Flow Contributing Artist: Kris Markovich

Flow Snowboarding Contributing Artist- Kris Markovich Art
The name Kris Markovich is always assimilated with dominant street skating. However, he is also an extremely well-known and talented artist. Like his skating, Kris’ art is raw, pure, and an extension of his personality. Kris joined Flow to put his artistic touch on the Verve and Velvet model. Needless to say, the project was a success.

Kris’ Story:

Skateboarding and Art

From his humble beginnings in Florida, Kris was always drawn to things that involved creativity. While his other friends were surfing, Kris chose to skate. This was due mainly to his parents forbidding him to go to the beach without their supervision. Yet Kris made the best out of the situation and was immediately hooked on skateboarding. Kris’ love for art soon followed. Kris viewed art and skateboarding as an extension of his creativity. The two went hand-in-hand as Kris would customize his skate decks with his own artistic expression. Both Art and Skateboarding became the ultimate release of self-expression and creativity for Kris.

Kris and Flow:

Flow’s Contributing Artist Program

When Flow created their Contributing Artist Program, it was a no-brainer to include Kris Markovich. Flow has been a fan of both Kris’ skateboarding and art for years. The style and function of the Verve and Velvet mirrored the style of Kris and his art. The smooth, mellow, and skatey feel of both the models were a perfect match for Kris’ art. The Verve and Velvet are favorites of Flow riders and highly recommended.

– Check out the Flow Verve and Flow Velvet

Kris Markovich is just one of Flow’s Contributing Artists. Check out Flow’s Website to see the other Contributing Artist Models.

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