Tim Humphreys in Something But Nothing – Grow Up Productions

Flow Snowboarding invites you to enjoy this killer video from Grow Up Productions filmed and edited by Wojtek Targosz (@wojt3k on Instagram) entitled Something But Nothing. This was compiled over the 2013-14 winter and features Tim Humphreys, Jordan Nield, Aspen Weaver, Ben Wynn, Nial Romanek, Andrew Brewer, Mark Hoyt, BJ Linne, Nils Alrvidsson, Codey Ellison, Nicki Wiess,

All these videos from last winter is getting us excited for the 2014-15 winter, which is getting underway. Have you hit the hill yet? Where? Let us know! Share your snowboarding photos with us by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.


Flow and NXTZ Battle of the Brands

Flow and NXTZ Teamed up together for Superpark 16 up at Mt Bachelor, Oregon this past May.  This year Snowboarder Mag is having a Battle of the Brands Video Edit Contest and Flow was very happy to work with Legendary  Snowboard Cinematographer Chris Brunkhart.  Chris hails from back in the day and when I say back in the day I mean back in the 90’s.  He’s worked with everyone from Jamie Lynn to Craig Kelly and he returns into the snowboard scene after too long of a hiatus to work with Flow Snowboarding.  We can’t wait to premiere the almost seven minute long edit on SnowboarderMag.com, look for the comp to start June 18th.

Craig Kelly
Craig Kelly
Who is Chris?  Well listen to what METHOD MAG had to say…

Nobody has visualized snowboarding quite like Chris Brunkhart. Few people have traveled and ridden the world with its legends, not just as photographer but also as friend. Even fewer possess the talent that charges Chris’ photos with a hypnotizing potential to put us there, to feel snowboarding.

Because of his photos’ success, Chris too is a legend in snowboarding. Today his camera is focused on other themes, but when documenting snowboarding in the 1990s his mission was to present what he saw as a snowboarding photojournalist — to tell a story about snowboarding, using its most talented riders as characters. His recently published book, How Many Dreams in the Dark?, is a visual collection of stories from the hardcore, underground days when ski resorts scowled at us, the Olympics left us alone and a punk kind of energy flowed through snowboarding on the mountain and off, on the road, wherever we were.

After a decade of silence, Chris has finally invited us to open our eyes again and revisit those moments of snowboarding’s fermentation. Wander through Chris’ book and you will see where snowboarding comes from. These images are universal, timeless, just pure moments of snowboarding that resonate within us, inspire us to round up the crew and go ride. What follows is a glimpse

How many dreams in the dark? Chris Brunkhardt


(How Many Dreams in the Dark?, by Chris Brunkhart, 2010. 208 pages, hardback, printed in USA, $65 USD. Book and custom prints available internationally at www.gamafunction.com/dreams


SNOWBOARDER Magazine Announces 2012 Superpark Battle Of The Brands Presented By Gatorade

Superpark 16 Presented By Gatorade once again brought together the building efforts of the best terrain park crews in the world and the riding abilities of snowboarding’s top freestyle pros. For five days in May, over 250 renowned icons of shred including Halldór Helgason, Danny Kass, Tyler Flanagan, Sage Kotsenberg, Romain De Marchi, Phil Jacques, Josh Dirksen, Gjermund Bråten, Bjorn Leines, Chris Bradshaw, Joe Sexton, Zac Marben, Sebastien Toutant, Andreas Wiig and Forest Bailey lapped Mt Bachelor’s Sunrise Chair sliding, launching, slashing, and stomping for the lenses of over 60 invited videographers. In addition to the daily edits released during the event on www.snowboardermag.com and the footage stacked for the requisite video parts, all of the best Superpark 16 action will be broadcast in SNOWBOARDER’s new Battle Of The Brands Video Showdown. Starting on June 18th, 2012 the Superpark 16 footage compiled by over a dozen renowned pro teams will be matched against each other in a head-to-head social media melee to see which company’s squad captured the shots most capable of winning over the public’s hearts, minds, and most importantly, computer monitors.


Flow World Freeride Championships

The WFC qualifiers were yesterday, under blue bird skies, pleasant temps, solid spectatorship and higher than preferred avy danger to keep it exciting. The Flow team STACKED the line up – 8 or 9 in total.

Flow Snowboarding Team

Stand out moments:
-Max Zipser and Mikey B’s line selection
-Max’s poised and fluid second run
-Scotty Lago’s HUGE method off the biggest cornice. In fact, in his two runs, Scotty landed 3 air and made only 1 run. Impossible? Nope, I swear, he straight lined Bro Bowl
-Nathalie’s runs. Her first was smooth as hell. Her second, umm, it was the same as Basich’s!
-Sarka Pancachova going only 3 feet shorted off Scotty’s same cornice. Then landing, then getting her feet swept out by an avalanche then standing up, then disappearing, then getting back to her feet, then joining the group with a freakin smile. The crowd screamed when she waved her hands that she was ok.
-Celia Miller stepping outside her comfort zone, staying on her feet, and riding with composure
-Jordan Nield had one squeaky run & then one where he did a method and pointed it down the face
-Shin Biyajima from Japan The crowd cheering for Shin – he’s the “new” legend
-Micah dominating, all in the name of Aaron Robinson and always with the most sincere appreciation towards Flow. He threw a back three off a huge cliff and a huge straight air off a 60 footer into 8th place getting him into the finals tomorrow via heli.

The top 12 list and the top eight men advance to the finals.

Stay tuned…

Words by Brooke Summers


Jordan Nield Superpass Podium
Jordan is going to Superpark this spring.

Photos: Kyle Beckmann
Words & captions: Drew Amer

This past Sunday, February 12th, the Superpass Series made its third stop at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and Sierra-at-Tahoe had more than enough snow to put together an amazing course. Tahoe’s best showed up to battle it out for an invite to Superpark 16.

Divided into three zones, Zone 1 featured two jibs; a flat-to-down rail and a large pole jam. Both features were situated on a 6 foot high step-down platform, which allowed competitors to either gap to the down portion of the rail, or send it off the pole jam. Zone 2 featured a perfectly sculpted 55 foot jump, where some of the more technical tricks of the Superpass Series thus far were put down. Zone 3 was a large hip, which could be hit either as a right-sided hip, or could be taken deep to the backside. It was a perfect setup for Superpass, built by one of the best terrain park crews in the country.

In the end, it was the death-defying stunting of Jordan Nield that earned a first place finish, along with an invite to Superpark 16. With several spin variations onto the rail, deep airs on the jump, and multiple double backflip attempts over the hip, Jordan had the crowd and competitors alike cheering. Here he one foots his way to victory…