Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile: Nathan Jacobson

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Get to know this talented snowboarder

Nathan Jacobson is a true snowboarding talent. Hailing from Bend Oregon, Nathan was born to be a snowboarder and started young learning how to board at Mt. Bachelor. At just 16 years old, Nathan has already competed in the Men’s US Open of Snowboarding against the likes of Scotty Lago & Louie Vito. Nathan has recently joined the US Snowboard Team and is poised to have an amazing start to his snowboarding career. This young snowboarder also had a solid showing at this year’s USASA Nationals in Colorado with a 3rd place in men’s open halfpipe and a 6th in slopestyle. If this is a preview of what is to come, then we are all in for a treat.

Snowboarding Story?

I started skateboarding when I was little and I loved it. Then, all my friends at the skatepark were all snowboarders and saying how much fun it is to snowboard. So I begged my parents to get me a snowboard. On my very first run ever snowboarding, I fell about 80 times and I loved it. What brings me back to the mountain everyday is the excitement of knowing anything is possible to learn. A new trick in 1 day, even in 1 run.

What is Your favorite memory of Snowboarding?

My favorite memory in snowboarding is the first day I learned a double cork because it felt so different than anything I was used to.

Off-Season / Summer Training?

I skateboard, wakeboard, and snowboard at Mt. hood in the summer time.

Plans for the rest of the year?

Travel around with the US team as much as possible and learn a ton of new tricks in the halfpipe.

10 Words with Nathan Jacobson

Oregon: DOPE
Friends: Camping
FLOW: Sick Since 96
US Snowboard Team: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
Slopestyle: Scary
Mike Basich: POW POW
Scotty Lago: halfpipe legend
Halfpipe: the funnest thing out there
Instagram: @nathan_jacobson
Social Media: @sloth_media

Nathan is an awesome snowboarder and person. We look forward to what Nathan will do in the coming years and are certain of his bright future.

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