Flow’s Overson Twins, Jon & Erik, ripping at Park City and Brighton. Filmer: Seamus Foster

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Snowboarding can often be misunderstood. People often view it as a leisure activity instead of a sport. In some cases, that is true. However, snowboarding can be both physically and mentally taxing on the body. Flow is here with Tips to stay in peak snowboarding condition!

1) Running / Cardio

You may think that snowboarding is simply riding down a hill, but you’ll soon find out that it is actually a great workout in itself. Your whole body is constantly working as you’re having fun. Your legs, calves, and ankles are being strengthened as well as your core. Through running and other cardio exercises, you can increase your endurance and have enough energy to get in extra runs. While others are running out of stamina, you’ll have more runs to yourself. Cardio also helps you from getting tired in the thin mountain air.

2) Yoga

We know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t yoga meant for good looking girls in tight pants?” No….Well, yes but it is also good for snowboarders. Yoga is widely used by top athletes and incorporated into their daily training regimens.  Yoga increases flexibility as well as mental health. Yoga is also one of the top ways to prevent injuries. It keeps you loose, strong, and flexible on the mountain.

3) Eat Healthy

We’re not judging, We here at Flow are also guilty of drinking beer & eating cheeseburgers but it will eventually catch up to you. We’re just saying, it can’t hurt to mix in a salad or Acai Bowl (If you don’t know what an Acai Bowl is look HERE, they’re incredible).

4) Cross-Training Board Sports

Surfing, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding are all different but they do all share core board sport fundamentals. They all help you increase balance, core strength, reaction time, and are all really fun to do. You can’t be on the mountain everyday, so it is important to get your boarding fix somewhere else. Even Indo Boards help with training. Keep any type of board under your feet and it will help.

5) Snowboard

Nothing can recreate snowboarding, so the #1 thing that you can do to help your snowboarding is to snowboard. Snowboarding is an intense workout in itself. The items listed above are simply to help you better prepare for the mountain and to not feel rusty. Incorporate all of these items into your weekly routine, and we guarantee you’ll feel a difference.


Go Snowboard!


-Come join us at Flow!



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It is impossible to be on the mountain 24/7. That is why there is Snowboarding Movies to keep us from going crazy in between sessions. Snowboard movies can serve a magnitude of purposes. They can pump us up before a session, entertain us during downtime, make us wish it was Winter during Summer, as well as many other things. Flow has compiled our own list of the Top 5 Must Watch Snowboarding Movies. They’re in no particular order, just our Top 5.  [click to continue…]

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Road Trips are a necessity for any snowboarder. Anything from a day trip to a week long adventure, road trips are a part of the snowboarding experience. Flow is here with a few tips to help your road trip experience go as smooth as possible.

Pick the correct amount of people & the correct people

Ever heard of the expression “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians?”. Road Tripping with too many people is a perfect example. Every person added to the trip is one more voice and one more opinion. Picking a few good friends that share your opinions is a wise choice for any Road Tripper.

Pack Accordingly

The Big Item here is snow chains. Driving on icy roads means that you need chains. Make sure you buy them before you get to icy conditions, the gas stations know that people need chains and they’ll charge you an arm & a leg for them.

-You will also need all of the snowboarding essentials. See Flow’s List of Snowboard essentials HERE.  [click to continue…]

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Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile Mike Basich
Mike Basich is as rugged as they come. He is a modern day mountain man. He can update his Instagram while in remote Alaskan Backcountry. All he needs is the bare essentials; his Flow Snowboarding gear, an avalanche kit, and a GoPro. While most of us are dreaming of these adventures, Mike Basich is living it.

BackCountry Exploration

Favorite thing about Backcountry

“Quiet, No tracks, and nobody telling you where to go!”

How has GoPro changed the way you share your snowboarding?

“GoPro has saved my back, I used to haul around a 40 lb backpack, now my pack doesn’t even know there is a camera in it. That’s for sure one of the best parts. Quality with it has been great too in such a small package. I ride with the camera more, I used to set up things a lot on a tripod.”

Snowboard Projects

What can we expect from Mike Basic This year and your Storm Chasers Project?

“For sure working more and more this year to chase the storms. I’ve been building a new rig on a trailer that I am excited to head to Alaska with this spring.”

What other things can we expect?

“Working on getting more creative with filming, been racing as well with what’s left of winter, such a late start. I’m excited to get some deep days in.”
Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile Mike Basich Snowboarder

10 Words With Mike Basich

Backcountry – Please
GoPro – Get-R-Done
Alaska – Springing for Spring
Snowboarding – Sideways
Pow – Dreamy
Flow Snowboarding – Homies
Area 241 – quietrush
Yeti – Playin
Dog – Partner in Crime
Life – Loving it

Connect with Mike:
Twitter: @area241
Instagram: @mikebasich
Facebook: mikeybasich

Connect with Flow:

-Come join us at Flow!


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FLOW-HOW How-To Find the Correct Snowboard StancePhoto: Egan Gleason
Finding the correct stance on your board is one of the most important factors in snowboarding. A good stance on your board helps with balance, control, and comfort. Flow is here to help you with the necessary steps to finding your correct stance.

Things that you will need:

- Your Snowboard (without the bindings mounted on)
- Your Bindings
- A Tape Measure
- Masking Tape

Find your Stance: Goofy vs. Regular

If you have ever done any type of board sport (i.e. surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding) then you’re in luck! You snowboard the same way, either goofy footed or regular. Goofy footed is with your left foot on the tail side of your board, while regular is with your right foot on the tail side.

You want your strong / dominant foot in the back. Imagine that you are going to kick a soccer ball really hard, Which foot would you use? Chances are, the foot you kick with is you dominant & back foot.

Find the Correct Binding Angle & Width:

Lay your snowboard on a soft carpeted floor. Stand on the board as if you were preparing to ride down the hill. You want an athletic stance where you feel balanced and in control. If your feet are too close together, then you will have little to no balance. If your stance is too wide, then you will be uncomfortable. Find a happy medium. Everyone’s stance is unique, so it is important to find your own stance that works for you.

Once you have found a comfortable width in your stance, take the tape measure and note how far your feet are apart from each other. The next step is finding the correct binding angle. When you snowboard, it is very unlikely to have a completely parallel stance. Most boarders have some sort of duck stance (Duck Stance is a stance with your toes pointed slightly outward). The angle is different for everyone. A common angle is between 10 & 15 degrees on your front foot with zero to 5 degrees on your back foot. Stand on the board with your feet angled to your desire and use the masking tape to mark the angle that your feet are pointing. Each Flow Binding comes with a disc that has marked degrees where you can adjust to your liking. Find your desired angles and prepare to set the bindings up.

Putting it all together:

Use the masking tape that is already marked on your board to match the correct angle with your binding and disc. Put the disc in your Flow Binding with the correct degrees that you have chosen. Then use the tape measure to map out how far you want your stance to be apart. Set the bindings in a correct location then mount them to your board.

-To Learn how to adjust your bindings, Watch Flow’s How-to videos HERE

Connect with us on Social Media and ask us any further questions:

-Come join us and Flow The Feeling!


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Even Yoda Makes an Appearance in this Video!

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