Flow World Freeride Championships

The WFC qualifiers were yesterday, under blue bird skies, pleasant temps, solid spectatorship and higher than preferred avy danger to keep it exciting. The Flow team STACKED the line up – 8 or 9 in total.

Flow Snowboarding Team

Stand out moments:
-Max Zipser and Mikey B’s line selection
-Max’s poised and fluid second run
-Scotty Lago’s HUGE method off the biggest cornice. In fact, in his two runs, Scotty landed 3 air and made only 1 run. Impossible? Nope, I swear, he straight lined Bro Bowl
-Nathalie’s runs. Her first was smooth as hell. Her second, umm, it was the same as Basich’s!
-Sarka Pancachova going only 3 feet shorted off Scotty’s same cornice. Then landing, then getting her feet swept out by an avalanche then standing up, then disappearing, then getting back to her feet, then joining the group with a freakin smile. The crowd screamed when she waved her hands that she was ok.
-Celia Miller stepping outside her comfort zone, staying on her feet, and riding with composure
-Jordan Nield had one squeaky run & then one where he did a method and pointed it down the face
-Shin Biyajima from Japan The crowd cheering for Shin – he’s the “new” legend
-Micah dominating, all in the name of Aaron Robinson and always with the most sincere appreciation towards Flow. He threw a back three off a huge cliff and a huge straight air off a 60 footer into 8th place getting him into the finals tomorrow via heli.

The top 12 list and the top eight men advance to the finals.

Stay tuned…

Words by Brooke Summers


Freeride World Tour #4 in Rodal, Norway

Flows Freeride Champion Max Zipser has been having one great season riding Powder all over the world.  He currently just got done in Norway for the Freeride World Tour #4 in Rodal.  Before that he was in his home Country of Austria doing a little winter camping in the backcountry with some good friends and hiking to some enchanted mountains.

Check out Max as he split-boards out of the Backcountry in his Flow’s on his Flow Solitude Board…


Flow Snowboard Team Rider Max Zipser

Words By Max:

After some weeks riding pretty much powder lines all days at home, the 4th stopp of the FWT was held in Roldal, Norway. A nice village situated in a wunderfull landscape with a small ski resort. With hiking and traversing you can reach good stuff, not as long as in the alps.

Freeride World Tour #4 in Rodal, Norway

It was snowing a lot before we came here, we expected powder… The day we arrived it started to rain, followed by fresh snow the next day. Lots of wind made the conditions difficult for us riders and of course also for organizers.  All in all we had inspection on 3 different faces. The reason: face option 1 and 2 are just too icy and therefore too dangerous…

Sure it is not easy to switch from one line to another within short time, but finally we all had our line in mind. Snow turned out to be soft with some crusty parts hidden in the face. When I was about to start I felt ok, but little stressed because of the tuff program we had. Not sure what was the reason I crash after my first drop. Everything went super fast. I tried to charge hard, the goal was to make it on the podium again. Anyway – part of the game. As there is one result which doesn`t count for the overall ranking, I`m still on 5th place close to Emilien, who takes 3rd overall at the moment. Congrats to my buddies Chris(3.) and Flo(1.) !!! YeaHH!!
Next Event Fieberbrunn, 10.03 !!
More on Max HERE