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February 25, 2013

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Axamer Lizum last weekend

The Micron team Benelux had another weekend of CAD (chill and destroy) contests the went to Austria a few days early to do some training and getting used to the park. Unfortunately Erik Bastiaansen did a knuckle landing on the first day there, this resulted in a injury to his heel. So he stopped for the day hoping it would be better the next day for the contest. The other boys and their trainer Bram Nuiten did some nice treeruns and called it a day after that.
The next day the kids went to the park to do some practice runs. The park was not that big but it was nicely shaped. So the conditions where good. After a couple of practice runs it was to bad for Erik he had to withdraw from competition because of his injury…

flow snowboard team rider

So the brothers van Bouwhorst had to represent this time and they did, they both easily Qualified for the finals with some nice and clean runs. In the finals they Both performed well resulting in a 7th place finish for Jazzley. But the best run came from Ziggey in his second run he killed it like a boss. Ziggey finished 2nd. So now these three kids are all result because now he qualified for the Final event of CAD in Fellhorn

This meant we had to celebrate this great result so we went back to the Hotel and had some nice times in the sauna and jaccuzi. This is not the end of our trip we are staying some more for some training and hopefully some POWPOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DePaula On Top Out East…

February 7, 2012

Flow Snowboarding News

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Hippie Flick from SteffenUp on Vimeo.

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Check the video for some information what happend at this shoot!!

Djudes on TV from Lukas Riedl on Vimeo.

The date for the TV view is 4th of February and it is going to be viewed at ARTE Germany,ARTE Austria and ARTE France!!

Time 14:15 called YOUROPE so hang on and watch it with that other 2-or 3 million people who watch it!!

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January 10, 2012

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Episode 3: Powder shred / Ski- exkursion from thomas k. on Vimeo.

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Mario Wanger

Benny Wetscher, Tom Klocker and me decided to go to Arlberg for some pow shooting! We met Martin and Much Venier (both filmers) and Manu Bernert in Innsbruck to drive in a convoy…

When we came out the last tunnel to St. Christoph we couldn’t believe our eyes, how much snow they had there, just amazing 1.80 fresh of pow!!

St. Christoph
ArlbergArlbergBuilding a jump
To the sessions: On the first day we built this jump kinda like a stepover with alot of pop in it and a pretty long landing too,we decidet to hit it on the next day,what was super nice because the jump became pretty hard!!

So here is day 2: Jumping this sick poppy jump :D Everyone was pretty stoked and felt super good on it,instead of Tom Klocker,he was just like”Ahhh my fucking stupid Rocker board dont want`s me to land something” Hahah!!

OK after we sessioned that jump,we decided to built another one for the next day,where Tom went back home to ride some park jumps…Heading Home
Lot's of snow
Day3: Getting up pretty late, our muscels hurt already! Anyways we went up to the jump and hitted it…it was super good i think everyone was stoked again!!

Here is a lil clip what happend beside shooting, i have to say i´m one of the worst video cutters ever :D but have fun with it!!

Here a litte video:

Untitled from Mario Wanger on Vimeo.

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