7 Questions With Sarka Pancochova

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Sarka Pančochová has been travelling all over the globe this winter. We had the opportunity to catch up with Pancochova this week to see how her winter travels and snowboarding have been going.

How has the start to your winter been and where have you been riding?

I went all over the place. November was little bit early for my knee to start riding. Instead I went to California… surfed and went rock climbing. I spent most of December in Breckenridge, CO getting my feet back. It has been going pretty great so far.

Breck. Nice. Who have you been riding with up there?

Mostly with my roommates Celia Miller and Sandra Hillen. Also Cheryl Maas came to visit and we took some fun runs.

What kind of training and rehab were you doing for your knee in order to get back to competing?

I have been biking, surfing, rock climbing and also going to gym a lot. Mostly balance exercises. It’s going pretty great. I’m slowly coming back to feel like myself on my board again.

You were in Kreischberg, Austria for the FIS World Championships, right?

The course was really slushy and then got super icy. I ended up pulling out. I needed more time to get back and get my tricks together. I wanna be 100% killing it when I compete.

What’s next on the agenda? Where are you planning on travelling to or riding?

X Games, the European Open and US open. I am going to Turkey ride some pow in February. I am also planning on going to Mt. Baker for the Banked Slalom. A lot of powder riding and filming this year. I can’t wait.

Are there any other events or film shoots of note you want to mention?

I am trying to work on my own thing. Film little bit this year and see what happens. I want to include all my friends and have lot of fun.

You have joined Protect Our Winters project. What would you like to say about your work with POW?

I always feel like I need to do more for the environment. The snowboarding I do is not the most clean sport so I try to make up for it everywhere else. Protect Our Winters is great way to get people involved and educate about how they can help.

Have you had a chance to check out the Sarka Pančochová film BOB’s On Tour (CLICK HERE) or her Winter 2013-14 edit (CLICK HERE)? Pancochova is up in Colorado for X Games and the rest of the Flow Snowboardinlg crew is headed to Colorado too for SIA in Denver. If you are going to be at SIA , swing by and say hey. Let us know via social media, tag us and use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow

Sarka Pancochova

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Special Olympic Athlete Daina Shilts Partnered Up With Hannah Teter At X-Games Dual Slalom

Flow Snowboarding and Wisconsin’s Special Olympic Athlete Daina Shilts started snowboarding seven years ago and this week she is one of ten Special Olympians participating in the X-Games in Aspen, Colorado.

“I wanted something a little more challenging and a little more fun,” Daina said in an interview with WSAW-TV, the local Wisconsin CBS affiliate.

“I just wanna be really active. I don’t like sitting around and doing nothing. It really bothers me.”

“I absolutely love it,” Daina said of snowboarding. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Daina will be competing in the Dual Slalom, partnered with Hannah Teter in the first ever unified sports Special Olympics today. Competing is nothing new to Daina. She was also in South Korea competing in 2013, bringing home a gold and two silver medals.

“I met Hannah in South Korea and I am looking forward to seeing her again,” said Daina. “She has always been a big role model to me and I am pumped to be riding with her.”

“Working with The Special Olympics has been an absolute blast,” said Tyler Daigler of Flow Snowboarding.

“Daina is a top notch athlete and helping her be more competitive with highly advanced Flow gear has been a privilege. All of us at Flow are rooting for her today.”

Daina and the Shilts family went up a couple days early to Aspen to do some freeriding, well before the the X-Games got started.

“The whole trip has been really fantastic,” Daina said. “I am having an absolute blast. I have been riding Aspen Snowmass a lot, doing laps from the top to the bottom. So much fun.”

“I want to thank everybody at Flow. I love Flow snowboards I’ve been a Flow boarder ever since I started riding. I once tried another board and it wasn’t the same. Amazing snowboards, boots and bindings. Every time I am out on the hill, I keep receiving complements on my gear.”

Are any of you up at Aspen, Colorado for X-Games? We would love to see your photos of the event. Or even conditions on the hill up there. Share your photos with us. Engage with us here at Flow Snowboarding on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow

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Special Olympics Wisconsin


Another One of Those Days For Candide Thovex at Val Blanc France

We snowboarders may be only knuckledraggers to skiiers, but Flow Snowboarding had to tip our cap to the latest film from planker Candide Thovex recently released. One Of Those Days 2 is one of those videos that you have to see if you slide down snow. It was filmed at Thovex’s home of Val Blanc in France. So many elements of this video make it epic.

