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March 17, 2022
Learn more about Dapper: Q&A with the Dapper team
Learn more about Dapper: Q&A with the Dapper team

This is a guest post from the Dapper team.

Hello Flow community, we wanted to formally (re)introduce Dapper - the wallet that currently powers products like NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, BALLERZ, and soon enough, anyone building on Flow who chooses to utilize this service. We know there are many questions about Dapper, so we’re excited to share some updates with all of you. First, while Dapper is currently in Alpha, the team expects a broader Beta launch in May 2022. Dapper will continue onboarding new platforms via a queue until then, with a request form live here.

The full scope of services Dapper offers includes payment rails, wallet custodianship, fraud/risk mitigation, compliance, customer support, and marketing opportunities. Teams that want to integrate Dapper can review the developer documentation here, with a stronger self-serve onboarding portal expected to launch by the end of April 2022. Any team integrated with Dapper building on Flow will be able to use this tool.

Want to know more about Dapper? Check out the full Q&A with the Dapper team below, and stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the wider Beta launch in May!

Where can I sign up for Dapper?

You can submit your project for a Dapper integration via our Developer Interest Form here. We use this form to learn more about your project so we can make sure we have context with what your needs are and what you’re aiming to launch when we begin the integration.

How long does it take to integrate Dapper?

In the near future, we expect this process to take 1-2 weeks and be highly dependent on your technical readiness and configuration speed. We’re currently operating within an Alpha phase and continue to  open up to more dapps, please be patient as the process takes a bit longer during this time.

Do I need to do anything special, like use FCL?

Dapper, like other Flow wallet providers, uses FCL (the Flow Client Library) to support dapps and interact with users. We recommend learning about FCL if you’re considering an integration with Dapper. 

If I am using Dapper, can I also use other wallets in my dApp?

At the present time, we recommend using just Dapper for ease of integration. We are actively working on functionality to make Dapper more interoperable with other wallets, like Blocto, in the coming months. Again, we are early in the progressive rollout of Dapper, but it’s very important to us to support an open Flow ecosystem as soon as possible.

How come other people have Dapper already?

We have started integrating with a few partners to start our progressive rollout strategy. This has helped us to harden our onboarding process, get feedback on feature requests, and determine how to scale to supporting 1000s of dapps in the coming months.

Is there functionality Dapper doesn’t support? 

We are currently limited in what we can support by technical and compliance limitations, but are working to open up to more and more use cases over time. 

Things we can’t yet support include:

  • fungible tokens
  • offers/bids/auctions
  • full end-creator content unless a content policy is in place, monitored, and open to be banned.

Can I get sales metrics from Dapper?

We share monthly sales reports with information including but not limited to: sales type, buyer id, order info, payment type, asset price, and revenue.

Can users transfer NFTs outside of Dapper?

Currently, users are only able to transfer their NFTs to a Blocto wallet by using the Dapper Inventory. In order to enable NFT transfers for your collection, you must request “Withdrawal Support” (it’s an easy configuration we do manually).

When should I be able to expect Dapper to be open to everybody?

We plan to open more broadly in May 2022, though we will work to continue adding partners via a queue until then. There is a chance we are able to start working with you prior to May, so we highly encourage you to submit your project to our request form.

Is there an open marketplace for Dapper?

We currently don’t have a single open marketplace for all Dapper Wallet collections. As part of an open ecosystem, we want to encourage many marketplaces to spring up. That being said, we’ll work with you to get your collection supported on marketplaces upon request.

Will Dapper have a self-serve option and documentation to support self-onboarding soon?

Dapper currently has Developer Documentation at and is actively building a self-serve onboarding portal which will be ready by the end of April 2022. Developers will still need to request access to Dapper, but once approved, this will allow developers to dictate their own launch timing without Dapper as a dependency.

Does Dapper accept FLOW?

Yes, we do accept FLOW tokens. Learn more about the benefits of using FLOW tokens now!

How can my users pay using Dapper?

Users can pay via the following methods:

For any purchases:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Dapper Balance

For adding funds to Dapper Balance:

  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, USDC, DAI, BCH)
  • ACH (bank transfer)
  • Wire

Does Dapper do KYC for me?

Yes, we have a robust KYC process that we operate to be in full compliance. We currently use two providers for redundancy and optimal performance by region. We plan to add more as we identify opportunities for increased regional performance with additional vendors.

Can users use credit cards with Dapper?

Absolutely! Users can pay with their Visa or Mastercard credit card directly for any transactions on the platform.

How much do I have to pay to use Dapper?

There are no upfront costs to operate the full scope of services granted to those who have integrated Dapper, such as: payment rails, wallet custodianship, fraud/risk mitigation, compliance, customer support, and marketing. Instead, costs are incorporated into our fee structure outlined in our service agreements. These fees are explained by the Partnerships team during the onboarding process.

We hope you found this post helpful and you’re excited about Dapper as much as we are!  If you have any more questions, don’t forget to tune into our office







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