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Check Out the Flow Team tearing it up last year in Keystone Colorado. Featured Riders Tim Humphreys, Celia Miller, Sarka Pancochova, & more!

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5 ways to recuperate after snowboarding flow how how to snowboarding flow photo/ sunn kim

Photo: Sunn Kim

A day of snowboarding can take a lot out of you, especially if you took a few spills. Flow is here to help you with 5 easy ways that you can recuperate your body and be ready to get back on the mountain the very next day.

#1) Stretch

After a full day of snowboarding, your muscles can feel tight, sore, and de-oxygenated. While most people think that stretching is only good for before activities, it is also just as important to stretch after exercising. Stretching can loosen your muscles as well as put much needed oxygen back into them. A quick 15 minute stretch can make a huge difference in the way that your body will feel the next day.

#2) Eat Pineapple

This is a strange step, but it works. Pineapple works as a natural Ibuprofen and will ease your body of soreness and pain. It contains Bromelain which reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain in the body. Instead of popping a bunch of Advil, eat pineapple instead.

#3) Hydrate

After a day on the mountain, we normally want to have a few beers and that is okay. However, it’s also smart to mix in a few waters. A full day of snowboarding can rob your muscles of necessary water and minerals. Be sure to replenish your body with some good old fashioned H2O!

#4) Eat a Full Dinner

You had a tough day snowboarding, reward yourself with a full meal. Many athletes “Carbo-load” before a race, game, etc. so you should too! These Carbohydrates will give you the necessary energy to get on the mountain the next day and you’ll need all of the energy that you can get.

#5) Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

Probably the best step of the whole process. Going in a jacuzzi or hot tub is awesome. Hot water and jets help relax your muscles and loosen them easing any tension or pain. Plus, it feels amazing after snowboarding.
If you follow these 5 steps then there is no reason you won’t be fully prepared to take on back-to-back days of snowboarding. For more information on everything snowboarding connect with us on social media!


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Tim Humphreys new North Star edit. GoPro selfies and shredding. Enjoy!

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After three times on the Podium, it’s time to go Snowboarding. Swiss Flow Team rider Kaspar Hösli presents a new edit from his last day’s in Laax.


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Check out this awesome interview with Legend Roan Rogers and what he thinks about Flow Snowboards and products.

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Flow’s Jed Sky Spinning right round while also snowboarding!

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10 things you need to start snowboarding - how to snowboard - flow

Packing for your day on the mountain can be extremely stressful. Forgetting essential items on the mountain is a common pitfall of snowboarders both skilled and novice. Not having an item as simple as snowboard socks can ruin a perfect day on the mountain. This week’s “Flow-How” will assist you in remembering to pack the essentials and help take the hassle out of this burdensome experience.

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November 20, 2013

Flow Snowboarding at Mammoth’s Opening Weekend 2013-2014 from FLOW SNOWBOARDING on Vimeo.

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November 6, 2013

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Micah Hoogeveen 2012-2013 from Micah Hoogeveen on Vimeo.

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