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May 13, 2022
Partner Spotlight: The AFL Mint is bringing the next major sports league to Flow
Partner Spotlight: The AFL Mint is bringing the next major sports league to Flow

This is a guest post from the Be Media team, launching AFL Mint on Flow.

Hello, Flowverse!

We are Be Media by Animoca Brands! In our new capacity as an Animoca Brands company, we will be spearheading major Australian brand NFT and metaverse partnerships.

We are excited to announce a 5-year partnership with the AFL – Australian Football League - to bring AFL Mint NFTs and an array of metaverse and other immersive digital experiences to fans!

What is the AFL?

Developed by cricketers, AFL is influenced by early forms of soccer and rugby. The AFL attracts the highest number of spectators of any sport in Australia and is a nationally recognised sport played by two teams consisting of 22 players each. Commonly referred to as footy, it is now played by over 100,000 people across 80 countries including South Africa, the USA, Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

What is the AFL mint?

The AFL Mint is the only official marketplace to collect licensed AFL NFTs. It will offer exclusive AFL items showcasing the iconic moments, spectacular highlights, and champion players, unique to the web3 and metaverse space.

The AFL Mint will be dropping limited edition NFTs, giving you the chance to own the most iconic AFL moments!

Minting NFTs is just the beginning! Get your hands on rewards and real-world experiences, via exclusive events and even reward fans for game days, including ticket upgrades, hospitality, experiential zones and exclusive merchandise.

An AFL Mint Genesis ball is an exclusive access pass to all things AFL Mint. The value of the AFL Mint Genesis ball will grow over time as it unlocks new and exciting opportunities for fans to experience in the metaverse.

AFL fans can obtain/win/earn their Genesis ball by participating in the AFL Mint community as they support their club and favourite players. 


How to participate?

Register at for exclusive first notification of the inaugural AFL Mint product drop! 

Join the community

Register now for exclusive updates to find out what it will be or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Discord to be ahead of the game.

Why did we build on Flow?

Flow is developer friendly, resource oriented and very flexible. Flow is also user friendly with lower gas fees and a very low energy consumption. Working with a sports league, we reached out to the NBA Top Shots team who were a big influence in the final decision to go with Flow.

Flow is very user friendly, low transaction fees, more adaptable contracts and a budding NFT ecosystem. We also believe Flow to be the sports blockchain. Blocto is the most underrated wallet in web 3. Integrations are straight forward, set up for users is a 3-step process, we know our user base will find out just how good the experience is compared to whatever they have used elsewhere.  The Flow community is unlike any other, very supportive and everyone we have spoken to has been so generous with their time and their insights.

Why Be Media by Animoca Brands?

By partnering with Animoca Brands and its Australian operations engine Be Media, the AFL taps into a strong local team to deliver the strategy, product roadmap and access to Animoca Brands’ extensive Web3 ecosystem.

This will provide fans with immersive metaverse experiences in areas such as virtual worlds, digital art, and gaming. This partnership will see the first major Australian sporting league project in the Web3 space come to life.