Snowing on Hawaii in July

07-17-15 FlowSnowboarding-hawaii

Photo via Mauna Kea webcam

Here at Flow Snowboarding, we want to know… July is still considered summer… right? We are asking that because while the whole world was watching Mick Fanning punch a couple great white sharks over the weekend, it was also snowing on the Big Island of Hawaii on the summit of Mauna Kea. The summit of Mauna Kea sits at 13,796 feet. The snowfall wasn’t too substantial, as only 1.5 – 2 inches accumulated per the reports. It was just enough to close the road to the main summit.

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Strong El Niño Building For This Winter

07-15-15 FlowSnowboarding-NOAA-ElNino-latest_sst

Photo via: NOAA

Flow Snowboarding can’t help but play the winter prediction game in the off-season, you could even call it one of our #FlowRituals. The real question we all want to know is… how much snow are we getting this coming winter? For those of us who have been hitting the ocean this summer, you can tell there is something building out there. This past week, our friends at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had some good news in their ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Diagnostic Discussion. What they said in their July 9th report was potentially good news for the drought stricken west.

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Top 10 #FlowRituals Photos


Summer has begun for the Northern Hemisphere, so Flow Snowboarding wanted to highlight the Top 10 #FlowRituals photos that have been shared by our Flow family. Use the hashtags #FlowSnowboarding #FlowRituals #FindYourFlow and you could be highlighted next month.

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Storing Your Snowboarding Gear In the Off-Season


For most of us the snow has melted at your local mountains and you are well into your offseason routine or Flow Rituals. If you are not planning on hitting any of the summer camps or chasing the snow up in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Hemisphere or Europe than you need to make sure you store your gear properly so it will be nice and ready come the next winter season. Flow Snowboarding wanted to give you a few tips to make sure your gear is nice and ready for when the lifts start to spin again.

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The Frozen Chase: Self Portraits by Mike Basich


Flow Snowboarding Global Professional Mike Basich recently pieced together The Frozen Chase, his self portrait book The Frozen Chase bounces between classic action shots, fun loving lifestyle pics and unique points of view. What really makes this book special is the front seat view of a life lived on the snow and Basich’s lo-fi, organic take on photography.

“I started taking portraits for a few reasons,” explains Basich.

04-09-15 FlowSnowboarding-AK-MikeBasich

“I wanted my two imaginations to work together. I wanted to capture how I truly wanted to be shot, and to be the rider. I wanted to share what snowboarding was to me. It wasn’t accepted as a cool or legit thing back then.”

Click HERE if you would like to order The Frozen Chase. The book is available via Asymbol.


What are your #FlowRituals when the snow melts Are you chasing the snow or turning the page to your summer activities? Flow Snowboarding wants to know your plans for the next couple months. Are you heading to any summer snowboarding camps or chasing the snow to the southern hemisphere? Have you placed your gear in storage and starting to break out the summer toys like your skate, surf and wakeboards? Learn more about #FlowRituals click this link HERE:

Engage with us on social media. Post the photos & videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FlowRituals #FindYourFlow &#FlowSnowboarding

Mike Basich

Flow Snowboarding

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Gina van der Werf: Founder of Prodaptive


The Netherlands based company Prodaptive has invented a way for adaptive riders and paraplegics a chance to go snowboarding. Flow Snowboarding recently had a chance to catch up with Gina van der Werf, founder of Prodaptive to check in and see how the research & development on their initial designs have progressed over the year. Their original Twinrider models had incorporated Flow Snowboarding bindings and we were glad we can be a part of the process to help paraplegics access the slopes.

“The idea to develop an adaptive snowboard originated in Whistler, Canada back in 2010,” said Gina van der Werf, founder of Prodaptive.

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Flow Rituals: What Are Your Off-Season Rituals?


Flow Snowboarding wants to know what your Flow Rituals are.

During the winter all of us run to the hills to go snowboarding. But just because winter is winding down in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t mean your active lifestyle goes into hibernation. Active people crave active lifestyles. For some of us we chase the snow. We hit up the summer camps in the Pacific Northwest. Some of us find work or study in the southern hemisphere or Europe’s glacial resorts.

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Closing Time: 10 Resorts Still Open in North America

05-06-15 FlowSnowboarding-Spring

There are only 10 resorts left open in North America and Flow Snowboarding wants to let you know which ones they are so you can squeeze in another trip or two up the hill. Here is a list we compiled of what resorts are still open and their projected closing dates. Run to the hills lads and ladies!

10. Lake Louise, Canada : Mont Saint-Sauveur, located in the heart of the Laurentian region of Quebec plays an important role in the history of the ski industry in Quebec. In full winter the ski area comprises 142 acres of skiable terrain with a 700 foot vertical drop. The area has 8 beginner trails, 9 intermediate, 16 difficult and 5 extremely difficult. The resort also offers guests luxury hotels like the Manoir Saint-Sauveur and Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel. Projected closing date for Lake Louise is 5/10.

