Flow Micron Freddy Silber Earning His Turns

Last week, one of our Microns was earning his turns under the summer sun. On June 28th, Flow Micron Team Athlete Freddy Silber and his father Jay Sibler went on a quest for snow by taking a 16 mile round trip bike and hike voyage to ride Byers Peak in Colorado. To get to the snow they had to climb above the treeline to roughly 12,000 feet.

“My favorite memory was seeing all the amazing scenic views from hiking up and down the trail,” said Freddy Sibler.

Freddy and Jay Silber left their house at 5:00AM and hit the trail at 6:00 AM near his home resort in Winter Park, Colorado and into the Byers Peak Wilderness Area in Winter Park, Colorado. Once they were on the snow, Freddy strapped onto his snowboard, a 140 Shifty. His Fuse bindings set at 15° & 15° and he certainly made sure the boas were tight enough on his Rivals. While most of us in the Northern Hemisphere were dreaming of snow, the Silbers hiking and riding it.

“We hiked it most of the morning until the snow heated up and got too sticky,” explained Jay Silber. “There was a ton of snow and there is still a ton of snow on the peaks here in Colorado. A lot of snowboard opportunities to be had this summer if you put in some effort to get there.”

This week, Flow Snowboarding had a chance to dive into the head of Freddy Silber and ask him a few questions about his summer, last winter and what he is looking forward to this coming winter.

What kind of music do you listen to when you ride?
I listen to some electronic music. I mainly listen to hard rock and metal. 

Where was your favorite place to travel to, not related to snowboarding?
My favorite place to travel to is Kansas City, Missouri. I love to hang out with my family.

What was your favorite memory from last winter?
My favorite memory from last winter was a Steamboat USASA competition for slopestyle. It was such a great time with my snowboard team and good times and food. I took 2nd at that comp so it was really rewarding. Very exciting!

Where are you looking forward to riding next year?
I’m looking forward to riding at Breckenridge and Keystone with the Flow Team and for contests. They have amazing rails and jumps.

Any interest in the FIFA World Cup soccer matches this summer?
I don’t like soccer at all! It’s not for me. Not trying to be rude, but I don’t care about it! I’m more into baseball.

Anything else you’d like to say to the Flow Snowboarding supporters?
I would like to say thanks to everyone because they are such an amazing part in this brand. I also have a snowboard crew, which is myself and six of my best friends called Snow Provides. We are a film crew and media page. We post up on Instagram and YouTube all winter.

Are any of you going the extra miles to hike to where the snow still sits in the Northern Hemisphere? Please share with us where you are continuing your snowboarding this summer by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media.

Freddy Silber

Snow Provides
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Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile: Micron Sophia Capua

flow snowboarding sophia capua rider profile snow nationals micron usasa snowboard

p: Dustin Schaefer

Get to know Small Fry Shredder Sophia Capua

With most sports, the common theme that you hear is “ Start ‘em young”. Sophia Capua embodies the very essence of this phrase. At just 6 years old, Sophia is snowboarding well beyond her years. She is one of the hardest working Microns with Flow. She puts out monthly edits that are creative and fun, snowboards any chance that she gets, and is already getting photos in certain publications (most recent in Summit Daily). But if you ask Sophia, snowboarding is anything but work. She is doing it for the simple fact that snowboarding is fun.

Snowboarding Is…

For a young aspiring snowboarder, snowboarding is everything. For Sophia Capua, snowboarding is FUN. The main reason that most of us start to do anything, is for the simple fact that it is fun. Sophia hasn’t lost sight of that belief, and from the looks of it, she probably never will. This pint sized shredder loves snowboarding and is constantly pushing her parents for more time on the mountain.

Local Spots & Favorite things about Snowboarding

Sophia hails from Colorado and frequently inhabits the local spots of Copper Mountain & Loveland Ski Resort. The young Micron snowboards at any chance that she gets. For this reason, “Dad’s Park” (a.k.a the Capua’s backyard) was created. Sophia is not scared one bit, she loves hitting rails and doing jumps that seem to be nearly 3X her size. Anytime that Sophia can have a snowboard under her feet is a good time.

10 Words with Sophia Capua

Family Shred –  “They’re Awesome!”
Snowboarding – “Surfing on the Snow”
Copper Mountain – “Halfpipe”
Flow Snowboarding - “My Snowboarding Family”
Slopestyle- “It has big jumps and Sarka (Pancochova) is awesome!”
Yoda Costume – “LightSaber”
Dancing –  “Is cooler when you are on a snowboard”
USASA Nationals- “New Friends”
Halfpipe – “It has huge walls”
Family – “I love them all”
Sophia Capua is an awesome Micron. She is favorite both on Social Media and here at Flow. With an awesome attitude and amazing talent, the sky’s the limit for Sophia.


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Flow on the road to Nor Cal

Leaving at 5am is a bitter sweet, no sleep but the final outcome is worth it…

Flow Microns Jaromie Nolan & Drayden Gardner at the Lone Pine Skatepark

Jaromie Nolan & Drayden Gardner at the Lone Pine Skatepark, stop #1

Flow's Drayden Gardner at the Mammoth Skatepark

Drayden Gardner at the Mammoth Skatepark, stop #2

The Baseball Park in Reno for the Eternal Rail Jam

The Baseball Park in Reno for the Eternal Rail Jam, Stop #3

Flow Microns Jaromie Nolan & Drayden Gardner

Flow's Jaromie Nolan spinning on to a box in Reno

Jaromie Nolan spinning on to a box in Reno, in October & in Shorts

Flow Snowboarding Mike Basich shows us the base of the Area-241 chairlift

Mike Basich shows us the base of the Area-241 chairlift

The Next day we made the trek up to Lake Tahoe via Donner Summit & stopped by Mike Basich’s Area-241 to see the work in progress on his chairlift.  Mike owns 40 acres on the Pass and has already constructed his own house, tow-rope and now his personal chairlift.  “Each chair will be pieces of art” says Mike, for instance one chair will be a Monkey hanging off the cable and you will sit in it’s hand.  He also plans on having art work all over the runs, paintings hanging from trees, a 24 ft quarter pipe, 40 ft table top jump & all sorts of Natural Features like Log slides and stuff.

Flow Snowboarding's Jaromie Nolan, Drayden Gardner & Mikey B

Jaromie Nolan, Drayden Gardner & Mikey B

Flow's Mike Basich Drills into granite

Mike drills into Granite

Flow's Mike Basich cabin camouflaged in the mountains

Mike's cabin camouflaged in the mountains

The top of the Area-241 Flow R&D Center Chairlift

The top of the Area-241 Flow R&D Center Chairlift


Then it was time to hit up Woodward at Tahoe; Drayden the Ghost...

Then it was time to hit up Woodward at Tahoe; Drayden the Ghost...

Flow's Jaromie Nolan with a fs air on the ramp out back

Jaromie with a fs air on the ramp out back

Then we made it back to So Cal...