best practices. This lets us prioritize building a seamless user experience with mass adoption front of mind.

After following the ground-breaking technological advancements of Dapper Labs with CryptoKitties initially and NBA Top Shot on Flow afterward, the Epix team felt we could finally connect with an enthusiastic, NFT-oriented audience. In short, we were empowered to build for the community we always envisioned.

Flow is home to an incredibly vibrant ecosystem,  filled with some of the best developers and brands in the world. It is built atop a decentralized multi-node architecture that ensures security at scale, alongside their achievements in producing dramatic speed improvements and NFT oriented architectures. This allows for partners like us to produce seamless user experiences with proprietary technology and industry-grade security standards, enabling massive long-term usability and scalability. 

Flow is the perfect partner to welcome one of the pioneering blockchain development teams. This new dawn spawned a time of rapid change, transformation, growth, and expansion. After three years of existing in arid blockchain grounds, Pixeos is ready to become Epix, experienced and supported like never before. It’s time to give rise to new solutions, partnering with non-blockchain founders and brands while delivering bespoke, professional NFT marketplace technology in a new era as Epix.

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Mike Thompson´s Hip Hop Icons

Epix's premier collection will be Mike Thompson's “Hip Hop Icons,” his first NFTs ever minted, with paintings and drawings of some of the greatest hip hop heroes of all time. Some of his pieces are featured in the Smithsonian and LA Grammy museum, earning him two Clio awards. Paintings of Jay-Z and De La Soul were also featured in the book Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label. 

This collection has been created over half of Mike's life. His dream to pay homage to these Hip Hop Icons has been realized in this one-of-a-kind collection that can soon be owned by you, as Epix is set to release their first-ever NFT card packs on Flow blockchain. 

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Projects under the Epix Industries technology umbrella.

The company Epix Industries and the team behind Epix enables great experiences and development versatility. Epix has teamed up with fashion and game projects founders to deliver first-class NFT collectible market experiences. Here are just a few things being developed under the Epix umbrella

Enemy Metal

Enemy Metal is an adventure light years across the galaxy to Aureus, the planet of gold. Enemy Metal is a project with a grand vision and a bold new economy, designed to balance the rarity of our unique NFTs and empower players to take charge of the game’s economy. 

The first collection of NFTs is named Foundation since it is the base on which the Enemy Metal Universe will be built. The construction system will allow players to build mines, which can mint new NFTs every day while maintaining the rarity of the NFTs. Following the Construction phase, even more exciting plans unfold including the starship factory, which features 3D NFTs, and finally the arcade game, which will give players the chance to battle the deadly enemy on Aureus and the other planets of the Sunstar System.

Enemy Metal Gameplay

To reward early supporters, Foundation NFTs will be used to build the most powerful artifacts in the Enemy Metal universe. Certain NFTs are limited edition and only available in the Foundation collection, such as the mysterious moon of Arcana and the elusive Enemy fighter. Supply is limited so you don’t want to miss out!

Check out the exclusive first look at Enemy Metal on YouTube, and get ready to embark on an incredible experience powered by Epix and Flow.


Gucci shared with Vogue Business that it’s “only a matter of time” before they release an NFT. The truth is, every luxury fashion brand is thinking the exact same thing right now. 

NFTs are perfect for the world of fashion, but many brands are still figuring out what they can do in this space. Epix is excited to be behind the technology of Neuno, a luxury brand that is already ahead of the curve. Neuno is a new platform where you can buy, collect, wear or trade digital fashion collectibles and wearables on Flow blockchain. 

Luxury fashion NFTs will be cross-platform digital assets that can be used in multiple ways. For example, an exclusive NFT can allow the user to post a photo of themselves “wearing” the outfit or dressing in an online avatar. When it comes to the most iconic brands in the world, these NFTs will maintain their value due to their scarcity. But it’s not just about the online world. You’ll also be able to buy double-use NFTs, where the user purchases a real-life garment as well as the corresponding digital artwork. Both will be one-of-a-kind, and the dual reality of digital and physical fashion will change the industry forever. 

The most popular celebrities in the world are embracing the fashion NFT revolution. Epix is proud to power Neuno, and we welcome you to the future of fashion. Better than catching the tail-end of the story, you can join the world’s newest fashion NFT platform, long before everyone else. 

Pixeos NFT legacy has turned into Epix on Flow blockchain

The team at Epix can’t wait to forge a future filled with exciting new experiences powered by Flow. Our journey began in 2018 as Pixeos, and while we’ll always honor our roots as one of the earliest NFT developers, we know our story has just started.

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