Augmented Base Technology

Snowboard Overview Video

To learn more about Flow Snowboards features and technologies, please watch the below video.





All sidecuts, rocker, camber and core profiles are designed as a system to focus energy to the binding areas, relax the nose/tail transition area and create a more dynamic ride with maximum edge hold.



All sidecuts, rocker, camber and core profiles are designed as a system to focus energy to the binding areas, relax the nose/tail transition area and create a more dynamic ride with maximum edge hold.

Tru Twin

This set up gives the board equal amounts of nose and tail allowing a rider the ability to ride in either direction.

Directional Twin

This set up gives you the option to ride a little set back or twin if you would like. Set back inserts, a core profile for snap off the tail, and a little more forgiving nose and tail allow a rider equal opportunity to ride in either direction.


This set up gives the board more nose than tail, a setback insert pattern, and the flex for more pop off the tail and better float in powder.

Whiskey Technology

Whiskey Technology helps transfer power from your foot for a more responsive and smoother ride. It adds life to the board by increasing strength in the binding areas. Ride faster, harder and with less effort.

  Board Technology  

Whiskey X (WX)

Our newest WX composite matrix maximizes torsional responsiveness and overall lengthwise power.  The combination carbon/fiberglass design
transfers power effortlessly from your binding and foot area directly to your board, giving you the most lively solid ride in any snow condition.

Whiskey Royale (WR)

Our new design uses a composite Micropourus rubber material placed beneath the heel and toe areas of the bindings.  This reduces chatter and absorbs impact, and will increase your edge hold and provide a smoother ride while turning.

Carbon Stringers

The new composite configuration is designed to add more pop and longitudinal snap. Our carbon stringers gather input and focus energy for precision without adding stiffness. For those riders that demand control and feeling, this is the construction you may be looking for.




We specifically use wood for it’s liveliness, weight to strength ratio and overall feel.  Computer aided machines allows us to profile our woodcores to an exact thickness throughout the board giving you increased pop for better ollies and stability while riding in any snow condition.


Re-flex Core

Our lightest most responsive core, with the highest strength- to-weight construction. This specifically profiled core fuses several species of Poplar woods resulting in a more stable superlight snappy feel. 

Tru-flex Core

This core has a high strength-to-weight wood construction utilizing different density poplar woods, uniquely profiled to give you excellent all-around response when riding the mountain. 

Fiber Reinforcment


Flow has combined our unique fiberglass matrix with specifically placed kevlar and carbon beams to concentrate on strength, torsional rigidity and stiffness our boards.  


Quadrax (0/+30°/-30°/90°)

With most fibers running tip to tail and a 30 degree angle, the matrix gives tons of pop with torsional freedom while distributing binding power over a larger area.

Biaxial (0/90°)

New for this year we are adding carbon stringers in the boards that feature Bi-Axial glass.  The special configuration of biaxial glass/ carbon design creates a smooth yet responsive feel.  The specific carbon placement will increase the boards energy while still maintaining that natural easy riding feel found in Biaxial glass.



Every great snowboard starts with a solid foundation.  All base materials are put through a rigorous finishing and structuring process, for better wax absorption and extremely fast bases.


The fastest, highest wax absorbing and most durable.

Sintered 4000

Highest speed, super hard, high wax absorbing and durable.

Optix 2000

A Ultra High Molecular weight base material that is super fast and great at absorbing wax.


From turning at high speeds in pow to spinning 9’s over a 50ft booter, we understand how drastically sidecut effects the overall performance of a snowboard.  Each sidecut technology is designed to match the demands to today’s rider.

Dual Transition

Utilizes a combination of two radii. A tight radius for quick, responsive carving is blended into a mellow radius right before the nose and tail of the board for rougher terrain, high speeds and the forgiveness you need while jumping. 

3D Transition

Smooth with tons of grip, the 3D Transitional sidecut blend is uniquely different between the feet, mellow for I-Rock and super tight for Pop-Cam boards. Mellow tips and aggressive radius in the binding areas gives unlimited grip for an overall super smooth agile ride. 

Progressive Dual Transition

3 stage sidecut features flat areas in the bindings area and a different radius between the feet that is mellow for Pow-Rock or tight for Pow-Cam. Combined with a progressive arc and mellow tips PDT delivers a surfy ride with unparalleled grip. 

EZ Dual Transition

Designed for EZ-Rock and EZ FlatRock, the EZDT is mellow be- tween the bindings and at the tips with a more aggressive grip in the binding areas. This creates a more forgiving ride when things get a bit bumpy and a tight radius blended for quick carves.