Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile: Sarka Pancochova

Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile Sarka Pancochova Olympian Sochi
Sarka Pancochova hails from the Czech-Republic and is a world class snowboarder. She will be representing her home country in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Flow caught up with Sarka to gauge her feelings about the event and also about snowboarding in general.

2x Winter Olympian

First Vancouver and now Sochi, Sarka is beginning to hit full stride within her snowboarding career. Making the Czech-Republic snowboarding team two times in a row is quite the accomplishment. Sarka is excited about heading into her second consecutive winter Olympics. “I’m very happy! Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect. I just want to land my run. That’s all I want”. Sarka is keeping it as simple as possible heading into Sochi. She believes that by focusing on snowboarding, everything else will fall into place. “All that I can do is my run, I can’t control external factors”, explained Pancochova.

The Winter Olympics can place a lot of pressure on snowboarders, regardless of how many times they have gone. Sarka believes that she is not just snowboarding for herself, but for her entire country. “It’s cool. My country supports me a lot. So it’s nice to give back”. While the pressure can crack many other athletes, Sarka looks at the Winter Olympics through a different lens. She looks at Sochi as an opportunity to give back to her country and a way to experience all that Sochi has to offer, not just the event. “I went there last year and the terrain is pretty much insane. I’m excited to ride some pow. It will be good times for sure!”. Sarka is planning on using the backcountry to relax her mind and be a distraction from the pressure and stress of the event. It is this positive outlook that Sarka is hoping to assist her throughout the Winter Olympics.

Snowboarding: A Lifestyle

Sarka did not start snowboarding to one day become an Olympic athlete. She simply did it because it was a release of creativity and self-expression. People don’t start snowboarding with the sole purpose of competing, they do it because it’s fun. “ It’s my everyday life and excitement. It’s fun to learn new tricks and do good at competition, but it’s more important to be happy with what I am doing. I have so many friends all over the world and have been almost everywhere. I can deal pretty much with any kind of situation. I love that part of snowboarding. Exploring.” Snowboarding has given Sarka the opportunity to travel the world and develop life-long relationships with people from all different cultures. She knows how important competition is to her career, but she still loves the roots of snowboarding. “I like going to contest and challenging myself. But back country will always be number one for me”, Pancochova explained. Sarka believes that this balance between competition and free-riding is key for her career and overall happiness in life.

“It’s not about where you’re at, but how much you can enjoy what you’re doing” -Sarka Pancochova

Check Out Sarka and Celia Miller enjoying what they’re doing

Sarka is not only an amazing snowboarder, but an amazing human being. Tune into the Sochi Winter Olympics to watch Sarka and other world-class snowboarders represent their countries.

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scotty lago biography interview winter olympics
Scotty Lago is a Jack of all trades. From backcountry to superpipe, he can get it done. At his first winter olympics in 2010, he finished a bronze medalist. Scotty is now attempting to qualify for his second Winter Olympics and is ready to represent team U.S.A.


•2006 1st Place in Paul Mitchell Expression Session
•2006 3rd Place X Games Halfpipe
•2007 2nd Place Vans Cup
•2007 1st Place World Cup Halfpipe Opener
•2009 2nd Place X Games Slopestyle
•2009 1st Place Burton US Open Quarterpipe
•2010 2nd Place Grand Prix Halfpipe
•2010 3rd Place Winter Olympics
•2011 2nd Place Winter X Games Halfpipe
•2012 1st Place Toyota Big Air

Snowboard Story

Scotty was born on November 12, 1987 in Seabrook, New Hampshire. At age 6, he was infatuated with snowboarding. Any chance he could get, Scotty would indulge himself within snowboarding. Watching videos of snowboarders in-between the times that he could make it to the mountains. Scotty’s contest success came early and often. At age 10 he was winning local contests and beginning to receive national recognition.

Scotty soon knew that he wanted snowboarding to be his profession. In 2007, he won the gold medal in the halfpipe during the World Cup and continued his success by making a spot on the 2010 U.S.A. Winter Olympic team. With his drive and determination, Scotty received a bronze medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Scotty is extremely proud and thankful for all of his competitive success and he never forgets all that snowboarding has given him.

Favorite Destinations

Scotty grew up in New Hampshire and loved to snowboard at his local mountains. He knows that there is no place better than home, but he has a very optimistic view on traveling. Scotty makes home anywhere the snow is. His favorite mountains are “any with snow”. It is this optimistic perspective on life and a competitive drive that has helped propel Scotty to global recognition within the snowboard world.

Scotty is currently attempting to qualify for the United States Olympic team for a second time in a row. The Flow family and snowboard fans alike are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that we see Scotty Lago at Sochi in February.

Wish Scotty Luck here: www.twitter.com/scottylago

Scotty’s Pre-Olympic Interview


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