Flow Snowboarding: Top 5 Snowboarding Movies

It is impossible to be on the mountain 24/7. That is why there is Snowboarding Movies to keep us from going crazy in between sessions. Snowboard movies can serve a magnitude of purposes. They can pump us up before a session, entertain us during downtime, make us wish it was Winter during Summer, as well as many other things. Flow has compiled our own list of the Top 5 Must Watch Snowboarding Movies. They’re in no particular order, just our Top 5. 

All Quiet on the Western Front

flow snowboarding top snowboard movies of all time snowboarding snowboard
One of the first freestyle snowboarding videos made. This classic movie was before its time. At the time this movie was made, snowboarding was such a small community. If you’re ever wondering the roots of snowboarding, be sure to watch this movie.

New Kids on the Twock

flow snowboarding top snowboard movies new kids on the twock
The essence of 1990’s Snowboarding. New Kids on the Twock was raw. No skinny jeans, just bright colors and awesome snowboarding. This movie is just plain fun. Snowboarding, Parties, and the 90’s all mix together to make a perfect movie. New Kids on the Twock is a Flow favorite.

Hard, Hungry, & Homeless

flow snowboarding top snowboard movies hard, hungry, and homeless
The title says it all. Snowboarders that would do anything to go snowboard. This movie is full of technical handrails and jibs. Featuring plenty of legendary snowboarders including Flow’s own Marketing Manager, Dale Rehberg. Watch this movie and you’re in for a treat.

Subjekt Haankonsen

Flow Snowboarding top 10 snowboard movies subjekt hankonsen
Considered to be one of the most influential snowboarding movies ever made, Subjekt Haankonsen has a cult following in the snowboarding world. Terje Haankonsen is one of the most influential snowboarders within the industry and this flick is a must watch. Released in 1996, this movie is a timeless classic.

The Art of Flight

flow snowboarding top 10 snowboard movies the art of flight.jpg
If you don’t know it by now, Travis Rice is Gnarly. This movie shows the exploration & backcountry side to snowboarding. Being a Red Bull sponsored movie, you know that the production quality is very high. Backcountry, Avalanches, and don’t forget Flow’s Scotty Lago breaking his jaw. What more could you want?


Disagree with our List? Give us your Top 5 List by commenting below, or connecting with us on Social Media.


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