Flow Snowboarding representing at the Dutch Championships

Last week was a big event for our Dutch riders at the Dutch championships in Laax.


They where all there riding 3 events:

-Big Air on Tuesday

-Halfpipe on Thursday

-Slopestyle on Friday


There where 3 age category’s:

-Joey van de Noort and Frits Rijpers competed in the Under 13

-Ziggey van Bouwhorst and Erik Bastiaansen where competing in the under 16

-Jazzley van Bouwhorst was competing in the under 19


And they all won some prizes, on the big air Joey and Ziggey where crowned Dutch champion, while Erik grabbed 2nd place behind Ziggey. Frits and Jazzley both grabbed a bronze medal. All and all a great start for our riders!!!

Next day halfpipe, this is the hardest event for the Dutch kids because there is no way to practice in Holland. This did not stop the boys, they all performed at their very best and this brought them some great results. For the second day in a row Ziggey became Dutch champion and Erik finished in 2nd place behind him again. Joey grabbed a Bronze medal in his Category.

The Final day Slopestyle, unfortunately Frits had gotten a serious case off the flew but he had to compete. Well done Fristi!!! Joey grabbed his second titel with a clean run, in the under 16 category Erik, after finishing 2nd twice, finally beat Ziggey (2nd) grabbing his first Dutch titel. Jazzley beiing one of the youngest kids in his category did an awesome job grabbing his second bronze medal.


Meanwhile our Belgian Youth riders where at Montafon riding a Chill and Destroy contest, they both did great Stef Vandeweyer taking home 3rd place and Jordy Keesmeekers beiing the winner