FLOW-HOW: Tips for a Snowboarding Road Trip

Road Trips are a necessity for any snowboarder. Anything from a day trip to a week long adventure, road trips are a part of the snowboarding experience. Flow is here with a few tips to help your road trip experience go as smooth as possible.

Pick the correct amount of people & the correct people

Ever heard of the expression “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians?”. Road Tripping with too many people is a perfect example. Every person added to the trip is one more voice and one more opinion. Picking a few good friends that share your opinions is a wise choice for any Road Tripper.

Pack Accordingly

The Big Item here is snow chains. Driving on icy roads means that you need chains. Make sure you buy them before you get to icy conditions, the gas stations know that people need chains and they’ll charge you an arm & a leg for them.

-You will also need all of the snowboarding essentials. See Flow’s List of Snowboard essentials HERE. 

Get Gas Money Up Front

Everyone has that one friend. We don’t want to call them “cheapskates”, but they do have a tendency of forgetting to pay you back. Collecting money for gas and/or any other amenities before leaving is a smart choice to avoid any disagreements or arguments. You gotta pay to play.

Map out your Trip

Smart Phones and built-in navigation systems make it simple to travel without preparing a plan, but it is always smart to have a planned route. This route should include where you will get gas along the way. Some road trips can go for a few hours without seeing any rest stops. Don’t get stranded without gas.

Utilize the Locals

Depending on how long your trip is, you often stop for a night to rest on your trip. Talk to the locals and figure out premier destinations; good mountains, restaurants, bars, etc. Enjoy the process of Road Tripping.

Have Fun!

Half of the fun is getting there. The main point of a road trip is to explore and have fun with your friends. Keep in mind that it’s not about where you are, but how you got there. Now plan a trip and hit the road!



-Come join us and Flow The Feeling!


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