FLOW HOW: How-To Watch the 2014 Sochi Winter Games

Due to Olympic Regulations, we cannot disclose the identity of our Rider – Can you guess who it is?

The 2014 Winter Olympics are on and you might be wondering where and when you can catch all of the action. Not to worry, Flow is here to help you out and inform you about the important facts.

What is the Schedule of Events?

The Winter Games are awesome. It’s pretty fun to watch most of the events, but the event that we care about is Snowboarding!  The Snowboarding events run all week, but here is a brief breakdown of some events:

Men’s Slopestyle Semi Final: Friday Feb. 7, 9:30 PM PST
Men’s Slopestyle Final: Saturday Feb. 8, at 10 PM PST
Women’s Slopestyle Starts: Saturday, Feb. 8, 10:30 PM PST
Men’s Halfpipe Starts: Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2:00 AM PST
Women’s Halfpipe Starts: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2:00 AM PST
Women’s Snowboard Cross Finals: Sunday, Feb 16, 1:15 AM
Men’s Snowboard Cross Finals: Monday, Feb. 17, 1:30 AM PST
Men’s & Women’s Giant Slalom Finals: Tuesday, Feb. 19 1:00 AM PST
Men’s & Women’s Parallel Slalom Finals: Saturday, Feb. 22, 1:15 AM PST

– For the Full list of all Snowboard Qualifiers and other events click HERE

Where can I Watch?

Technology is a wonderful thing. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the NBC Live Sports Extra App and watch the Olympics Live! When using this app, you simply have to prove that you pay for cable by inputting your cable subscriber and password. The app has all sorts of cool features and notifies the user when specific events are about to start.

– Check the NBC Sports Extra App HERE

You can always watch the Olympics on television on NBC. However, there will most likely be a tape delay depending on where you live.

Who should I look out for?

The Winter games have amazing snowboarders from all over the world, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some talent. However, keep an eye out for Flow’s rider representing the women’s Czech Republic team. She absolutely dominated in the women’s slopestyle qualifiers and is one to watch throughout the whole games.

-Check out her Profile HERE

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