One thought on “MARIO WANGER 2K13 EDIT…

  1. Hello,

    I’m 6 feet tall for 187 lbs and I ride the ABT limited 156 which is exactly the same board as the Rush 156.
    I’m 37 years old and I ride since 1989 for an average of 50 days per year. I ride icy slopes in high speed mode, freestyle backcountry, big mountain, pipe and big table in park. I don’t jib that much anymore as I have a family and I don’t wanna end up at the hospital anymore for a shitty nose press :)

    My feeling about this board : Perfect for my riding style, just an incredible board very reliable at high speed on Switzerland icy slope of this starting winter season. No stress when you need to brake urgently on the ice, you get the necessary support, which allows you to have a lot of fun where ever you want, you just can’t believe it.
    On the slopes’ sides, it very easily goes over the shitty snow, you don’t feel the need to stop to calm down legs’pain.

    It also has a crazy pop… I only tried it on small kickers as there’s not enough snow yet to get huge kickers shaped. Anyway, you feel the beast under your feet. Landing is so fun with this ABT boobie technology, you don’t feel landing impact, it’s absorbed…Strange but very fun actually.

    It really is an incredible board which, IMO, has a lot more to offer when snow conditions will be better.

    Just a tip : you should perfectly center your bindings on it, you’ll feel the boobies and the pop. I did this after my 2nd run and it went better for flat tricks and ollies.

    I’m nobody to say you should buy it, but sincerely it’s worth it. It’s more than a good board and I’m looking forward to try it in backcountry deep powder.

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