Mario Wanger Always Having Fun

This time we take a trip to the right side of the pond and head over to Europe and catch up with Flow Snowboarding European team athlete Mario Wanger. We learn everything from what part of Austria he is from, to the football (soccer) clubs he supports, to what tunes are blasting through his ear buds and even his strong affinity for one mountain here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Flow also asked Wanger if he had any goals going into this next winter and his answer gives you a peek into the modus operandi of his approach to life. Wanger replied, “Having as much fun as possible… always.”

Where were you born Mario?

Tirol, Austria

Where is home for you now?

I live in Aschau. That is located in the Zillertal Valley.

Where was the first place you ever went snowboarding? What year was it?

That was in Zell am Ziller just 5 min from my home. I guess that was in the year 2003 or 2004.

Did you ever go skiing before snowboarding?

Yep, I did. But I totally sucked. Haha!

What would you consider your home mountain to be?

I would say Mayrhofen, Penken Park.

What is your current snowboarding setup preference?

Hylite Focus Boot, BlackOut or WhiteOut boards with the NX2 bindings.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re snowboarding?

I’m listening so much, but right now I would say ASAP Rocky and Santigold.

What are your summer activities like? Do you continuously ride the glaciers in the Alps a lot, or do you take a break in the summer to explore other activities?

I’m hiking a lot in the mountains. Skateboarding, training, partying, swimming, work outs in the gym and some soccer… and fast cars! A little bit of work too. So, no snowboarding in the summer.

Soccer? Yes, Europe and their football. What European clubs do you support?

I like Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid as well, because they just have all the best players in the world. Haha…

Have you made it over here to North America to ride? Where all have you ridden here in the United States or Canada?

Yep, I have been to North America three times. It is always a pleasure. Two times I went to Mt. Baker to film some backcountry stuff. That place is so damn sick. I also went to Whistler Blackcomb in Canada, but the weather sucked the whole time I was there.

What is your opinion of the resorts and lifestyles in the US as opposed to back home in Europe? Are there any differences or similarities between our two region’s lifestyles?

I don’t think so. I know a few guys from the US through riding. It is pretty much all the same. Except for the jibbing guys. Haha…

Where was your favorite place to snowboard last winter?

That was in Arabba, Italy. It was such a good time riding all the deep powder there.

Where are you looking forward to riding next winter?

I wanna go back to Mt. Baker again if they get enough snow.

Where has been your favorite place to travel to not related to snowboarding?

Greece was pretty nice, but Egypt was not bad too. There are too many nice places. 

Any final words to the Flow Snowboarding supporters or customers reading this interview?

Flow is sick!

A lot of great riders spend their time in the Alps. Have any of you gone to Europe to snowboard yet? What resorts have you visited on the other side of the pond? Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding. We want to know where you guys and girls have traveled to #FindYourFlow.

Flow Snowboarding: Boyz n Toyz POW part 2 featuring Mario Wanger

boyz n toyz pow part 2 from Boyz ‘n Toyz on Vimeo.

So we decided to do our project “Boyz n Toyz” again, this season the crew has changed a lil bit, Benny Wetscher is in the house too, and again Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger. And of course we will have some friends in it too. Our new filmer for the project is Matthias Reich Cinematography.

Additional Footage:

Hambalkó Bálint
Alex Förderer

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Want to read more about Mario Wanger, check out our latest interview with him (Mario Wanger Always Having Fun). A lot of great riders spend their time in the Alps. Have any of you gone to Europe to snowboard yet? What resorts have you visited on the other side of the pond? Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding. We want to know where you guys and girls have traveled to #FindYourFlow.


Mario Wanger Takes 3rd at the Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest in Slovakia

Hey there

Last week Mario, Stani and myself made our way to a little valley in Slovakia to ride the Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest. it was our first time in Slovkia and we did not know what to expect ..

as we arrived there the first positive thing was that it had tons of snow. so the next day we went for some really fun Treeruns.we loved the really easy going schedule of the competition .. the first training was at night so we had all day to shred


the set up itself was one Big Air. they had some issues with the jump and on the first training it did not work out that well. so it still needed some changes

Big Air Flow Snowboarding

so we only did a couple of trys and then waited for the next day for some changes to be made.

one really weird thing about this country is the food. not that it is really bad, but it made us go more often to the Toilet then we ever did before.. LOL

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

this picture is  a good example.. it was suppposed to be a garlic bread .. it was bread with some garlic on top .. haha

it went actually pretty good for us in the qualification and the semi final so Mario and myself ended up in the finals.. i felt really shit at that point from not eating too much all day and i ended up 10th place .. but mario killed it with some really solid fs 1080 and a bs7 in the final and he got 3rd place .. yeahhhhh boy

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario WangerFlow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

after this was done we where looking forward for some good party in a country where one beer costs approximately 70 cents .. haha .. so it was going to be fun

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

so thats it for this time ..  we still recover fro the hangover

talk soon

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