Flow Snowboarding: Boyz n Toyz POW part 2 featuring Mario Wanger

boyz n toyz pow part 2 from Boyz ‘n Toyz on Vimeo.

So we decided to do our project “Boyz n Toyz” again, this season the crew has changed a lil bit, Benny Wetscher is in the house too, and again Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger. And of course we will have some friends in it too. Our new filmer for the project is Matthias Reich Cinematography.

Additional Footage:

Hambalkó Bálint
Alex Förderer

Big thanks goes out to our sponsors who make it happen:

Flow Snowboarding
Head Snowboards
Monster Energy

Want to read more about Mario Wanger, check out our latest interview with him (Mario Wanger Always Having Fun). A lot of great riders spend their time in the Alps. Have any of you gone to Europe to snowboard yet? What resorts have you visited on the other side of the pond? Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding. We want to know where you guys and girls have traveled to #FindYourFlow.

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