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July 20, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Blockparty - Premium NFT Marketplace
Partner Spotlight: Blockparty - Premium NFT Marketplace

This is a guest post from the Blockparty team.

Blockparty is thrilled to announce our NFT marketplace now fully supports the minting and p2p trading of NFTs on Flow! This makes Blockparty the first marketplace to be live with the capability to mint, deposit, and withdraw to both Ethereum and Flow. We’d like to share a bit about who we are at Blockparty, why this is significant, and why we’re so excited about building  in the Flow ecosystem.

For starters, what is Blockparty? Blockparty is a premium NFT art and collectibles platform combining credit card payment onramps, easy wallet setup, and customizable storefronts for creators to yield a best in class digital asset experience. 

Blockparty was founded in 2017 and used NFTs as a solution for blockchain ticketing for major music festivals and events. As early movers in the industry, we saw the exciting direction NFTs were heading as tools to change art and collectibles markets, so in 2019 we decided we would build a platform to provide the most powerful and refined tools for both creators and collectors. We launched the first iteration of our NFT market in August of 2020 and continued refining from there. 

By hosting the first ever 3lau drop, drops from amazing legacy artists like Harif Guzman, and powering releases for major brands like Atari & athletes like Pete Alonso, we have learned the nuances of the industry and refined our approach  This has enabled us to provide the most empowering, fun, and friendly experience for users of our storefronts. Join us and own the keys to your own store!

So now that we’ve covered who we are, let’s talk about what is significant about our approach and our tooling, including this incredibly exciting addition of the innovative Flow blockchain toolbox. 

Blockparty offers many different tools for creators and store owners, including:

  • Zero cost minting and transactions on Flow blockchain
  • No MetaMask (or any browser plugin) wallet setup required for collectors and creators, meaning users can mint to Blockparty’s own internal provenance system
  • Ability to accept both Ethereum and credit card for purchases, with more payment methods to come soon
  • Ability to create custom product drops, complete with countdown timers
  • Best in class user experience design to make selling and shopping for work easy
  • Customizable storefront profiles, so creators can make their space their own

And so much more, with an incredibly exciting set of new features rolling out in the coming months! Three new storefronts you should keep an eye out for are:

  • MLB Hall of Famer Chipper Jones, who is releasing set of collectibles to commemorate his entry into the Hall of Fame
  • Ida Engberg, dropping her Mile High Club collection
  • Ryan Keeley releasing  “Conscious Flow” : IRYS the visual representation of the minds eye.  A constant ebb and flow of past, present, and future memories chaotically controlled in a web of layered existence.
  • Dan Ellis, who is releasing a unique set of generative collectibles 
  • The Bobby Orr collection from The Athletes Channel, featuring moments from hockey legend Bobby Orr’s historic career.

Among all this, we are especially excited about Flow. By incorporating Flow, we have become the first fully functional multichain platform in the NFT space. Flow itself is a highly advanced and innovative blockchain for NFTs, facilitating scalable and low-cost NFT minting and transacting. This enables us to absorb these minor costs and allow for *zero cost* minting and transacting on the Flow blockchain! No more nasty minting fees and worrying about costs to move NFTs around when you mint on Flow with Blockparty. 

Flow blockchain enables these fast, low cost, and robust NFT experiences that improve upon the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain, and thus we are very excited to partner with Flow and offer this technology to our users. We are a forward looking company, and in many ways, Flow is the future of NFTs.

For more information, please contact us via the form below! And if you are an artist or collector of NFTs, create an account so you can stay on top of all the exciting developments we have coming