After watching it (multiple times) we can’t help but wonder what a snowboarding version of this POV adventure would be like. Do any of you have any POV snowboarding clips you would like to share. Engage with us here at Flow Snowboarding on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow

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Top 10 Europe Resort Snow Bases

Austiran Alps, Photo by Mario Wanger

Lately, Flow Snowboarding has been covering the resort base depths for North America. Last week, somebody on social media was asking about the European resort base depths. We listened. Here are the Top 10 European resort snow base depths for January (as of 1-20-15). Looks like the most of the snow is concentrated in the Alps. Let’s see if your resort made it into the top 10.

10. Kaunertaler Gletscher – Kaunertal, Austria: “95

9. Hintertuxer Gletscher - Zillertal Area, Austria: “96

8. Pitztaler Gletscher - Pitztal, Italy: “94

7. Zugspitze - Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Zugspitzgebiet, Germany: “100 zugspitze.de/de/winter

6. Sölden - Ötztal, Austria: “104

5. Mölltaler Gletscher - Mölltal, Austria: “106

4. Kitzsteinhorn / Kaprun - Zell am See – Kaprun, Austria: “106

3. Val Senales / Schnalstal - Südtirol, Italy: “114

2. Engelberg Titlis - Switzerland: “136

1. Pontedilegno Tonale – Adamello Ski - Adamello Ski, Italy “157

After a slow start to the winter Italy, Switzerland and Austria have lined up to have the deepest resort snow base depths for Europe for January Week 3. Have any of you or our Flow Snowboarding family been out to the Alps this winter? Share your photos and stories by connecting with us on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and tag us.

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Cees Wille in Connect The Dots by Postland Theory

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Cees Wille is in the latest film by Postland Theory called Connect The Dots. Wille is featured alongside Max De Vries, Max Zebe, Simon Houlind and Olie Dutton.

To download the whole movie, check out Postland Theory’s website at: www.postlandtheory.com

Did you get a chance to read the interview Flow Snowboarding did with Cees Wille? Read the interview we did with Cees Wille’s visit to the United States from The Netherlands HERE.

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TransWorld Snowboarding Flow Darwin Snowboard Review

Flow Darwin – 2015 Powder Board Review | TransWorld SNOWboarding   

Darwin ABT: Never deep or steep enough and it carves like a knife.

This quiver filler was designed in collaboration between Dale Rehberg and Mike Basich is not just a powder hungry bandit, it actually works incredibly well on hard pack as well. The directional shape with its swallowtail and 2 piece ABT was designed around the camber and side-cut to give us “The sickest snowboard ever made”. Lose yourself in the tranquility of the wood veneer top-sheet, zenned out graphics and bamboo sidewalls or take it for a spin to see for yourself. An inspirational board from tip to tail is what we set out to build, and now we have it.

For more information on the Flow Darwin, click on the image below or HERE 

Flow Snowboarding

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Cees Wille On Going To California

cees wille, flow snowboarding, holland, netherlands, dutch, snowboarding, flow

Cees Wille was raised in "the fridges" of Holland. Photo by Jascha vd Wijden

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Cees Wille of Holland packed up all of his snowboarding gear and headed west… really far west. All the way out to California. Wille has been here in the states since December. He traveled down to San Diego and bought a used beater Chevy Blazer to get around and up the hill. After growing up riding in the indoor slopes, the real mountains have him jazzed. Wille is receiving a great lesson in American life and culture with his travels to Bear Mountain and navigating around the concrete jungles. Flow had a chance to sit down with Wille covering what brought him all the way to California.

How did you get into snowboarding living in the Netherlands?

I live right next to the coast of Holland in a small farmer town called Monster. When I was younger I had a balance problem so every week I had physio for that. Then my mom thought snowboarding would be a fun and good balance practice. 

What is the “fridge scene” or indoor slopes like out in Europe? 

