Crescendo is coming to Flow! Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.

DeFi on Flow

Building DeFi to be Seamless, Simple and Scalable


Leading protocols and bridges are integrating with Flow, connecting and unifying cross chain liquidity.


Flow’s EVM equivalence means that everything you love building with works natively from the start.


Scalable speed and high transaction throughput with ultra low transaction fees.

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Case Studies

"Flow’s scalability and low costs are another important reason, having >350M+ transactions processed already, Flow’s multi-role node architecture makes it scalable as demand grows. The execution cost is also negligible - a fraction of 1 cent - even cheaper than Solana, making it super economical to execute complex transactions in quick finality, such as arbitrage between DEXes, liquidation of a debt position, and so on."

"The builtin ownership and resource model make writing Cadence contracts safe and secure, eliminating potential smart contract issues such as the notorious reentrancy bug as much as possible."

- Siyuan Hua, Co-Founder at Increment Finance

Why we chose to build on Flow

Flow is the ideal platform for Increment Finance's DeFi services

  • Flow's scalability, fast finality
  • Smooth user onboarding UX
  • Efficient & low cost execution environment
  • Secure Cadence contracts
  • Flow’s robust & vibrant dev community
Our success stories
  • Increment Finance has processed ~$45 million worth of tokens through Increment Swap
  • Over $115m in volume process on increment with over 12m in contracts

"Flowty leverages unique aspects of Flow. Our loans can hold the NFT used as collateral because of Flow’s resource-oriented model.  Flow’s built-in security features ensure that our offerings can be trustless."

"Flow was built with a focus on composability and allows us to treat all NFTs the same, regardless of which collection an NFT comes from or what platform a user wants to use for a transaction."

"We are excited to be one of the leading platforms on Flow and will continue to do everything we can to improve the experience on Flow for all ecosystem stakeholders, from collectors to traders to creators."

- Michael Levy, Co-Founder and CEO at Flowty

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Built-in resource-oriented model of Cadence
  • Built-in security ensures our offerings can be trustless
  • Flow’s composability empowers builders to support a wide range of users and products
  • Flow’s emphasis on scaling a developer, creator & builder friendly ecosystem
Our success stories

Flowty has quickly become a leading platform on the Flow blockchain in 3 months:

  • 5,000+ users
  • $300,000+ in sales volume
  • $1+ million in NFT loan volume
  • 500+ NFT rentals completed

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