Flow Your Roots: The History of Flow’s Speed Entry Binding

History of Flow Snowboarding Speed Entry BindingFlow’s Original Speed Entry Binding Prototype

Every so often, a technology or product can be introduced that challenges the norm and alters any preconceived notions. The 1996 global launch of the Flow Speed Entry binding challenged the way that the snowboard industry looked at binding construction. Innovation has been a key factor to Flow’s success within the snowboarding world. The Speed Entry binding was the first step to propelling Flow into becoming the snowboard company that it is today.

The Mission

Since its very beginnings, Flow has had the mindset of providing the highest quality product for snowboarders, created by snowboarders. Strapping in and out of bindings can be time consuming and a hassle. Flow aims to better this process. The Speed Entry binding started as an idea and launched into a complete product line. The new technology immediately caught on within the snowboard world and it changed the way that snowboarders get in and out of their bindings.

The Process

Flow has always depended on their team of riders for insight and feedback since the start of the company. That ideal still rings true within the Flow company today. There have been many different models of Flow’s Speed Entry binding, and the belief to constantly innovate remains consistent. Flow recently introduced New Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y) to enhance the ease of use, and is implementing this new feature on more and more models throughout the product-line. This technology is proof of our mindset to never be content. Every year Flow reflects on its products and tries to better them.

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The Future

The invention of the Speed Entry binding has helped put Flow on the map. However, Flow is not simply limited to bindings. We have taken that same dedication to quality and innovation and dispersed it across our range of snowboards and boots. The continuous progression of snowboarding and allowing people to have a better and more fun day on the hill is Flow’s primary goal.

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The constant urge to innovate and make snowboarding better has been imbedded within Flow’s DNA since its origination in 1996. Our mission is simple, to make snowboarding better and more fun. Get out on the mountain and enjoy!


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