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Flow Snowboarding Tim Humphreys Era Snowboard Contest

Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away An Era Snowboard
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, January 13th, 2015- Flow Snowboarding

Flow Snowboarding is giving away an Era snowboard this month, with the winner being selected on January 31st. In order to enter the contest, please use the application located on Flow Snowboarding’s Facebook page or the links below. The Era snowboard is the board of choice for freestyle riders like Tim Humphreys, Drayden Gardner, Nathan Jacobson and Dru Williams. A true twin, true hybrid rocker for all things fun.

A classic already, the Era is an all-mountain dream board that handles freestyle to pow to groomers. Soft, responsive, agile and just plain fun; the Era is nothing short of perfect. A true twin shape with our I-Rock Hybrid rocker makes pressing a pleasure popping off hits has never been so fun. The sintered base will allow you to hold your speed and the 3-DT sidecut will be your wingman on any run. This is one of Flow’s best boards to date.

Flow Snowboarding Era Snowboard Giveaway Contest Links For Social Media:

Twitter: http://bit.ly/flow-tw-bl-winanera
Facebook: http://bit.ly/flow-fb-bl-winanera
Google+ http://bit.ly/flow-gp-bl-winanera

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Tim Humphreys Versus United Airlines On Twitter

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Tim Humphreys was having a travel hiccup using United Airlines yesterday and decided to contact them on the phone. Most of us have all been there. On the phone for an unknown length of time, trying to get your travel arrangements squared away. The music comes on… you sway to it, even though you hate the melody. Something has to be done about bad hold music. Humphreys was over the music, for sure. He felt United needed a lesson on automated phone etiquette.

After being on hold a while (it happens…) and having to deal with the selection of on hold music, Humphreys decided to have a little fun with United Airlines on Twitter. You can follow Tim Humphreys on his twitter at @TimJumphreys

Humphreys started the conversation with:

@TimJumphreys@United your phone hold music makes me want to stab my ears with steak knives. The crackling, the extra high pitch, the volume changing…

@United@TimJumphreys We don’t like the sound of this. Is there something we can assist you with today? Thanks. ^EY

@TimJumphreys@United new hold music that doesn’t hurt to listen to would be pretty awesome!

After Humphreys last tweet to United, it took another 45 minutes or so on hold to speak with someone. While he was waiting, a few fans decided to weigh in on his situation. United finally responded on Twitter to Humphrey’s heckle close to 10 hours later.

Travelling can be a trying experience at times. Have you read the blog on planning a snowboarding trip? You can read it: HERE 

Flow Snowboarding would like to say that the choice of hold music on the phone in no way reflects the service that United, American, Jet Blue, Frontier, Southwest, Alaskan, Star Tours, Virgin, Easy Jet, Malaysian Airlines… (or any airline) provides when getting us to the mountains we love to ride. Without them, we would be driving a lot more.

What is your favorite airline to use when travelling? Any more travel tips you would like to share with us here at Flow Snowboarding? Connect with us via Social Media and let us know. Please use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow

Tim Humphreys in Something But Nothing – Grow Up Productions

Flow Snowboarding invites you to enjoy this killer video from Grow Up Productions filmed and edited by Wojtek Targosz (@wojt3k on Instagram) entitled Something But Nothing. This was compiled over the 2013-14 winter and features Tim Humphreys, Jordan Nield, Aspen Weaver, Ben Wynn, Nial Romanek, Andrew Brewer, Mark Hoyt, BJ Linne, Nils Alrvidsson, Codey Ellison, Nicki Wiess,

All these videos from last winter is getting us excited for the 2014-15 winter, which is getting underway. Have you hit the hill yet? Where? Let us know! Share your snowboarding photos with us by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.

Tim Humphreys In Sammy Carlson’s Teton Gravity Research Film The Sammy C Project

Tim Humphreys was filming this summer with his good friend Sammy Carlson and the cats at Teton Gravity Research for their new film The Sammy C Project, which is set to be released next year. Check out the teaser here.

“If ya don’t know, now ya know,” said Tim Humphreys.  “I spent some time at Hood this summer filming with Sammy Carlson after superpark to start stacking shots for his 2 year movie project with Teton Gravity Research. The Sammy C Project is set to be released fall 2015, and will feature both french frying and mozzarella sticking from the likes of Dane Tudor Alex Schlopy Kazuhiro Kokubo and myself! It is all filmed by Drew Lederer.”

Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.

Flow Tailgate Alaska 2013 Edit

To get you through these summer months, lets have a throwback to Flow Tailgate Alaska 2013. Watch Flow’s Mike Basich, Tim Humphreys, Shin Biyajima, and Jason Gretzinger they make the Mission up to the 49th State for Flow Tailgate Alaska. This video was filmed & edited by Wojtek Targosz of Grow Up Productions.


Flow Tailgate AK is a World Freeride Festival that takes place deep in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. It consists of Snow Science Classes, Man Games, Parties, Snowmobiling, Heli Boarding, Backcountry Lines for days and not to mention THE best Powder and Mountains in the world.

Have any of you had the dream fulfilled of riding in Alaska? We’d love to hear about it, or better yet… post your pictures. Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.