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July 7, 2021
Project Spotlight: Enemy Metal
Project Spotlight: Enemy Metal

This is a guest post from the Enemy Metal team with Epix.

The Adventure Begins

Enemy Metal is more than just a game, it is a bold adventure designed to prioritize players.

Players are integral to creating the Enemy Metal universe. It all begins with the Foundation NFT card sale, an opportunity for players to be the first to colonize a new star system, lightyears across the galaxy.

By participating in the sale, these bold pioneers will be the first to construct the mines and starports that will form the basis of a revolutionary new economy using NFTs powered by blockchain technology.

Enemy Metal Foundation Genesis Sale

The Foundation NFT card sale begins on August 4th, 2021, join the active community on Discord.

Basic, Gold, and Diamond NFT card packs will be available for purchase at and payment options include direct FLOW transfers as well as credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Included in the Foundation edition are rare silver, epic gold, and legendary diamond NFTs. Each pack contains five cards and all NFTs are created in limited quantities with unique designs. The ultra-rare Enemy and Arcana cards are exclusive to Foundation card packs and will never be reprinted, so don’t miss out.


The Enemy Metal adventure is developed by Epix Industries on Flow using non-fungible token (NFT) technology.

Epix technology provides industry-grade infrastructure solutions which enable convenient access to the Enemy Metal adventure on PC and mobile, as well as comprehensive payment options.

Epix Industries is building a highly advanced platform on Flow, featuring revolutionary new technologies including 3D NFTs, an exciting new AR experience and physical merchandise combining near field communication (NFC) with NFT architecture.

Flow provides the speed and high-level security required for the Enemy Metal Digital Trading Cards which are stored as NFTs in a Flow wallet. Simply register on and a wallet will be created for you. Enemy Metal NFTs can be bought and sold freely on the Enemy Metal marketplace.


We have many exciting upgrades planned for the Enemy Metal universe. The system is designed to maintain the rarity of assets and development will take place through incremental phases.

Foundation (Phase 1) - Cards packs can be purchased from the store and individual cards can be bought and sold from other players on the marketplace.

Construction (Phase 2) - Players can trade-in duplicates to build mines and starports. For example, they will be able to build a gold mine on Arcana with gold Arcana NFTs or build a diamond starport on Glaceus with diamond Glaceus starship cards. NFTs that are upgraded will be removed from circulation, increasing the rarity of the remaining NFTs.

Expansion (Phase 3) - Players can use their mines and starports to create new NFTs, which can then be upgraded or sold to other players on the marketplace. The more mines and starports a player has on each planet, the more chance they will have to create a rare, epic, or legendary NFT.

The Future of Enemy Metal

Official Enemy Metal merchandise can be verified as authentic on the blockchain using NFC (Near-field Communication) and NFT technology. Epix Industries has developed an advanced system that allows seamless and reliable connection of physical assets to blockchain provenance, ownership, and unlockable content.

Starship Factory

With the launch of the Starship Factory, players will be able to collect resource NFTs to build 3D NFT starships. Each Starship has unique skin and attributes and is a completely self-contained asset.

Arcade Game

The most ambitious part of the Enemy Metal adventure is the arcade game, which will give players the chance to collect resources and battle the deadly enemy on each of the planets of the Sunstar System. The team has already developed an exciting gameplay prototype.

Simple to play, yet difficult to master, the game combines the addictive entertainment of classic arcade games with modern graphics, audio, and physics systems. The unique gameplay features automated planetary defense systems and dangerous enemies, and all of the action takes place on spherical maps, leaving no place to run and no place to hide. It is an immersive experience filled with possibilities.

3D NFT Assets, built in the starship factory are dynamically loaded into the game when you log in to your account.

Battle Plan

More details on various topics including the Trading Cards, Economic Cycle, Planets, Starships, and information on the development plan and vision for Enemy Metal can be found in the full BattlePlan.

Read the full Battle Plan here.

A revolution is coming to the gaming industry, allowing game developers to focus on making great games. With the help of the community, we can build the Enemy Metal adventure - powered by Epix Industries and Flow blockchain.

Thank you for taking the time to check out what's coming to a universe near you with Enemy Metal, officially launching July 25th

Enemy Metal Discord

Join our Discord group to stay updated and connect with the Enemy Metal community:

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