A Day In The Life of Tim Humphreys

Catch a glimpse of A Day in the Life of Tim Humphreys, Flow Snowboarding Global Professional. Watch this edit of Humphreys shredding Unbound park on Mammoth Mountain in California. Filmed & produced by Chainsaw Productions.

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Flow Snowboarding 101 – What do you need to go snowboarding?

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What do I need to go snowboarding? What are some tips for planning a snowboarding trip? How to tips on learning how to snowboard? Venturing into the park for the first time? Safety tips for going off trail. If you just started snowboarding or want to get into it, there are a lot of basic questions people have. Such simple questions, but all beginners and people starting out snowboarding are typically afraid to ask. Welcome to Flow Snowboarding School, a series intended to answer your most basic how to questions of snowboarding. Class is in session.

Flow Snowboarding 101: What do you need to go snowboarding?

Flow Snowboarding 101 is designed as an introduction for beginners as a reference source for all the equipment necessary to enjoy your trip sliding on snow. In this section we will be covering what to wear, equipment needed and luggage for your voyage up the mountain.

1. What do I wear snowboarding?

Staying dry and warm when you are on the hill. You need to make sure you have outerwear. A warm combination of a waterproofed jacket and pants are vital. Being wet makes a day snowboarding more annoying. Snow jackets and pants come in varying waterproofing and breathability ratings. Layering up with liners under your outerwear can help increase your comfort and warmth level.

Gloves come in many variations. Like outerwear, they are used to keep your hands dry and warm. Depending on the time of year, there are warmer thicker gloves for fall and winter, as well as lighter and more breathable gloves for the spring and summer months on the mountain.

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You need to be able to see. Sure sunglasses block the sun, but if you fall once… will they survive the impact? There’s a reason why most of us use goggles. We recommend you have two types of lenses; one High Visibility lens that has a good tint to them to block the sun out. These have the fancy iridium and darker colored tint to the lenses. You also want a low visibility lens to help accentuate the terrain in low light and stormy conditions. These low visibility lenses typically come in a yellow or rose tint.

Finding a comfortable beanie and helmet are recommend. Sarka Pancochova demonstrated the importance of a helmet. If you want to roll the dice without a helmet, make sure your beanie is warm and fits well with your goggles. Try to avoid what is known as a gaper gap, make sure your bindings are tight to your beanie, or you will have a funny looking sunburn and wind burn on your forehead

If you need more warmth and comfort you can always add a scarf, facemask or gaiter to keep your head extra warm. These are optional, but will help add to the comfort level. If you have all of the above and are still dealing with battling the cold, we’d recommend hand warmers you can store inside you gloves or even the pockets of your outerwear.

2. Snowboarding Gear

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There are a vast array of shapes and sizes of snowboards. People typically ask if they should buy a starter or beginner snowboard versus a more technical snowboard. Flow Snowboarding offers a few options for those looking to get started. The Viper, Merc or Silhouette are perfect choices for those looking to start linking their toeside and heelside turns. To keep things simple there are two types of boards, rocker and camber. Feel free to browse through our entire line of Flow snowboards.

For more information on the different types of boards, watch the Flow snowboard overview video: HERE

Whether you choose our traditional lace boot in our Vega or step up to the next level with our selection of BOA closure boots, Flow boots are the best fitting boots out of the box. Find the boot that fits you best and for your riding style. New boot technology such as BareFoot Technology, as well as advances in closure systems and insoles & outsoles offers you a perfect fit. Please browse through our entire line of Flow boots.

For more information on boots, watch the Flow boot overview video: HERE

When selecting a bindings, Flow offers a variety of options from beginner bindings, to bindings that vary in response & stiffness depending on the needs of the rider. Our Flite, Five or Haylo bindings are a great option for an entry level binding. Flow’s Fuse, Fuse_GT, Minx or Minx-GT bindings are a great option for riders looking for a responsive feel with flex. Our higher end NX2-GT, NX2 & Isis bindings are our most responsive and stiffest bindings in our line. To find the correct bindings for you, please browse through our entire line of Flow bindings.

For more information on bindings, watch the Flow bindings overview video: HERE

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3. Baggage

Whether you are just hitting the local resort, or heading off into the slack or backcountry, you need to make sure you have a backpack to carry all the essentials. Check out our variety of different Flow backpacks.

