FLOW-HOW: 10 Things You Need To Start Snowboarding

10 things you need to start snowboarding - how to snowboard - flow

Packing for your day on the mountain can be extremely stressful. Forgetting essential items on the mountain is a common pitfall of snowboarders both skilled and novice. Not having an item as simple as snowboard socks can ruin a perfect day on the mountain. This week’s “Flow-How” will assist you in remembering to pack the essentials and help take the hassle out of this burdensome experience.

The Gear: Jacket, Pants, Socks, Gloves, Goggles, Beanies, Base Layer and Boots.

#1 Jacket and Pants

Staying warm on the mountain is key! A snow-proof jacket and pants will make sure you stay dry and warm. Wear a breathable, sweat wicking base layer to prevent sweating and getting wet on the mountain. The jacket and pant you choose may be based on the weather at your local area. Being overdressed is just about as bad as being underdressed, so plan ahead and be prepared.

#2 Socks

Seems pretty simple right? Snowboarding is special and so are the socks that go along with it. Long snowboarding socks will keep more of your body warm and also prevent rubbing and chafing from your boots to your shin. You may also want to consider bringing along more than one pair of socks. Wet smelly socks can ruin your morning ritual.

– Available Here: Flow’s Wood Foot Sock

#3 Gloves

In cold weather, the first parts of your body to lose feeling is your extremities (feet and
hands). A good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and up your overall core temperature. The type and thickness of ideal gloves varies on temperature.

Tip: Get gloves that are long enough to tuck into the sleeves of your snowboard jacket. This will prevent snow from flushing in when you fall.

#4 Goggles

Whether you use sunglasses or snowboard goggles, protecting your eyes from cold wind, sun, and winter weather will greatly increase your overall experience with snowboarding. Be sure your goggles fit securely and always have an extra lens with you.

#5 Beanie

Keep your ears and head warm! When your body gets cold, blood flows to your brain to keep it functioning and warm. Save the rest of your body by keeping your head warm with a Flow beanie.

– Flow Favorite: Freddy Beanie
– All Flow Beanies Here

#6 Helmet

Safety is key! Even though snow may seem soft and fluffy, it can really hurt. It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you have a protective snowboard helmet. These helmets also have a warm inner lining that can be used in place of a beanie.

#7 Boots

Probably one of the more important things in regards to snowboarding, boots can make or break a session. A comfortable and warm pair of boots = a happy snowboarder. Remove(Being able to feel your board underneath you can assist in feel and response.) Flow has a technology called BFT (Barefoot Technology) that allows your foot to move in a more natural way. This will reduce the chance of cold and painful feet. Flow’s Barefoot Technology has mastered the perfect balance of comfort, feel, and warmth.

Barefoot Technology
– Flow’s Favorite Boots

The Hardware: Board and Bindings

#8 Snowboard Tool

Loose bindings can be a huge hassle. It is always smart to have a a gadget with you to fix and adjust your bindings. These snowboard tools include screwdrivers and wrenches that are suitable for your bindings.

Flow’s Snowboard Gadget Here

#9 Board

Snowboards come in all shapes and sizes. Like a shoe size, you need to find the board that fits you. Different shaped boards are designed for different conditions. Flow’s website can help you find your perfect fit.

– Info: Flow’s Snowboard Technology
– Shop for snowboards by your skill level and preference Here

#10 Bindings

This connects it all together. Bindings provide the connection of human to board. A
large amount of a snowboarder’s time is strapping in and out of bindings. Flow has
eliminated the time consuming strapping of bindings with it’s Active Strap Technology. This technology allows the rider speed entry in and out of their bindings.

– Active Strap Technology Here
– Flow Bindings Here

Snowboard gear and hardware is necessary for getting out on the mountain, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun. That’s why we all do it, right? Flow encourages you to get out on the mountain and experience for yourself this great thing that we call snowboarding.


-Come join us and Flow The Feeling!


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