There are not that many in Europe… but there are like 7 in Holland, some in Germany, UK, Belgium and couple in Scandinavia, one in Lithuania. But I think best would probably be Snowworld in Zoetermeer (Sweet Lake). I’m shaping the park there in the summer.

What triggered your visit to the US these past few months?

I visited the states in 2009 filming for Jimmy Films road tripping around California and I liked it so much. And now my school Johan Cruyff College in Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to go up here so I took this chance. I bought a season pass at Bear Mountain and I will see where I end up. Going with the Flow.

Where have you been riding so far, where else are you planning on riding while you are here?

I have been riding Bear Mountain and Snow Summit so far. But I have some European friends in Minnesota, so I’m thinking of going up there. Really want to get some street shots.

Flow Global Ambassador Bas Elhorst introduced you to the Flow team. Could you briefly go over your trip out to meet Bas Elhorst? 

I was filming a street part for like 2 years for this Benelux movie production called Private-Intel. The owners Joeri vd Vliet and David Doom introduced me to the Alberg local Dutchie, Bas Elhorst. I went to Austria… but I didn’t bring a jacket with me, because I don’t like jackets. But that didn’t really work out. I was watching Bas doing his gnarly backcountry stuff during the day and at night we still charged out to do street riding.

What is your current setup?

My setup is a Flow Chill snowboard. It’s a pretty chill all-round board. Not to stiff and not to weak. The bindings are choice, I really like the NX2′s. They are pretty stiff but it gives you direct response. I ride the Chill so I can do everything with it. I also ride the Fuse-FB bindings indoors. But for street missions I prefer the NX2′s.

Do you listen to music when you ride? If so, what is typically on your playlist?

Most of the time I ride with music but nothing typical. I listen to every kind there is. From Celine Dion to Lady Hawke to A$AP to Gigi D’agostino… Hahaha.

What have been some of your favorite places to travel to for snowboarding?

Definitely Helsinki. I’ve been there a lot of times for hitting street rails. This one season we drove up like 3 times. It’s a 26 hour drive to get there. It’s super beautiful with old towns and stuff. It’s always a sure bet for snow.

What are some of your favorite places to travel to not related to snowboarding?

I actually spend all my money on snowboard trips.

What are some of your other passions and hobbies when you are not snowboarding?

I really like old cars! I used to have this 1971 Citroën 2cv. I named it “Lelijke Eend’ (Ugly Duck) but it was so sick to drive! I drove all the way down to Spain with it. Now I got this Chevy G20 I bought pretty cheap. I have been fixing stuff on it to go on urban rail trips with the Postland Theory homie’s to Italy, France, Swiss, Austria, Scandinavia etc. Whereever the snow is.

You were featured in the film Connect the Dots… could you talk a little about your experience filming for this movie?

Feels so good man! It started up as a Dutch movie a couple of years ago but now it get’s more and more international with really super sick riders! As other dutchies Kas, Bob, Jesse and Roel and German Davo S. and B. Urban, UK’s finest thrill Smith and Ollie D, Finish Toni Kerkela, Norwegian Young Neezy and the Real Lenn J, Swissy Jeron Lehner, Austrian Domdom. I really like this crew! Big up to Tim.

Do you have any events or film shoots coming up that we should be looking out for?

I want to fully focus on filming street from middle of February till the end of winter to get a decent part with the Postland Theory guys, so follow those guy’s and see what we are up to. Last season I got injured at the beginning of the season, so I couldn’t start riding until end of February.

Any advice to younger riders looking to get sponsored?

Not really… just go out there! Enjoy! Make friends. Appreciate the things you can do.

Anything else you would like to say to the Flow Snowboarding family?

Go with the Flow.

Cees Wille

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Flow Snowboarding: Era Snowboard Giveaway

Flow Snowboarding Tim Humphreys Era Snowboard Contest

Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away An Era Snowboard
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, January 13th, 2015- Flow Snowboarding

Flow Snowboarding is giving away an Era snowboard this month, with the winner being selected on January 31st. In order to enter the contest, please use the application located on Flow Snowboarding’s Facebook page or the links below. The Era snowboard is the board of choice for freestyle riders like Tim Humphreys, Drayden Gardner, Nathan Jacobson and Dru Williams. A true twin, true hybrid rocker for all things fun.

