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December 13, 2021
Project Spotlight: CryptoPiggos breaking loose on Flow
Project Spotlight: CryptoPiggos breaking loose on Flow

This is a guest post from the RareWorx team.

Hello, Flowverse!

We are RareWorx, a Californian based tech company founded by a group of friends sharing a passion for NFTs and digital artwork.  Our team has grown rapidly, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be working in a community driven marketplace, collaborating with other passionate and enthusiastic individuals. 

Our goal is to bring innovative and world-class digital collections to the crypto community and enable like-minded people to further their digital reality through ownership of limited runs and unique collections.  We strive to be ethical and inclusive, with free drops and disclosed NFT pricing.  Our roadmap includes charitable donations to organizations close to our hearts, and to generate awareness for charities and community projects.

We are very excited to bring our new NFT collection exclusively to Flow with the launch of CryptoPiggos on December 14, 2021. 

What is CryptoPiggos?

CryptoPiggos is a quirky and fun collection of 10,000 unique crypto-collectible NFTs.

CryptoPiggos have been trapped inside the Pig Pen their whole life. Mr. Jones, the gluttonous farm owner, is hosting "The Feast" and has ordered his minions to send all 10,000 Piggos to the slaughterhouse!

The Piggos are secretly planning an escape, but they need your help to cover their tracks. Each Piggos is uniquely talented with their own quirky personalities and hobbies. Humans, only you have the power to free them, unlock their true powers and change their destiny forever. They can’t wait to live out their dreams in the world with you!

Take a sneak peek at Piggos that are livin’ their dreams~🐷🔜🌎🎶⚽🎨🏀🍳

All 10,000 CryptoPiggos will be minted and available on the Flow blockchain, with zero gas fees to pay by the owner when claimed.

With every Piggo NFT being totally unique and with traceable proof of ownership securely stored on the blockchain, this collection is perfect to both begin or expand anyone’s Crypto investment journey.

How to Participate

There are three ways to participate and claim a CryptoPiggo of your very own!

  1. CrypoPiggo Giveaway

Become part of the Piggo community and participate in our giveaway to win a CryptoPiggo.

To enter, you need to do the following:

  1. Presale December 14th

Head over to Discord to be included in the Pre-sale of 1500 CryptoPiggos. available exclusively to our Discord community and website subscribers!  150 Whitespots available!

  1. General sale December 15th

Each CryptoPiggo NFT will be available for purchase at via a Blocto wallet.  

Setting up a Blocto wallet is an easy process, and it is free to set up

Claim your Piggo as soon as they launch to avoid disappointment – the collection will blow up!

Once you are the verified owner of a CryptoPiggo, you can showcase your unique ownership to the NFT community and enjoy tracking its value, keep it in your Blocto wallet to sell later, or use it to access future drops and games!

Community rewards

There will be ongoing rewards to CryptoPiggos owners who are with us from the start.  

These include:

  • VIP club
  • Early access to the next projects
  • Prize draws
  • Airdrop rare NFT to random Piggos holders
  • 100% innovative and commercial rights for the Piggos holders
  • Piggos holder-only experiences such as parties, music festivals, galleries, etc in the metaverse and the real world

All bonus information will be revealed in our Discord server!


What We Love About Flow

We chose to build CryptoPiggos on Flow blockchain because of its passionate and energetic community of NFT collectors and enthusiasts.

The Flow ecosystem is designed to catalyze large-scale mainstream adoption with flexibility in mind via payment on ramps and upgradable smart contracts. Payment onramps mean welcoming more people to our community as they can easily purchase CryptoPiggos with a low friction path from fiat to crypto. 

Flow’s upgradeable smart contracts give us the flexibility to continuously evolve and expand the CryptoPiggos universe to incorporate new experiences for the community.

Join The Community

Grow together on Twitter and Discord and connect with us, other collectors and like-minded friends, share your own ideas for upcoming RareWorx projects and to showcase your CryptoPiggos NFTs!

We're really looking forward to meeting you for chats and hearing your stories and ideas.

About RareWorx

RareWorx, is a Californian based tech company founded by a bunch of friends sharing a passion for NFTs and digital artwork.  Our team has grown rapidly, adding illustrators and developers to our team.  We also partner with the incredible team at who specialise in blockchain technology to deliver secure and safe blockchain transactions on Flow.  

For more info, visit us at