Flow Snowboarding 101 – What do you need to go snowboarding?

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What do I need to go snowboarding? What are some tips for planning a snowboarding trip? How to tips on learning how to snowboard? Venturing into the park for the first time? Safety tips for going off trail. If you just started snowboarding or want to get into it, there are a lot of basic questions people have. Such simple questions, but all beginners and people starting out snowboarding are typically afraid to ask. Welcome to Flow Snowboarding School, a series intended to answer your most basic how to questions of snowboarding. Class is in session.

Flow Snowboarding 101: What do you need to go snowboarding?

Flow Snowboarding 101 is designed as an introduction for beginners as a reference source for all the equipment necessary to enjoy your trip sliding on snow. In this section we will be covering what to wear, equipment needed and luggage for your voyage up the mountain.

1. What do I wear snowboarding?

Staying dry and warm when you are on the hill. You need to make sure you have outerwear. A warm combination of a waterproofed jacket and pants are vital. Being wet makes a day snowboarding more annoying. Snow jackets and pants come in varying waterproofing and breathability ratings. Layering up with liners under your outerwear can help increase your comfort and warmth level.

Gloves come in many variations. Like outerwear, they are used to keep your hands dry and warm. Depending on the time of year, there are warmer thicker gloves for fall and winter, as well as lighter and more breathable gloves for the spring and summer months on the mountain.

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You need to be able to see. Sure sunglasses block the sun, but if you fall once… will they survive the impact? There’s a reason why most of us use goggles. We recommend you have two types of lenses; one High Visibility lens that has a good tint to them to block the sun out. These have the fancy iridium and darker colored tint to the lenses. You also want a low visibility lens to help accentuate the terrain in low light and stormy conditions. These low visibility lenses typically come in a yellow or rose tint.

Finding a comfortable beanie and helmet are recommend. Sarka Pancochova demonstrated the importance of a helmet. If you want to roll the dice without a helmet, make sure your beanie is warm and fits well with your goggles. Try to avoid what is known as a gaper gap, make sure your bindings are tight to your beanie, or you will have a funny looking sunburn and wind burn on your forehead

If you need more warmth and comfort you can always add a scarf, facemask or gaiter to keep your head extra warm. These are optional, but will help add to the comfort level. If you have all of the above and are still dealing with battling the cold, we’d recommend hand warmers you can store inside you gloves or even the pockets of your outerwear.

2. Snowboarding Gear

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There are a vast array of shapes and sizes of snowboards. People typically ask if they should buy a starter or beginner snowboard versus a more technical snowboard. Flow Snowboarding offers a few options for those looking to get started. The Viper, Merc or Silhouette are perfect choices for those looking to start linking their toeside and heelside turns. To keep things simple there are two types of boards, rocker and camber. Feel free to browse through our entire line of Flow snowboards.

For more information on the different types of boards, watch the Flow snowboard overview video: HERE

Whether you choose our traditional lace boot in our Vega or step up to the next level with our selection of BOA closure boots, Flow boots are the best fitting boots out of the box. Find the boot that fits you best and for your riding style. New boot technology such as BareFoot Technology, as well as advances in closure systems and insoles & outsoles offers you a perfect fit. Please browse through our entire line of Flow boots.

For more information on boots, watch the Flow boot overview video: HERE

When selecting a bindings, Flow offers a variety of options from beginner bindings, to bindings that vary in response & stiffness depending on the needs of the rider. Our Flite, Five or Haylo bindings are a great option for an entry level binding. Flow’s Fuse, Fuse_GT, Minx or Minx-GT bindings are a great option for riders looking for a responsive feel with flex. Our higher end NX2-GT, NX2 & Isis bindings are our most responsive and stiffest bindings in our line. To find the correct bindings for you, please browse through our entire line of Flow bindings.

For more information on bindings, watch the Flow bindings overview video: HERE

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3. Baggage

Whether you are just hitting the local resort, or heading off into the slack or backcountry, you need to make sure you have a backpack to carry all the essentials. Check out our variety of different Flow backpacks.

