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March 24, 2022
Creator Spotlight: Sturdy.Exchange and Heavy Metal bring SciFi to Flow with Analogs
Creator Spotlight: Sturdy.Exchange and Heavy Metal bring SciFi to Flow with Analogs

Greetings Citizens of Flow,

It’s the Sturdy.Exchange Team here with Matt Medney from Heavy Metal, broadcasting to you from an abandoned comms outpost in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are excited to give you a first-look into the world we are building for the next drop on our platform, the Analogs.

Before we jump into overdrive, allow us to give you a brief introduction of our drop partners:

From Heavy Metal themselves: 'If you're a fan of pop culture, genre filmmaking, & television, you're welcome.’  We couldn’t agree more.  Since 1977, Heavy Metal has published 45 years of mind-bending science fiction, fantasy, and horror. 

Their work has changed the way we think about those genres, and you can see Heavy Metal’s influence on countless comic books, films, TV shows and video games. Heavy Metal has always pushed boundaries as creators, be it the 1981 movie, which was the first ever animated film targeted at an adult audience, or the Magazine, which gave birth to the inspiration for movies such as Alien, Blade Runner, Fifth Element and more.

Naturally, as boundary-pushing artists, Heavy Metal has been involved in the NFT space since September 2021. Their artists have contributed to collections of digital art on multiple platforms, but we’re excited to say that Analogs is their biggest Web3 project so far. They share our vision of creating a world for fans, creators, and crypto enthusiasts’, which will combine excellent storytelling with the cutting-edge technology of Flow. 

What Are Analogs?

From Matt (Heavy Metal’s CEO): Analogs is a sci-fi inspired generative NFT collection. They arose from the Gamma Ren system, just outside of Quadrant 4 in the Milky Way Galaxy. Super intelligent and driven to create, the Analogs have made it their mission to construct different life-forms, using “building blocks” like nanotechnology and molecules to customize their creations. Sometimes, an Analog creates an especially interesting lifeform that becomes its favorite. In that case, the Analog can choose to inhabit this being as its own final form, downloading its consciousness into the new body. In effect, the Analogs’ whole quest to build life is a process of self-discovery.

The Analogs are going to be a 10,000 unit collection and we have a myriad of traits from Hoods, to eyewear, helmets, hair types, armor, weapons and more. Every character will have unique traits and we are right now finalizing the full rarity table as we decided to add some last minute weaponry and traits due to the overwhelming excitement we have been getting! 

With the Analogs, this initial 10k collection will give holders access to a private Discord channel where they will work with the best Heavy Metal has to offer, and help create a brand new character with our art team. Once that character is created, a decision will have to be made. Keep your Analog and forgo this new creation, or burn your Analog, and jump on the evolutionary journey with this new being.

Only one can survive for each PFP holder. Once the factions are set, we will be developing a blockchain game for all holders of both PFPs, and create stories and communities around both worlds. We believe this is something that has yet to be done in the space, and we are excited to continue to iterate new concepts with a brand like Sturdy.Exchange, who also have been trailblazers in this space creating the first PFP on Flow.

(a brief snapshot of Analog owner utilities)

Sturdy.Exchange’s previous PFP release, Hoodlums, successfully harnessed the co-creative power of Web3 and our community. With Analogs, we wanted to go even further in that direction, and we’re excited by the creative potential that this project will unlock.

How to participate in the mint

The quickest way to start your journey into the world of Analogs is to sign up for an exclusive Access Pass.  Access Pass holders will be invited to a private sale before the Analog drop goes live on Sturdy.Exchange.

• If you don’t already have an account at Sturdy.Exchange, create one here.

• Once your account is created, sign up for a pass using this google form.

• Over the week of 3/23 - 3/30, you’ll receive a pass along with more information on how to participate in the sale.

If you’ve missed out on an Access Pass, you’ll be able to purchase an Analog on Sturdy.Exchange when the public sale goes live on April 1st.

Join The Community

The best way to stay in the loop about Analogs is by following the project on Twitter, or by joining the Heavy Metal Discord server. You can check out our project roadmap on Sturdy.Exchange.

See you at the Citadel…

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