Board Bags & Luggage:
A great way to keep all your hard gear and soft goods organized is to grab some snowboard specific luggage to store all the gear you accumulate. When travelling via car or plane, having everything organized and packed is essential. A boardbag is also a great way to protect your snowboard gear, as well as the inside of your car. Check out our variety of different Flow luggage bags.

Flow Snowboarding 101 is a basic outline of what is needed to go snowboarding. Do you think we left anything out? Let us know, we are trying to educate. We will be continuing on this series in order to help bring the new generation of snowboarders to the next level.We all started riding somewhere.

Where did you start snowboarding? Do you have any photos? Share your photos with us on social media by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and tag us. You can also enter your photos to Flow Snowboarding’s Photo of the Month contest: CLICK HERE

7 Questions With Drayden Gardner On Canada

“I met Tim Bouvette when he came to ride Bear Mountain. He lives up there in Three Rivers, Canada. He invited me to come up and invite any friends that I wanted to bring to film. I called Jed Sky because he kills it in street too and he’s a lot of fun to ride with. Tim has put a lot into his two year movie project and it was such an honor to be invited to be in it. He is an amazing filmer and rider.” -Drayden Gardner

Drayden Garnder, Jed Sky, Flow Snowboarding, Flow, Flow Snowboards, Flow Bindings, Quebec

How long were you guys out in Canada?

I was there for two full weeks. Jed was there for about a week.

Where did Bouvette, Sky and you  go?

We started in Montreal and moved around Canada to Quebec, Quebec City, Ottawa and Three Rivers. We stayed in hotels and packed into a little tiny car with all our gear. It was so much fun.

What spots did you hit up?

We hit some pretty famous spots and some secret spots too. You may have seen a few spots in past movies like Deja Vu or Video Grass. Pretty much anything we could find though.

Drayden Gardner, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow, Flow Bindings

Who were you out there filming with?

It was me, Tim, Jed, and Simon mostly and sometimes a couple other of Tim’s friends.

Best day riding out there?

I would have to say my best day was the day we hit the red wall ride. It was so sick!

Drayden Gardner, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Mammoth, Mammoth Mountain, Canada, Snowboarding

Where are you guys headed now?

I just finished Rev Tour on Mammoth Mountain and now I’m actually heading back to Canada. I just booked a last minute trip for another two weeks of filming with Tim. Part Deux! Haha…

Any events, filming coming up you’d like to mention?

This next two week trip to Canada and then I’m in the Park Fab Vegas Rail Jam on March 6th & 7th. After that I do the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, JLA Banked Slalom, Volcom PBRJ Finals and I think I’m gonna hit up Austria and Australia this summer.

You can also read about the Canada trip through Jed Sky’s eyes, 7 Questions with Jed Sky on Canada: HERE

Have any of you headed north of the border to do any snowboarding? We would love to see your photos and videos. Engage with us on Social Media. Post the videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Drayden Gardner

Jed Sky

Flow Snowboarding

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Top 10 Resort Snow Base Depth In December

More storms have hit North America and Flow Snowboarding wants you to know where the powder is collecting. California finally received a good snow storm, but trails the rest of the nation, by far in the early season. This beast of a storm coming in may change that. But for December week two (as of 12/9/14) here is a list of 10 resorts that are currently leading the early season snow levels with their reported resort base depths. Let’s see if your home resort made the top ten.

10. Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area
Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area is currently reporting between a 24″-52″ base depth. Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area is located within Three Rivers Park District Hyland Lake Park Reserve, minutes from the Mall of America, just south of Interstate 494 and Highway 100 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Hyland is known for some of the best snowmaking and grooming in the Midwest and its terrain park is full of progressive and innovative features. The 1,000-acre park reserve features extensive winter recreational activities including lighted cross-country ski trails, snowshoe trails and a Nordic ski jumping complex. The ski area has a top elevation of 1075 ft. that is served by 8 different lifts day and night. Hyland is recognized nationally for one of the finest snow sports academies, with over 325 instructors and programs for every level of skier or rider.

Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area
8800 Chalet Road
Bloomington, Minnesota 55438

9. Sugar Mountain Resort
Sugar Mountain Resort is currently reporting a 16″-54″ base depth. Sugar Mountain Resort is located in Banner Elk, North Carolina, and is open for day and night skiing and ridin, along with ice skating and tubing. The resort features 125 acres of skiable terrain. The 21 slopes are serviced by 4 double chairs, 1 triple chair, 1 tow (for the terrain park), 2 magic carpets (for 1 beginner area, 1 – tubing). For the ultra motivated, 15 of the slopes are typically lit for night snowboarding.

