Jacob Tucker

Joined the Flow ecosystem in 2020 as a Cadence developer, founded Emerald City in 2021 to help onboard developers and create community growth tools.
  • Cadence
  • Cadence 1.0
  • FCL
  • Play to Learn Games

Expertise and Bio

Joined the Flow ecosystem in early 2020. I have been developing in Cadence ever since then, and like to think of myself as the Cadence wizard. I help developers learn about Cadence and overall development on Flow. I also founded Emerald City in 2021, which is a community dedicated to helping onboard developers to the Flow ecosystem and creating tools to help communities grow.

More specifically, we launched:

  • Emerald Academy - a platform dedicated to everything Flow education related
  • Toucans - a community management and token creation platform
  • Shield - a very fast auditing service for Cadence contracts


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Jacob Tucker helped us launch and scale our Fungible Token project, setup a multisig and DAO in under than an hour. Within a week Beaver hit $800K Marketcap.


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Get in touch with us for any services or inquiries.