9. Mont Saint-Sauveur, Canada : Mont Saint-Sauveur, located in the heart of the Laurentian region of Quebec plays an important role in the history of the ski industry in Quebec. In full winter the ski area comprises 142 acres of skiable terrain with a 700 foot vertical drop. The area has 8 beginner trails, 9 intermediate, 16 difficult and 5 extremely difficult. The resort also offers guests luxury hotels like the Manoir Saint-Sauveur and Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel. Projected closing date for Sunshine Village is 5/10.

8. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, CaliforniaMammoth Mountain Ski Area is the highest resort summit elevation in the state of California at a height of 11,053ft. Located in the southwest corner of the volcanic Long Valley Caldera on the eastern edge of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The resort is home to modern facilities and excellent terrain options. The mountain has a variety of expansive bowls, tree skiing, wide open groomers, steep chutes and world-class terrain parks. Projected closing date for Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is 5/10.

7. Whistler/Blackcomb, Canada : Within British Columbia’s glacial climate and scenic beauty resides Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. The impressive 8,171 acres of accessible terrain when winter is in full swing is serviced by 37 lifts and the longest continuous lift system on the globe, PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, which connects skiers and riders from Whistler to Blackcomb Mountains. Projected closing date for Whistler / Blackcomb is 5/12.

6. Sunshine Village, Canada : Situated high along the Continental Divide in Banff National Park, Sunshine Village is home to breathtaking views and one of Canada’s longest ski seasons. Sunshine Village is Canada’s highest elevated resort and is located in the heart of Banff National Park. In full winter the ski area encompasses more than 3,300 skiable acres and terrain ranges from long groomed runs to steep expert trails. Projected closing date for Sunshine Village is 5/17.

5. Snowbird Ski Resort, UtahSnowbird Ski Resort is nestled in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the heart of the Wasatch-Cache National Forrest approximately one mile down the road form Alta Ski Resort. Utah’s famous ultra-light dry powder piles up high on Snowbird’s terrain that is diverse, steep, and lots of fun. The resort boasts the longest ski season in Utah. Projected closing date for Snowbird Ski Resort is 5/17.

4. Mount Bachelor, OregonMt. Bachelor is situated within the Deschutes National Forest in the scenic Cascade Range of central Oregon. Only 22 miles outside of Bend, Oregon along the Century Divide Highway, Mt. Bachelor is a great mountain resort destination that includes a modern lift infrastructure and updated amenities. Projected closing date for Mount Bachelor is 5/24.

3. Timberline Lodge, OregonOffering the longest ski season in America, Timberline Lodge is located near the top of Mt. Hood volcano. Most years, the ski season will begin around early to mid-November continuing through Labor Day, with a short closure snow permitting. In full season, Timberline Lodge boasts the Pacific Northwest’s longest vertical drop at 3,690 feet from the top of Palmer Express to the bottom of Still Creek Basin. Projected closing date for Timberline Lodge is 5/25.

2. Killington Resort, VermontKillington Resort is located in Southern Vermont within the Green Mountains. Heralded as one of the East’s best mountain resort destinations, Killington is home to an extensive trail system that spans six mountains. Killington’s terrain is extremely diverse, ranging from gentle groomers, learning areas to steep mogul runs and gladed trails, as well as some of the best terrain parks in the northeast. Projected closing date for Killington Resort is 5/31.

1. Arapahoe Basin, Colorado : Known as the Legend, Arapahoe Basin is nestled high along Loveland Pass about 68 miles outside of Denver, Colorado. Having been in operation since 1946, the Legend offers some of the highest skier and rider accessible terrain in North America where half of the mountain sits above the timberline with skiing and snowboarding through late spring and early summer. Projected closing date for Arapahoe Basin is 6/21.

Still a few more weeks of resort snowboarding left here in North America. Why not get one more trip up the mountain before you throw your gear into hibernation and storage? If you need some tips for planning a trip, check out our Flow Snowboarding 201 blog: HERE. We here at Flow want to see your spring riding photos. Engage with us on Social Media. Post the photos & videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away a Canvas ABT Snowboard

Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow, Sarka Pancochova, Canvas Snowboard

Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away A Darwin ABT Snowboard
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 24th, 2015- Flow Snowboarding

Continuing with Flow’s monthly snowboard giveaway, Flow Snowboarding is giving away a Canvas ABT snowboard this month. The winner will be selected on March 31st. Consolation prizes of other Flow Snowboarding gear will also be given out to the second and third place winners. In order to enter the contest, please use the link found in the header in the blog section of or the Win a Snowboard tab located on Flow Snowboarding’s Facebook page.

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Flow Snowboarding 201: How To Plan A Snowboarding Trip

Are you planning a snowboarding trip? In Flow Snowboarding 101 we covered all the gear you need to go snowboarding. What’s next? Do you need tips on where to begin the planning process of a trip to the mountains? Should I buy a lift ticket or season pass? What type of vehicle and what needs to be in it? Where can I find deals on flights? Where do I stay? We will be covering all of this this in Flow Snowboarding 201.

For people who just started falling in love with snowboarding  or want to get into it, there are a lot of basic questions people have. Such simple questions, but all beginners and people starting out snowboarding are typically afraid to ask. Welcome to Flow Snowboarding School, a series intended to answer your most basic how to questions of snowboarding. Class is in session.

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