Sugar Mountain Resort
1009 Sugar Mountain Dr
Banner Elk, North Carolina 28604

8. Mount Bachelor
Mount Bachelor is reporting a 29″-54″ base depth at resort level. Mount Bachelor is located in central Oregon, approximately 22 miles (35 km) west of Bend, along the Century Drive Highway. The ski runs are on the northern face of Mount Bachelor, a stratovolcano built atop a volcanic shield in the Cascade Range. It is the largest ski resort (by area) by more than 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) in Oregon, the second largest single-mountain ski resort in the U.S. (behind Vail) and the sixth largest of all ski resorts in the nation. Mount Bachelor offers one of the nation’s longest ski seasons, mid-November through the end of May (weather permitting)

Mount Bachelor
13000 SW Century Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702

7. Snowshoe Mountain Resort
Snowshoe Mountain Resort is reporting a 32″-56″ base depth. Snowshoe Mountain Resort is located in Snowshoe, West Virginia. The resort has skiable terrain across 244 acres (98.74 ha) and covers a total area of 11,000 acres (4,452 ha) in the Allegheny Mountains, which are a part of the vast Appalachian Mountain Range. It is positioned in the bowl shaped convergence of two mountains, Cheat and Back Allegheny, at the head of the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River. Snowshoe is home to the second highest point in the state and the peak elevation for Cheat Mountain, at Thorny Flat, which reaches 4,848 feet (1,478 meters) above sea level.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort
10 Snowshoe Drive
Snowshoe, West Virginia 26209

6. Nub’s Nob Hill Ski Area
Nub’s Nob Hill Ski Area is celebrating their 57th season in Harbor Springs, Michigan with a 58″ reported base depth. Nub’s Nob Hill offers 53 ski slopes and trails on 3 separate peaks. It is the only Midwestern ski area to be ranked among North America’s biggest and best ski resorts ever. The resort has a 427ft elevation drop with the base at 911ft with the top at 1338ft, with the longest run at 7/8 of a mile. Totaling 53 runs, including 12 runs on Pintail Peak, 9 experts only, 8 most difficult, 21 more difficult, 15 easiest, and three award winning terrain parks. Lifts access 248 acres of slopes with 9 chairlifts, one rope tow, and a handle tow: Three quads, four triples, two doubles, one rope tow and one handle tow (servicing the terrain park).

Nub’s Nob Hill Ski Area
500 Nubs Nob Road
Harbor Springs, MI 49740

5. Silverton Mountain
Silverton Mountain is reporting a 60″ base as Silverton, Colorado breaks into the top ten ski resorts for powder. Avalanche gear is required to ride the lift at all times due to the unpatrolled and ungroomed nature of Silverton. In addition to Silverton Mountain’s 1,819 acres of lift accessed skiing, Silverton also serves as a base area for over 22,000 acres of helicopter accessed skiing.


Silverton Mountain Resort
6226 County Road 110
Silverton, CO 81433

4. Buck Hill
Buck Hill is currently reporting a 24″-60″ base depth. Buck Hill is celebrating their 60th anniversary. Located in the north central United States, in the city of Burnsville, Minnesota, a suburb south of Minneapolis. Buck Hill opened in 1954 and offers ski, snowboard, and tubing trails. Buck Hill faces east, overlooking the adjacent Interstate 35. The ski area is lighted for night skiing, and operates three chairlifts (2 quads, 1 triple) and multiple surface tows. The base area consists of a parking lot and a short strip of lodges. The ski runs use the east face of the physical hill, with the other sides occupied by residential housing, and a municipal water tower sharing the summit. The vertical drop of the ski area is a modest 262 feet (80 m).

Buck Hill
15400 Buck Hill Rd
Burnsville, Minnesota

3. Wild Mountain
Wild Mountain is reporting a 24″-64″ base depth. Wild Mountain is located in Amador Township, Chisago County, near Taylors Falls, Minnesota. It features 26 runs, including 4 terrain parks, which include jumps, rails, boxes, quarter-pipes and half-pipes, which are both man made and natural. The site is also the first ski and snowboard resort in the Midwest to open every year. Wild Mountain is located one hour northeast of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. It is located 7 miles north of Taylors Falls. From North Branch you can take interstate 35. The resort lies on the eastern bank of the scenic St. Croix River and has many tall bluffs and hills next to its shores, some being 300–400 feet tall.