Board Bags & Luggage:
A great way to keep all your hard gear and soft goods organized is to grab some snowboard specific luggage to store all the gear you accumulate. When travelling via car or plane, having everything organized and packed is essential. A boardbag is also a great way to protect your snowboard gear, as well as the inside of your car. Check out our variety of different Flow luggage bags.

Flow Snowboarding 101 is a basic outline of what is needed to go snowboarding. Do you think we left anything out? Let us know, we are trying to educate. We will be continuing on this series in order to help bring the new generation of snowboarders to the next level.We all started riding somewhere.

Where did you start snowboarding? Do you have any photos? Share your photos with us on social media by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding and tag us. You can also enter your photos to Flow Snowboarding’s Photo of the Month contest: CLICK HERE

Generations of the Silber Family Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding team athletes Lydia & Freddy Silber with Sophia Capua

Flow Snowboarding team athletes Freddy and Lydia Silber grew up in a family that has been living and breathing snowboarding since the 1980’s. Their father Jay Silber explains their family’s love of snowboarding was a joy that was passed on from his father after his visit to Winter Park, Colorado from Missouri.

My dad first came out to Winter Park in 1987 to visit his sister, Freddy and Lydia’s great aunt. He saw a few people snowboarding at the resort and realized it was the greatest thing ever. He was an athletic guy and at the time was in his late 40’s. He went into the rental shop at the hotel where his sister was working at and bought a Burton Elite 150 and never skied again. It is still a family heirloom that hangs in Freddy’s room. My aunt overheard the rental shop kids talking and laughing about the old geezer who bought a snowboard from them that morning. She came home from work that night, told my dad about the geezer comment and they had a huge laugh.

My dad had so much fun learning to snowboard and brought me out my senior year in high school on a snowboard trip. He bought me a Kemper Freestyler as an early graduation present (our second family heirloom, hanging in our garage). I was hooked after that trip. I only had thoughts of moving to the mountains as soon as possible. It took me another four years to make the move to Winter Park permanently.

Did you ever ski before snowboarding?

Yes. My dad’s youngest sister was a ski instructor here in Winter Park in the mid 70’s at a ski area called Ski Idlewild. It has since closed, but was the quintessential old school ski area from the 1950’s. Two slow motion 2 seater chairlifts and one modest lodge. She taught me to ski there when I was 4 and then I progressed and moved up to skiing at Winter Park. Apparently I was straight lining every run and scaring the shit out of my dad. So maybe I never really learned to ski.

How old were you when you started snowboarding?

I taught myself to snowboard at 16 years old in Missouri at an area called Snow Creek. It was 1987 and I had only seen pictures of people snowboarding in ads run in my favorite BMX magazine at the time. I had never seen anyone actually doing it. It just looked so freaking cool from the pictures. Snow Creek is a jenky place, but they have 2 lifts. Coincidentally one is an old one from Winter Park. I learned on a borrowed snowboard. It was a piece of crap. No edges at all, made out of plastic. I was wearing moon boots and jeans. A total gaper without a clue. I think I sprained both ankles that day because of the moon boots. But I had the best day of my life and began to think about moving to the mountains.

Jay Silber, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow, Flow Bindings,

Jay Silber getting some fresh tracks at Winter Park Resort, CO

What year did you move to Colorado?

In 1993 the soon to be Mrs. Silber and I moved here from Kansas City, MO. Snowboarding and mountain biking were the main reasons for the move. Living in a laid back environment was another reason.

How old was Freddy when he started snowboarding?

Both kids learned to ski first, because they were in daycare at the time. The daycare would teach the kids to ski once they were 2 years old and potty trained. They were both 2-1/2 years old when they learned to ski. Freddy switched to boarding when he was 4. It was difficult, because he was too young for snowboard school lessons so I spent an entire season with him between my knees. It took 5 months of riding every weekend before he made his first turn on his own, but we were having the time of our lives together.

Those were days I would take again in a second… good times.

He had the smallest board at the time, which was still too big. His boots were also too big, so we stuffed them with newspapers to make them fit better. Kids bindings at the time for someone so small, were almost non-existent. We found the smallest ones at the shop and the shop guys let me cut them up and re-build the straps so they fit him.

