Mario Wanger Takes 3rd at the Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest in Slovakia

Hey there

Last week Mario, Stani and myself made our way to a little valley in Slovakia to ride the Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest. it was our first time in Slovkia and we did not know what to expect ..

as we arrived there the first positive thing was that it had tons of snow. so the next day we went for some really fun Treeruns.we loved the really easy going schedule of the competition .. the first training was at night so we had all day to shred


the set up itself was one Big Air. they had some issues with the jump and on the first training it did not work out that well. so it still needed some changes

Big Air Flow Snowboarding

so we only did a couple of trys and then waited for the next day for some changes to be made.

one really weird thing about this country is the food. not that it is really bad, but it made us go more often to the Toilet then we ever did before.. LOL

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

this picture is  a good example.. it was suppposed to be a garlic bread .. it was bread with some garlic on top .. haha

it went actually pretty good for us in the qualification and the semi final so Mario and myself ended up in the finals.. i felt really shit at that point from not eating too much all day and i ended up 10th place .. but mario killed it with some really solid fs 1080 and a bs7 in the final and he got 3rd place .. yeahhhhh boy

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario WangerFlow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

after this was done we where looking forward for some good party in a country where one beer costs approximately 70 cents .. haha .. so it was going to be fun

Flow Snowboard Team Rider Mario Wanger

so thats it for this time ..  we still recover fro the hangover

talk soon

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