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Watch the newest episode of Boyz n Toyz featuring FLOW’s own Mario Wanger. Pow part 1, Enjoy!

boyz n toys pow part 1 from Boyz ‘n Toyz on Vimeo.

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flow snowboarding snow report spring storm powder alert west coast north america
Many places in North America (especially the West Coast) seem to be on the decline for snow. However, we’re not ready to give up snowboarding yet and neither is Mother Nature. A new spring storm is poised to dump snow all over the west coast and parts of the North East. Locations like Tahoe and Oregon will see the most snow, but all surrounding locations should see some action.

What should I do?

Since this could be winter’s “last hoorah” in North America, you should get off the couch and snowboard as much as humanly possible. There will be plenty of time to play Call of Duty and Instagram once the snow is gone, but for now, take advantage of this gift from the heavens.

Will there be snow on my mountain?

Unless you live on the mountain itself, it can be difficult to tell if there is snow on your local mountain and if it is even open. To check the snow reports and mountain hours, it is best to refer to a snow report website. At these websites, you can check the snow report by region and also see what mountains are open. These sites are a great way to plan and prepare for your trip to the mountains.

Here are two of the Snow Report Websites:

It sounds cold, What do I need?

This colder weather means having the essentials. Making sure you have layers and warm socks is key. Luckily, Flow has checklist of everything you need in order to have an awesome time on the mountain.

-Check our Flow-How post: 10 Things You Need to Snowboard

Weather can be very unpredictable, so be sure to take advantage of this storm and its snow. Get your gear and get out on the mountain!


-Come join us at Flow!

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Tim Humphreys new North Star edit. GoPro selfies and shredding. Enjoy!

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buying the right snowboard binding flow snowboarding bindings choosing the right binding
Snowboarding technology is getting pretty advanced and it can be hard to decipher what type of product is right for you. All the new features and materials on products are nice, but what do they mean for you and your snowboarding? Flow is here to break down the technology barrier and help you choose the correct bindings for your preferred style of riding. [click to continue…]

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Flow’s Sophia Capua is a hard working Micron. Check out this amazing new edit of her shredding & dancing around Colorado. Sophia is Happy!

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Tim Humphreys & Friends shredding Mammoth, CA. in “Hot Sweaty Spring”. Enjoy!

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After three times on the Podium, it’s time to go Snowboarding. Swiss Flow Team rider Kaspar Hösli presents a new edit from his last day’s in Laax.


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Flow’s Mike Basich tests out the new FollowCopter. The footage is insane!

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Check out this awesome interview with Legend Roan Rogers and what he thinks about Flow Snowboards and products.

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Flow’s Mario Wanger snowboarding in this clip of the 2014 Boyz ‘n Toyz Teaser. It’s Pretty Amazing!

boyz n toyz teaser 2014 from Boyz ‘n Toyz on Vimeo.

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