Flow Snowboarding: Tim Humphreys goes off in China during the Nanshan Open

flow snowboarding tim humphreys snowboard china nashan open 2014

Earlier this year, Flow’s Tim Humphreys took a trip to China for the Nanshan Open and needless to say, Tim went off. Tim ended up getting 2nd place in the event and had plenty of time to party and explore China in between. He dropped and amazing GoPro edit (below) today from his explorations. We caught up with Timmy to get his thoughts about China, his latest edit, and the event.

So your edit is pretty sweet, how was the trip to China overall?

Ah thanks!  China was an amazing time.  Lots of people, lots going on.  I got to see Beijing and that wall of theirs for a few days with a great crew of friends before we headed to the mountains.  The 5star Nanshan Open was epic too.  I’m not just saying that because I got 2nd though!  Great atmosphere, really well organized, lots of free time on the course before the contest to just ride, I could go on..

Was China anything like you expected it to be?

Let me tell you.  China definitely delivered!

What was the craziest thing you had happen or saw while you were there?

Definitely the guy driving us around.  0 Fks given.  Passing ferraris on the right in a charter bus in the breakdown lane.  It was some boss shit.  Getting around was always really entertaining.  Everyone went to this huge indoor hot spring place with a pool having lots of little fish that nibble at you while you sit in it.  They only come up if you’re very still and go away when you move.  It was so funny because you could only hold still so long before it felt too crazy and you had to freak out and shake them off.

How was the snowboarding in China? How was the general snowboard culture in China?

The nanshan ski village reminded me a lot of an east coast resort.  All man made snow, but it was still really fun.  It’s a bit (shit ton) more rustic (ghetto) out away from Beijing.  Freestyle Snowboarding (or freestyle anything) is relatively new to china, but it’s been growing and advancing every year.  One of the younger Chinese  guys did really well this year.  I think that snowboarding is a really appealing outlet for anyone looking for a way to express themselves.

Do you want to go back to China and do a more in depth trip at some point?  Do you see potential for some sick riding to go down over there?

China is a big place and I think there is infinite potential out there.  It’s just a matter of finding it and getting to it. There’s a Great Wall sized culture and language barrier, not to say that it’s  impossible to… Get around.  Haha I couldn’t resist!  Maybe someday I’ll return to explore more of what she has to offer.  I only got a small slice last time.




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