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Scotty Lago

Social Media is an amazing phenomenon. We have access to our favorite athletes, companies, and famous personalities at the touch of a button. It is connecting people all over the world and sharing locations that most people would have never known existed. Snowboarders are the ideal people to follow on social media. They travel to amazing locations, meet incredible people, and do awesome things! Flow has compiled their list of 5 snowboarders to keep an eye out for in 2014.

Scotty Lago

Scotty Lago 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Every cloud has a silver lining. Flow and the rest of the snowboarding world is bummed that we do not get to cheer on our favorite American at Sochi this year. However, everything happens for a reason and we believe that 2014 will be a great year for Scotty. Without the pressure of the Olympics, Scotty will now be able to travel and ride amazing backcountry locations. What does that mean for his social media followers? Amazing photos, videos, and content that we can spend hours watching, re-posting, and drooling over. Expect big things from Mr. Lago in 2014.

Connect with Scotty
Instagram: @scottylago

Tim Humphreys

Tim Humphreys 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Tim is one of the most up to date snowboarders in the world. With GoPro being one of his sponsors, Tim constantly has a camera on him at all time. He loves editing and posting clips from his sessions and we, as social media followers, get to reap the benefits. Tim’s light-hearted approach to snowboarding and life is a breath of fresh air for social media followers. Tim is also very engaging with his followers on social media. Ask him a question, he’ll respond.

Connect with Tim
Instagram: @timhumphreys

Sarka Pancochova

Sarka Pancochova 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Sarka is currently in Sochi and when she is not competing, she is riding Russia’s pristine backcountry. Sarka is a very relaxed and happy girl, but when she puts on a contest jersey it is all business. Sarka is definitely a snowboarder to watch in 2014. Follow Sarka to see how she is doing in Sochi and with her travels in general.

-Check out Sarka’s Flow Rider Profile HERE

Connect with Sarka
Instagram: @sarkasnow

Mike Basich

Mike Basich 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
The term “Off the Grid” doesn’t even begin to describe Mike. This guy is as rugged as they come. He lives and breathes backcountry adventure and has traveled to the most remote places in the world. Mike doesn’t need much to survive. Give him a Flow setup, some food, and a GoPro and he delivers social media gold. Mike’s latest venture is his “Stoked Storm Ready” project where he built a house on a flatbed trailer. He is currently traveling all over North America chasing storms and snow. Mike is definitely worth following on social media.

Connect with Mike
Instagram: @mikebasich

Drayden Gardner

Drayden Gardner 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Drayden is an up and comer in the Snowboarding world. At just 14 years old, he is already making a name for himself. This young world traveler found himself on the podium in both slope style and pipe this year at the Burton European Open. Drayden is constantly documenting his travels on social media and is definitely worth following.

-Check out Drayden’s Flow Rider Profile HERE

Connect with Drayden
Instagram: @draydengardner


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scotty lago biography interview winter olympics
Scotty Lago is a Jack of all trades. From backcountry to superpipe, he can get it done. At his first winter olympics in 2010, he finished a bronze medalist. Scotty is now attempting to qualify for his second Winter Olympics and is ready to represent team U.S.A.


•2006 1st Place in Paul Mitchell Expression Session
•2006 3rd Place X Games Halfpipe
•2007 2nd Place Vans Cup
•2007 1st Place World Cup Halfpipe Opener
•2009 2nd Place X Games Slopestyle
•2009 1st Place Burton US Open Quarterpipe
•2010 2nd Place Grand Prix Halfpipe
•2010 3rd Place Winter Olympics
•2011 2nd Place Winter X Games Halfpipe
•2012 1st Place Toyota Big Air

Snowboard Story

Scotty was born on November 12, 1987 in Seabrook, New Hampshire. At age 6, he was infatuated with snowboarding. Any chance he could get, Scotty would indulge himself within snowboarding. Watching videos of snowboarders in-between the times that he could make it to the mountains. Scotty’s contest success came early and often. At age 10 he was winning local contests and beginning to receive national recognition.

Scotty soon knew that he wanted snowboarding to be his profession. In 2007, he won the gold medal in the halfpipe during the World Cup and continued his success by making a spot on the 2010 U.S.A. Winter Olympic team. With his drive and determination, Scotty received a bronze medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Scotty is extremely proud and thankful for all of his competitive success and he never forgets all that snowboarding has given him.

Favorite Destinations

Scotty grew up in New Hampshire and loved to snowboard at his local mountains. He knows that there is no place better than home, but he has a very optimistic view on traveling. Scotty makes home anywhere the snow is. His favorite mountains are “any with snow”. It is this optimistic perspective on life and a competitive drive that has helped propel Scotty to global recognition within the snowboard world.

Scotty is currently attempting to qualify for the United States Olympic team for a second time in a row. The Flow family and snowboard fans alike are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that we see Scotty Lago at Sochi in February.

Wish Scotty Luck here:

Scotty’s Pre-Olympic Interview


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Micah Hoogeveen 2012-2013 from Micah Hoogeveen on Vimeo.

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Deep in the Sierra Mountains, Flow Snowboardings Mike Basich built his own House, a Tow-rope to the house and now a Chairlift that goes 1200 feet/370 meters up his own personal mountain. Join us this season at Area-241 as we show you what it’s like to own 40 acres, snowmobiles, a house and a chairlift in the middle of no where, for Flow’s “Chairlift Chronicles”



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September 3, 2013


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August 15, 2013

RIP Drew Satin thanks for the good memories and this great video…

“WAS HERE” A FILM BY FLOW SNOWBOARDING from Flow Snowboarding on Vimeo.

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August 15, 2013


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FLOW TAILGATE ALASKA MARCH 29 – APRIL 7, 2013 from Flow Snowboarding on Vimeo.

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