Rush ABT $479.99 $599.99

Twin trickery wrapped up in an All-mountain shell.

This tricked out true twin rocker friendly board, is smooth and stable in all conditions. Forgiving hybrid rocker with a 3-DT sidecut combined with a 1 piece ABT base make this top performer a hit for all. When holding edge at high speed or lining up the double set the Rush can handle it all. An all-mountain board in a nutshell.



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Main Product Features

• I-Rock Hybrid Rocker profile

• Tru-Twin shape

• Re-Flex woodcore, Quadrax w/ Carbon, WR

• Graphite base with 1 Piece A.B.T.

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Augmented Base Technology (A.B.T.) is the first 3-D augmented base that adapts to any terrain. We've added silicone inserts that absorb impact, reduce vibration and deliver the smoothest ride ever. A.B.T. moves naturally providing a more stable platform, wether landing a jump, hitting a rail or just riding through variable snow conditions.


Identical nose and tail shape and lengths, combined with an equally designed woodcore profile, allows for a balanced ride whether ridden regular or switch. Freestyle your way through any park, pipe or all over the mountain.


0/+30/-30/90 Fiberglass and Carbon orientation. With most fibers running tip to tail at a 30 degree angle, the matrix gives tons of pop with torsional freedom while distributing binding power over a larger area.


An all new shape uses fiberglass beneath the heel and toe areas of the binding to eliminate chatter, increase edge hold and provide a smoother ride.


Smooth with tons of grip, 3D Transitional sidecut blend is uniquely different between the feet, mellow for I-Rock and super tight for Pop-Cam boards. Mellow tips and aggressive radius in the binding areas gives unlimited grip for an overall super smooth and agile ride.


The perfect platform for speed and durability.

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