FLOW-HOW: How To Buy the right Flow Snowboarding Bindings

buying the right snowboard binding flow snowboarding bindings choosing the right binding
Snowboarding technology is getting pretty advanced and it can be hard to decipher what type of product is right for you. All the new features and materials on products are nice, but what do they mean for you and your snowboarding? Flow is here to break down the technology barrier and help you choose the correct bindings for your preferred style of riding.

What feel do you prefer?

In order to simplify things, we broke down 2 preferred feels. You must figure out which type of feel suits your style. From there you can pick from an assortment of bindings that fit your riding. All of our Flow Bindings can be ridden in all terrain (i.e. Park, Backcountry, & Groomed runs), it all depends on the type of feel the rider prefers. Many of the bindings can

Softer more Flexible Feel

flow snowboarding how to buy the right snowboard bindings the freeballers se snow


Most people that ride hand rails and jibs often prefer a softer feel for their bindings. These types of bindings are usually softer and more flexible. These bindings have a comfortable feel that give you great control of your snowboard under your feet but still give a little when you lean into them .

Some types of Soft Bindings are:
* Freeballer-FS
* The Fuse Models (GT, RS, SE, & AT)
The Isis-SE (Women Binding)

Direct & Responsive Feel

fow snowboarding how to buy the right snowboard bindings nx2 gt snow gear


This type of riding is usually for riders who prefer a stiffer and more supportive feel in their binding. These types of bindings have a stiffer and rigid feeling that provides a very responsive feel to your snowboarding. They provide comfort and security while you’re laying turns into thicker and deeper snow as well as in groomed park runs. These types of bindings are used for an array of snowboarding. From Backcountry to parks, these bindings are the types that are preferred by most riders.

Some types of Direct & Responsive Bindings are:
* NX2-GT
The Five
The Isis-AT (Women Binding)
* Gems (Women Binding)


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