Flow Snowboarding Snow Report: The Bombogenesis

Flow Snowboarding Snow report - Ski report - bombogenisis
First the Polar Vortex and now this! The Northeast region of North America is bracing themselves for what some meteorologist believe can be more intense than the Polar Vortex. Washington D.C. could see its biggest storm in 3 years! But enough of that, Where can we go snowboard!?

What areas are experiencing Bombogenesis?

Bombogenesis is currently located in the Northeast Region of the United states. Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., and Boston are just a few of the cities experiencing intense snow and weather. However, even areas in the midwest are experiencing snow because of the Bombogenesis.

Now What do I do?

The most logical answer to this question is simple. GET OUT AND GO SNOWBOARDING! Weather is unpredictable, so it is important to take advantage of fresh pow while it is available.

Where do I go?

To check the snow reports and mountain hours, it is best to refer to a snow report website. At these websites, you can check the snow report by region and also see what mountains are open. These sites are a great way to plan and prepare for your trip to the mountains.

Here are two of the Snow Report Websites:

What do I need?

This colder weather means having the essentials.

-Check our Flow-How post: 10 Things You Need to Snowboard

Get your gear and get out on the mountain!


-Come join us at Flow!

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