Honestly, the first bindings that we found to work great for a kid were the Flow Snowboarding bindings. Once we got the Flows, snowboarding became really fun. That was how he came to be on the Flow team, because he loved the bindings. When it came time to send in a “sponsor me video,” Flow was the first company on his list.

Freddy Silber, Flow Snowboarding, Flow, Flow Bindings, Find Your Flow, Canvas, snowboarding

Freddy Silber floating his Canvas ABT snowboard over the powder.

How old was Lydia when she first kicked into her snowboard?

Lydia was six when she learned to snowboard. I was bummed she wanted to quit skiing because she was so good at it. But she was carving on her board within 45 minutes of strapping in, so we didn’t suffer any kind of a set back with her. Now everyone in the family was sliding sideways. It was good.

How long did you have Freddy & Lydia in ski school lessons?

I realized after that first year with Freddy hanging onto my knees that we needed some professional help teaching the kids how to really ride, so it was good to move them into a program. They did each spend about four seasons in the Winter Park Ski and Ride School before we moved them onto the Winter Park Snowboard Team, where they continue to train. They loved it and it is where they both really got the foundation of skill that they are using these days. They learned to ride switch in Ride School. A lot of switch. A lot of riding trees and all mountain. It has paid off huge for both of them in their competitions. It was during these years at Winter Park Ride School that Freddy began to gain attention locally. At the suggestion of one of the local shop guys, Freddy began to compete and do pretty well. Those four seasons entailed 3 days a week of instruction.

How did you know Freddy and Lydia had what it took to take their riding to the next level?

Some parents set out with a goal to create super kid athletes. That never occurred to me when they started skiing and riding. It was just going to be fun and then it all mushroomed to some degree. I knew they were taking it to the next level when they both were competing at the regional USASA level and doing well; placing in the top five. Freddy was the one who heard about the USASA competitions from his skier friend Birk Irving, who is now on the US Junior Olympic Team. I was clueless to it all, I just wanted to snowboard with my kids when it all began.

How did you guys get involved with Flow Snowboarding?

Freddy was 9 years old and had been snowboarding for about five years, only competing for the past couple. He had been pestering me for the previous two years to make a “sponsor me video” and send it in to some companies to see if they would sponsor him. I pretty much ignored or blew that off for as long as I could. I was thinking, who in the world is going to sponsor a kid? I had a hunch that it was possible and maybe I wasn’t ready for that.

Freddy was ready and he let me know. He came into the house one late summer day and asked me for the hundredth time if I had made his sponsor me video yet. I said, “No.”

He looked at me and said in the most sincere tone… “Dad, You’re holding me back!”

I made that video the next day. I can truthfully say, it was Freddy who started it all. My wife and I have just been along for the ride to support our kids as best we can.

Lydia Silber, Silber, Flow Snowboarding,  snowboarding, Flow, Flow Bindings

Lydia Silber with a method

Any advice to parents out there that are looking to elevate their child’s riding abilities?

Be patient. Enjoy the process. Some years will be far from great. Injuries will happen. Patience and unconditional support, regardless of contest results are the main things. People get too focused on what place their kid comes in. That’s not fair for the kid, judging is subjective and can easily dismantle a kid’s confidence. I would also suggest finding a quality coached program near where they live. I would say it is next to impossible to compete beyond the local level without some type of professional coaching these days.

Which resorts are your home resorts?

Winter Park is homebase, where we ride the most. Then Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and Steamboat.

What are your plans for the Silber family this winter? Do you have any ski trips coming up?

No ski trips planned other than traveling around Colorado for the kids’ competitions. I hope to take the kids down south to Silverton, CO someday for some serious riding outside of the park. Freddy loves big mountain free riding more than anything. He would eat it up down there. Both kids absolutely love riding powder. So anytime we can get some, it’s like being on vacation even though we are home. Nationals is coming up too, so we will be there in April. Luckily it’s at Copper Mountain, so we don’t have to travel far.

Anything you would like to say to the Flow customers or those reading this blog?