Wild Mountain
37200 Wild Mountain Rd
Taylors Falls, Minnesota
(651) 465-6315

2. Owl’s Head 
Owl’s Head in Mansonville, Quebec is reporting 24″-71″ inches at the resort level. Rising majestically on the western shore of Lake Memphremagog in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the mountain’s beauty dramatically enhances the famous and familiar Saint-Benoît-du-Lac monastery’s backdrop.The mountain stands at 1772ft with over 130 acres of terrain plus glades covering up to 33 acres. Owl’s Head’s 8 chairlifts; 4 quads (3 high-speed detachable), 3 doubles, 1 magic carpet provide an uphill capacity of more than 14,400 skiers and riders per hour.

Owl’s Head
40 Chemin du Mont Owls Head
Mansonville, Quebec J0E 1X0, Canada

1. Trollhaugen
Trollhaugen in Dresser, Wisconsin is leading the pack in base depth, reporting 72″ at the upper resort. Trollhaugen offers NASTAR (National Standard Race) events throughout the season. Trollhaugen was opened in 1950. It is one of the longest running snow sports resorts in the midwest. It began with one tow rope and three slopes. By 1956 Trollhaugen provided skiers with five tow ropes and six slopes. It also had a chalet to provide some hospitality. Trollhaugen also offers night riding, on 260 vertical feet, 90 skiable acres, with the longest run measuring 2500 feet. Terrain is accessed by 10 lifts; 7 tow ropes, 2 quad lifts and 1 dual lift.

2232 100th Ave
Dresser, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Trollhaugen, Quebec’s Owl’s Head and Minnesota’s Wild Mountain are the top early season bases being reported. If any of you are at these resorts in the top ten, we would love to see the real thing. Please share your photos with us on social media by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and tag us.

Kickstarter for Definition: Snowboarding a Film by Matt Devino

Definition: Snowboarding is a feature length documentary about what snowboarding means to those who live it. Filmmaker Matt Devino is currently running a Kickstarter to get the project off the ground. This documentary film project explores the definition of snowboarding from the perspective of those who live it.

The film has been a passion project of Devino’s for the past year, working on it without any funding of any kind. The goal of Definition: Snowboarding is to show the public just how amazing Snowboarding is, hopefully inspiring people to go snowboarding for the first time, and reinvigorating people who already ride to get out there and ride their boards.

Devino has been interviewing some of Snowboarding’s biggest names for the film, filming snowboarding footage exclusively for the film, and now it’s time to raise funds to complete the film. Devino need funds for things such as travel to locations to film exciting new Snowboarding footage exclusively for the film, and paying for camera crew and editor time. This round of funding is looking exclusively for production funds so Devino can get out there and film some amazing footage for the film this winter. Definition: Snowboarding will be an in-depth look into all of the genres of snowboarding through the eyes of those who live it.

“We plan to create a film with the support of core snowboarding that will welcome the general public into our lives,” said Devino, “…and to share the complete picture of riding rather that just the homogenized competitive X Games style of riding most people associate with snowboarding. Ultimately, we want to inspire new people to go snowboarding for the first time, and reinvigorate current riders to get out there and enjoy their boards more often and continue to live the dream.”

Definition: Snowboarding is two year project to be released in the Fall of 2015. It will include dozens of interviews and document all aspects of riding and the lifestyle that encompasses it. Interviews will be shot over the course of 2014, and exclusive riding footage will be shot during the winter of 2014/2015.

For more information on the film Definition: Snowboarding please visit:

For more information on filmmaker Matt Devino please visit:

Flow Snowboarding is excited about how this film is coming together. It speaks the common thread within snowboarding that ties us all together. Let us know what you think of the film trailer on Social media.

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Tim Humphreys Mammoth Edit: Heckler Magazine

Now that chair lifts are spinning in North America once again, it is time to start raising the stoke level. Make sure you have your gear in order, your board is nicely tuned and waxed and everything is situated for you to run to the hills when your time comes.

Check out this exclusive edit filmed last winter at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s Unbound Main Park. This 2014 with a GoPro featuring Tim Humphreys is brought to you by Heckler Magazine. You can find this edit and a write up on Humphreys on page 56 of the Heckler Digital Magazine Volume 2.1. Let Humpy and Heckler Magazine know what you think of the edit by reaching out via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.