Flow’s Jay Gretzinger Video From British Columbia

Check out Jason Gretzinger’s Video edit from three powder covered areas in British Columbia: Revelstoke, Whistler and Nelson.


“No where else was really getting snow in BC but Revy had ‘chest’ deep blower.” – Gretzinger

Riders: David Craig, Phillip Mossenger, Wiley Tesseoc and Jason Gretziner.

Whistler, BC

“We stayed in a cabin for 2 nights called The Zen Zone. We had wicked conditions and good snow.” – Gretzinger

Riders: Jay Gretzinger, David Craig (Sled)

Nelson, BC (Gretzinger’s Home)

“Chance Jensen and Charlie Dale were like kids in a candy shop because the terrain of pillows and tree riding isn’t really there in the Alberta Rockies.” -Gretzinger

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Jason Gretzinger Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete

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Flow Snowboarding: Sarka Pancochova’s Summer Schedule

Sarka Pamcochova Summer Blog Flow Snowboarding Snowboard Snow Yoga

We here at Flow sat down with Olympic snowboarder Sarka Pancochova to discuss her lifestyle during the summer months, breaking down what she does to stay fit and refreshed for when the snow starts flying again.

During the summer season, it’s hard to find snow. What are some things that you do to keep yourself fresh and having fun when you can’t snowboard?

My season is usually so hectic that as soon as the summer hits I need to get some sun and go to the beach for while. So I started surfing a lot and also Rock Climbing. I like spending my time outside when the weather is nice. Also I try to do yoga in the morning, everyday. It keeps me going after all the activities during the day. When it’s not nice, I go to CrossFit for my leg workout.

Do you have any training programs or exercises that you do to keep your body fit for snowboarding?

I do a lot of compensation exercises with bosu ball and gym balls and lot of balance exercises to keep me knees strong. I don’t have any scheduled program but I try to do something everyday to keep myself as fit as possible during the off season.

You have been practicing Yoga for a while now. How does Yoga help your snowboarding and your fitness?

Yoga is lot of balancing and also it’s kind of a moving meditation. So it helps me to empty my mind when I need it most… during the contest. By practicing my mind I can perform better. On a higher level.

What are things that you do to keep your mind fresh and excited about snowboarding during the off season?

As I said yoga mostly, and also I visualize my new tricks so I can feel better when I decide to try them on snow. Because I know how to do them in my head.

Do you do any surfing? If so, what are your favorite spots/locations to go?

I went to only few places and I liked Puerto Rico a lot and Nicaragua was pretty awesome.

Is there anything else that you do during the off season?

I drink a lot of beer and wine and enjoy myself. Haha…

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Sarka Pancochova

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Flow Snowboarding: Throwback to Shin Biyahima in Wydaho

Here is a great throwback to Flow International Team Rider from Japan, Shin Biyajima as he made a stop in “Wydaho” (the boarder of Wyoming & Idaho) to check out the backcountry scene & Ryan Van Lanen filmed a few shots.

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Axamer Lizum last weekend

The Micron team Benelux had another weekend of CAD (chill and destroy) contests the went to Austria a few days early to do some training and getting used to the park. Unfortunately Erik Bastiaansen did a knuckle landing on the first day there, this resulted in a injury to his heel. So he stopped for the day hoping it would be better the next day for the contest. The other boys and their trainer Bram Nuiten did some nice treeruns and called it a day after that.
The next day the kids went to the park to do some practice runs. The park was not that big but it was nicely shaped. So the conditions where good. After a couple of practice runs it was to bad for Erik he had to withdraw from competition because of his injury…

flow snowboard team rider

So the brothers van Bouwhorst had to represent this time and they did, they both easily Qualified for the finals with some nice and clean runs. In the finals they Both performed well resulting in a 7th place finish for Jazzley. But the best run came from Ziggey in his second run he killed it like a boss. Ziggey finished 2nd. So now these three kids are all result because now he qualified for the Final event of CAD in Fellhorn

This meant we had to celebrate this great result so we went back to the Hotel and had some nice times in the sauna and jaccuzi. This is not the end of our trip we are staying some more for some training and hopefully some POWPOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Wanger and The djudes made TV

Check the video for some information what happend at this shoot!!

Djudes on TV from Lukas Riedl on Vimeo.

The date for the TV view is 4th of February and it is going to be viewed at ARTE Germany,ARTE Austria and ARTE France!!

Time 14:15 called YOUROPE so hang on and watch it with that other 2-or 3 million people who watch it!!