Flow Snowboarding: 5 Things to do in the Snowboarding Off-Season

5 things to do during summer flow snowboarding snowboard
Unfortunately, in most places around the world, snowboarding is a seasonal sport. The Summer months that contain no snow can sometimes drive us stir crazy. A person can only play video games and check Tinder so often before they start to lose it. Not to worry! Flow is here to help you out with 5 fun summer activities to help keep your sanity.

1) Summer Snowboard Camps

Summer snowboard camps are a great way to have fun and still get your snowboarding fix. These camps are held where there is still snow in the warmer months (i.e. Mt. Hood, Blackcomb, etc.) and usually offer amazing facilities where you can snowboard, skateboard, and pretty much anything that your heart desires. In North America, there are well-known camps like High Cascade and The Camp of Champions. Check for camps online near you!

2) Hiking

Walking up a mountain does not sound fun on the surface, but don’t knock it until you try it. There’s something about trekking to the top of a peak that is insanely gratifying. Hiking provides countless benefits like exercise, fresh air, amazing views, wilderness skills, and the ladies love hiking too (idea for a Tinder date?).

3) Mountain Biking

Very few things can replicate the adrenaline that a person receives from snowboarding, however, mountain biking is one of those things. Mountain biking is a great way to pass the summer months and is also very addicting. The great thing about mountain biking, is that you can go at your own pace. A fast downhill run or a casual ride through some trails, it’s all up to you. Regardless, mountain biking is a great way to stay in shape while having fun.

4) Learn to Surf

If you are lucky enough to live near an ocean or even go on a trip to an ocean, we highly recommend that you go surf. Surfing and Summer are synonymous with each other. Surfing is a great form of cross-training for snowboarding and many pro snowboarders are also very good surfers. Plus, water is a lot more forgiving than hard packed snow. Now a days, every popular beach offers some type of surf instruction. So sign up for a surf lesson and have some fun.

5) Trip to the Southern Hemisphere

The seasons swap between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. While it is Summer in the Northern Hemi, it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. If you have the opportunity to travel to the southern hemisphere, it is definitely worth the trip. Even with all of these side activities, we still have the urge to go snowboarding. Places in the Southern Hemisphere offer Winter like conditions in the dead of Summer. Escape the heat and go on an exploration to find Snow!
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