Flowty, a Flow blockchain NFT marketplace, supports 150+ collections with features like buying, selling, loans, and rentals, offering a permissionless, standards-compliant platform for builders and creators.
  • Cadence
  • Account Linking
  • White-Label Marketplace
  • NFT Collections
  • Smart Contract Product Suite
  • Permissionless Marketplace
  • Contract as a Service (CaaS)

Expertise and Bio

Flowty is an NFT Marketplace on the Flow blockchain that supports 150+ NFT collections. Our core features include Buy / Sell, NFT-Backed Loan and NFT Rental transactions. Flowty is a permissionless marketplace that follows Flow's NFT metadata standards, enabling any builders or creators on Flow to have an off-the-shelf, full-featured marketplace without even needing to speak to our team.

In addition to our robust marketplace, Flowty's team are also some of the most accomplished and capable Cadence-language experts in the ecosystem. As an example, our CTO authored the Account Linking contract alongside the Flow team. Our capabilities also include an NFT Collection Launchpad for creators, a white-label marketplace service, a smart contract product suite and much more!

How to reach us:

Website: Flowty.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flowty_io

Discord: discord.gg/flowty

Email: Partner@flowty.io


Product Docs: https://docs.flowty.io/reference

Dev Docs: https://docs.flowty.io/developer-docs/


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Benefits of Working with a Certified Flow Developer

Our Certified Flow Developers bring expertise, reliability, and the potential for business growth to your projects. With their years of experience and specialized skills, they are the perfect choice for your development needs.


Certified Flow Developers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in development.


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Flowty developed many core contracts in the Flow ecosystem including the hybrid custody smart contracts and have helped hundreds of creators launch projects on Flow.

Albert Khaksky

Director of Ecosystem Growth, Flow

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Get in touch with us for any services or inquiries.