Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile: Drayden Gardner

flow snowboarding rider profile drayden gardner biography informationPhoto: Jared Meyer

Drayden Gardner is a very talented young snowboarder. At just 14 years old, Drayden is already making a name for himself within the snowboarding world. He is a very driven young man both with snowboarding and his academics. Keep an eye out for Drayden!

Snowboarding Roots

For Drayden, it would have been shocking if he never picked up snowboarding. Coming from deep snowboarding roots, Drayden was destined to have a board under his feet.

“I started when I was like two because my mom and dad were both snowboard instructors” explained Drayden, “That is how they met. Also, my grandpa has been the director of ski patrol for over 40 years at Summit so I was kind of there all the time from the time I was born. I think I was on an 80 as soon as I could walk. The pictures are funny!”


Drayden immediately fell in love with snowboarding for  one simple reason, “It was just so fun!”. The fun that is derived from snowboarding still resonates true to Drayden today. He has taken this love for snowboarding and turned it into a career. This year Drayden got 2nd in slope style and 3rd in pipe at the Burton European Open in Switzerland. Drayden is very grateful for his competitive success and for everything that snowboarding has given him. He has traveled all over the world and even jumped out of a helicopter in New Zealand when he was 12 years old!

Snowboarding Is…

“Everything! It’s what I love to do…that and Skate…and Wakeskate….and Snowskate”

Favorite Quote

“What is today but yesterday’s tomorrow?” – Mr. Crabs

10 Words With Drayden

Snowboarding- Sick
U.S. Open- Good contest
X Games- Judges
Pow- Amazing!
Hot Laps- Bear Mountain
Backcountry- Avalanche
Competition- Focus
Family- Support
Friends- Fun
FLOW- Thankful

Drayden Gardner is a name that you will continue to hear more throughout the snowboarding world. Drayden is a very humble and talented young rider, and we look forward to seeing what he has to offer in the future.


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