To the customers I would say congratulations for supporting a company that is totally dedicated to snowboarders. Flow is a unique brand and a unique blend of people making it happen. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re lucky enough that it’s for you, then you’re quite lucky. I know my kids have certainly been lucky and they work hard to represent the brand in the best way. Thanks to everyone at Flow, past and present, for their support of Freddy and Lydia.

There have been a few generations that have handed down snowboarding since its inception. Who was the first person to influence you to kick into a snowboard and slide down the snow? We here at Flow Snowboarding want to hear your story? Engage with us on Social Media. Post the videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Freddy Silber

Lydia Silber

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding Sarka Pancochova’s Shark Tales Film Teaser

Check out this teaser from the upcoming project from Flow Snowboarding team athlete Sarka Pancochova entitled Shark Tales. Shark Tales is a collection of people, places and things experienced through Pancochova’s travels. Colorado has been her adopted home for the past 5 years and she is now stepping away from the park and contest scene to check out what the other side of snowboarding has to offer. Luckily Colorado has been one of the few places in the country getting snow this year. Here are a few outtakes from last week’s film adventure.

Watch the teaser for the film project Tales from the East that Flow Snowboarding team athletes Celia MillerSarka Pancochova are piecing together yet? You can watch the trailer by clicking the link: HERE.

Have any of you been filming in Colorado this winter? We would love to see your footage. Engage with us on Social Media. Post the videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Sarka Pancochova

Celia Miller

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding 2014-15 Boots Overview

This is a Flow Snowboarding boots overview, highlighting the key technologies and features of the 2014 / 2015 Flow boot line.

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Flow Snowboarding wants to know what model Flow boots you are rocking. Talon Focus? Hylite Focus? DeeLite or Vega boots? Post your photos of you riding your Flow gear. Engage with us on Social Media, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Flow Snowboarding

Come join us at Flow Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding 2014-15 Snowboard Overview

This is a Flow Snowboarding snowboard overview, highlighting the key technologies and features of the 2014 / 2015 Flow snowboard line.

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Flow Snowboarding wants to know what model Flow snowboard you are rocking. Era? Darwin? Maverick? BlackOut? Jewel? Micron Stomper? Post your photos of you riding your Flow gear. Engage with us on Social Media, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding 2014-15 Binding Overview

This is a Flow Snowboarding binding overview, highlighting the key technologies and features of the 2014 / 2015 Flow binding line.

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Flow Snowboarding wants to know what model Flow bindings you are rocking. NX2’s? Fuse-GT’s? Minx-GT’s? Fives? Post your photos of you riding your Flow gear. Engage with us on Social Media, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Flow Snowboarding

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7 Questions with Flow Jed Sky

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Jed Sky – Photo: River Richer

“I had been wanting to film street rails all winter. So when Drayden Gardner asked me to go up to Canada, it was a no brainer. Canada is driving distance from me. I’ve always wanted to go and it was a great opportunity to log some clips.” – Jed Sky

How long were you and Drayden out in Canada?

I was in Canada for about a week. Drayden stayed longer. For about two weeks, I think.

Where did you guys go?

We stayed in Trois Riviere, in English it’s Three Rivers. It is about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City. We hit spots in all three cities, as well as some other locations in Quebec.

Drayden Garnder, Jed Sky, Flow Snowboarding, Flow, Flow Snowboards, Flow Bindings, Quebec

What spots did you hit up?

We hit everything from down rails, to close outs, to wall rides. It was so sick!

Flow, Snowboarding, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow, Flow Snowboards

Who were you out there filming with?

Drayden and I stayed with Tim Bouvette, who lives in Three Rivers. He snowboards and films really well and was down to shoot everyday. If it wasn’t for him, this trip wouldn’t have been possible. There was also Simon Martel, another Three River local who shreds, along with another three or four French-Canadian snowboarders.

Drayden Gardner, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow, Flow Snowboards, Snowboarding

Drayden Gardner – Photo Credits: Simon Martel

Best day riding out there?

That’s so tough! It’s a close one. One of my favorite days was hitting a close out Montreal because it was a sick spot that everybody got clips on. My other favorite day could’ve been in Quebec City; we hit a rail and got good clips, then went to dinner at an awesome fast food place. After all the hard work of getting the clip that day, it was so rewarding to relax, eat greasy and warm food in a beautiful city.

