FLOW-HOW: How-To Find the Correct Snowboard Stance

FLOW-HOW How-To Find the Correct Snowboard StancePhoto: Egan Gleason
Finding the correct stance on your board is one of the most important factors in snowboarding. A good stance on your board helps with balance, control, and comfort. Flow is here to help you with the necessary steps to finding your correct stance.

Things that you will need:

– Your Snowboard (without the bindings mounted on)
– Your Bindings
– A Tape Measure
– Masking Tape

Find your Stance: Goofy vs. Regular

If you have ever done any type of board sport (i.e. surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding) then you’re in luck! You snowboard the same way, either goofy footed or regular. Goofy footed is with your left foot on the tail side of your board, while regular is with your right foot on the tail side.

You want your strong / dominant foot in the back. Imagine that you are going to kick a soccer ball really hard, Which foot would you use? Chances are, the foot you kick with is you dominant & back foot.

Find the Correct Binding Angle & Width:

Lay your snowboard on a soft carpeted floor. Stand on the board as if you were preparing to ride down the hill. You want an athletic stance where you feel balanced and in control. If your feet are too close together, then you will have little to no balance. If your stance is too wide, then you will be uncomfortable. Find a happy medium. Everyone’s stance is unique, so it is important to find your own stance that works for you.

Once you have found a comfortable width in your stance, take the tape measure and note how far your feet are apart from each other. The next step is finding the correct binding angle. When you snowboard, it is very unlikely to have a completely parallel stance. Most boarders have some sort of duck stance (Duck Stance is a stance with your toes pointed slightly outward). The angle is different for everyone. A common angle is between 10 & 15 degrees on your front foot with zero to 5 degrees on your back foot. Stand on the board with your feet angled to your desire and use the masking tape to mark the angle that your feet are pointing. Each Flow Binding comes with a disc that has marked degrees where you can adjust to your liking. Find your desired angles and prepare to set the bindings up.

Putting it all together:

Use the masking tape that is already marked on your board to match the correct angle with your binding and disc. Put the disc in your Flow Binding with the correct degrees that you have chosen. Then use the tape measure to map out how far you want your stance to be apart. Set the bindings in a correct location then mount them to your board.

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