A classic already, the Era is an all-mountain dream board that handles freestyle to pow to groomers. Soft, responsive, agile and just plain fun; the Era is nothing short of perfect. A true twin shape with our I-Rock Hybrid rocker makes pressing a pleasure popping off hits has never been so fun. The sintered base will allow you to hold your speed and the 3-DT sidecut will be your wingman on any run. This is one of Flow’s best boards to date.

Flow Snowboarding Era Snowboard Giveaway Contest Links For Social Media:

Twitter: http://bit.ly/flow-tw-bl-winanera
Facebook: http://bit.ly/flow-fb-bl-winanera
Google+ http://bit.ly/flow-gp-bl-winanera

FlowSnowboarding is a division of FLOW SPORTS, INC. headquartered in San Clemente, CA.

Flow Sports, Inc. is an innovative branding and global distribution company specializing in action-sports equipment and consumer goods. Best known as the creator of “Flow Snowboarding,” Flow Sports continues to add cutting-edge and complementary brands to its portfolio, leveraging synergies within the action-sports channel, transcending borders and offering unique value to both channel partners and active consumers.

For more information on Flow brands, visit: www.flowsportsinc.com or www.flow.com

Flow Snowboarding Contacts

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Randy Villarba
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Flow Snowboarding Yannick Imboden In Olympiks By Rad Movie Production

Olympiks from Rad Movie Production on Vimeo.

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Yannick Imboden from Switzerland is in the latest Rad Movie Production full movie Olympiks. Imboden, along with Markus Stoffel, Yannick Imboden, Roberto Zumstein, Valentin Zimmermann, William Arnold, Jonas Zbinden, Matthias Schwestermann, Tim Basler, and Ariana Bellwald round up the cast of talented riders. Olympiks was cut by Janis Perren. Yannick Imboden’s part starts at minute 23:48

The movie is an all mountain movie. It shows full-action freeriding, backcountry kickers and jibbing sequences. Most of the material was filmed in the South of Switzerland. Rad Movie Production is a grass roots film production company.

Have any of you had a chance to ride in Switzerland? Flow Snowboarding wants to see you photos. Connect with us via Social Media and share your photos and you could win Photo of the Month and win some Flow Snowboarding prizes. Please use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow

Share your photos here: http://bit.ly/flow-tw-bl-photo0115


Tim Humphreys Versus United Airlines On Twitter

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Tim Humphreys was having a travel hiccup using United Airlines yesterday and decided to contact them on the phone. Most of us have all been there. On the phone for an unknown length of time, trying to get your travel arrangements squared away. The music comes on… you sway to it, even though you hate the melody. Something has to be done about bad hold music. Humphreys was over the music, for sure. He felt United needed a lesson on automated phone etiquette.

After being on hold a while (it happens…) and having to deal with the selection of on hold music, Humphreys decided to have a little fun with United Airlines on Twitter. You can follow Tim Humphreys on his twitter at @TimJumphreys

Humphreys started the conversation with:

@TimJumphreys@United your phone hold music makes me want to stab my ears with steak knives. The crackling, the extra high pitch, the volume changing…

@United@TimJumphreys We don’t like the sound of this. Is there something we can assist you with today? Thanks. ^EY

@TimJumphreys@United new hold music that doesn’t hurt to listen to would be pretty awesome!

After Humphreys last tweet to United, it took another 45 minutes or so on hold to speak with someone. While he was waiting, a few fans decided to weigh in on his situation. United finally responded on Twitter to Humphrey’s heckle close to 10 hours later.

Travelling can be a trying experience at times. Have you read the blog on planning a snowboarding trip? You can read it: HERE 

Flow Snowboarding would like to say that the choice of hold music on the phone in no way reflects the service that United, American, Jet Blue, Frontier, Southwest, Alaskan, Star Tours, Virgin, Easy Jet, Malaysian Airlines… (or any airline) provides when getting us to the mountains we love to ride. Without them, we would be driving a lot more.

What is your favorite airline to use when travelling? Any more travel tips you would like to share with us here at Flow Snowboarding? Connect with us via Social Media and let us know. Please use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow