Flow Snowboarding: Mike Basich 2013/2014 Winter Wrap Up!

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Mike Basich has been one incredibly busy person this year. Filming as a stunt double for a Hollywood movie, traveling to Europe and Alaska, and building his own house on wheels! We don’t know where the guy finds all of this time to do these things, but we’re stoked that he does and we get to enjoy watching his adventures. We caught up with Mikey B recently to learn more about his non-stop Winter season.

This Winter has been pretty busy for you in terms of traveling, What places have you been so far this year?

With the winter being so bad in Tahoe I decided to hit the road. Headed to Europe in dec to do some test flights with a drone. Worked great for it being dec. Ended up deciding to build a Area-241 tiny house on wheels by Christmas, still no snow. Built the house in 2 weeks then hit the road east to UT,CO,WY and BC to meet up with Absinthe films. Split again back to Europe for a Hollywood gig that I got being a stunt snowboarder, that was 5 weeks of heli in Italy. Was intense and awesome to heli that long. Came home still no snow. Went mobile again with the Area 241 trailer north to BC and AK for 1 ½ months . Ended up being a epic winter, tons of riding and pow! Just hiked a big mountain in japan on a far north west island. Still some pow! And it’s may. Now sitting on the beach in Hawaii with GoPro crew about to hit the surf. Aloha!

What has been the main highlights of your winter season?

Filming with Absinthe films and getting some fun creative riding in with my buddy (drone pilot) Christoph in Alaska to finish up what we started in Dec. in Europe.

Any scary moments in the backcountry this year?

Yeah, all with the Hollywood gig, cause we had to ride with all 4 of us together. Set up multi-able slides but the first one was large and thick with an 8 foot crown!

The Area 241 mobile home is looking awesome, How has it been traveling around in that?

The Area-241 mobile house was more than anything I could think of. Super cozy to the point where I forgot I was on the road and had another home elsewhere. Highly recommend making one for any purpose.

mike basich flow snowboarding mobile home area 241 winter

Mike's Area 241 House on Wheels

What are your plans for the rest of spring and into this summer?

Summers always involve building and getting ready for the next winter. Going to touch up the Area 241 trailer and work on getting the lift at Area-241 fine tuned with some lights and fun stuff for the first run of pow.

Will we see a part in Absinthe films?

I did have some great filming days, I hope once it all gets done in the editing room there will be some great shots. Should be out this fall.

Check out Mikes Snowboarding Drone footage!

Stay tuned with us and Mike for his season edit by connecting with us on Social Media!


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