Flow-How: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard

Flow Snowboarding Flow-How: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard Snowboard guide

Decide which Type of Board you want:

Snowboarding has all types of conditions. Picking a board that suits your style and the conditions that you ride is the first step towards a perfect board.

Park / Freestyle Board

These boards are meant for technical snowboarding. Light and Flexible, these boards are meant for Snowboard Park terrain and skilled riding. Often these boards have plenty of Pop ( Note: Pop is is lift a board receives when flexed to jump). If your style of riding and functionality fits local park mountains, then this is your ideal type of board.

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Backcountry / Freeride Boards

These types of boards are for the adventure enthusiasts. Riders that love backcountry and deep powder prefer these types of boards. These types of boards are meant for long drawn out lines on open mountain faces. They are quick and glide through powdery conditions very easily.

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All-Terrain Boards

These boards are the happy medium of everything. The perfect balance between response and feel. These types of boards are good for the beginner and all-around snowboarder. They can handle groomed runs, parks, and a bit of backcountry.

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Find the Right Camber:

What is Camber?

Camber is the slight upward curve in the Snowboard where the weight of the rider is not pressing down on the snow. Camber provides great response and feel for the rider, especially on groomed runs or hard snow. There are a few types of Camber:

Traditional Camber

Traditional Camber is quite simple to understand. It is when there is an upward curve directly at the midpoint of the board. The weight from the rider’s feet on either side, causes the camber to flex down and create a connection with the snow. The pressure on the board helps the edge of the snowboard connect with the snow and makes it easier for the rider to turn and maneuver.

Flat Camber

With a Flat Camber, the entire bottom of the board is flat on the snow. This creates even more of a connection of the board to the snow. This Flat Camber provides the rider with a loose feel to the board making it very easy to slide and change direction with very little effort.

Rocker / Reverse Camber

Rocker is the exact opposite of Camber. It is a very slight U-shaped curve in the board. This Reverse Camber resembles that of a skateboard. It provides a looser feel and is great for riding powder and backcountry conditions. Some riders compare the Reverse Camber to floating or gliding, instead of riding.

Camber Mix

This is the most common Camber of all boards. It is a mixture of Camber, Rocker, and Flat Camber all throughout different points of the board. It is the preferred type among most riders and Flow implements mixed Camber in many of their models.

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– Flow’s Website provides a way to search through boards based on the rider’s skill and preference of rocker or camber. Check it out HERE

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