Where are you headed now?

Right now I’m in Mammoth Lakes, CA for the third stop of the Revolution Tour.

Any events, filming coming up you’d like to mention?

I actually don’t have any events or trips planned until the spring! Just going to be cruising in New Hampshire trying to get as many clips as I can with my friends!

You can also read about the Canada trip through Drayden Gardner’s eyes and watch the video clip from their trip, 7 Questions with Drayden Gardner on Canada: HERE

Have any of you headed north of the border to do any snowboarding? We would love to see your photos and videos. Engage with us on Social Media. Post the videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Jed Sky

Drayden Gardner

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow February Snowboard Giveaway: Win A Darwin ABT Snowboard

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Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away A Darwin ABT Snowboard
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, Feb 11th, 2015- Flow Snowboarding

Continuing with their monthly snowboard giveaway, Flow Snowboarding is giving away a Darwin ABT snowboard this month. The winner will be selected on February 28th. In order to enter the contest, please use the link found in the header in the blog section of Flow.com or the application located on Flow Snowboarding’s Facebook page. The Darwin ABT snowboard is the quiver filling powder board of choice for Mike Basich, Shin Biyajima and all the Flow team athletes looking to float the powder.


Never deep or steep enough and it carves like a knife. This quiver filler was designed in collaboration between Dale Rehberg and Basich, Not just a powder hungry bandit, it actually works incredibly well on hard pack as well. The directional shape with its swallowtail and 2 piece ABT was designed around the camber and side-cut to give us “The sickest snowboard ever made.” Lose yourself in the tranquility of the wood veneer top-sheet, zenned out graphics and bamboo sidewalls or take it for a spin to see for yourself. An inspirational board from tip to tail is what we set out to build, and now we have it.

Flow Snowboarding Darwin Snowboard Giveaway Contest Links For Social Media:

Twitter: http://bit.ly/flow-tw-bl-winadarwinabt
Facebook: http://bit.ly/flow-fb-bl-winadarwinabt
Google+ http://bit.ly/flow-gp-bl-winadarwinabt

FlowSnowboarding is a division of FLOW SPORTS, INC. headquartered in San Clemente, CA.

Flow Sports, Inc. is an innovative branding and global distribution company specializing in action-sports equipment and consumer goods. Best known as the creator of “Flow Snowboarding,” Flow Sports continues to add cutting-edge and complementary brands to its portfolio, leveraging synergies within the action-sports channel, transcending borders and offering unique value to both channel partners and active consumers.

For more information on Flow brands, visit: www.flowsportsinc.com or www.flow.com

Flow Snowboarding Contacts

Dale Rehberg
Flow Marketing Director
949.361.5260 ext. 106

Randy Villarba
Flow Digital Media Marketing

Top 10 Ski Resort Snow Base Depth February Week II

Find_Your_Flow, flow snowboarding, flow, flow bindings, flow snowboards

It is the second week in February and Flow Snowboarding wants you to know where to head if you looking for snow in North America. Here are the top 10 ski resort and mountain snow base totals entering week 2 of February. Will the US or Canada be on top this week? Here are the resorts that are reporting their snow depths as of (2-10-15).

10. Cataloochee Ski Area 
Starting the top 10 we gave 85″ of snow base depth at Cataloochee Ski Area, located near Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The area has eighteen ski slopes and trails. Approximately 44% of the slopes are rated beginner, 39% intermediate, and 17% advanced. With a top elevation of 5,400 feet (1,600 m), Cataloochee has a maximum vertical drop of 740 feet (230 m). The slopes are accessed by three chair lifts and two carpet lifts. Typical of North Carolina ski areas, Cataloochee relies primarily on machine made snow for its slopes.

Cataloochee Ski Area
1080 Ski Lodge Road
Maggie Valley, NC 28751

9. Hunter Mountain
Hunter Mountain is sitting at 88″ resort base depth. As the Great Northern Catskills’ premier winter destination, Hunter Mountain maintains renowned terrain, award-winning learning facilities and luxury mountainside accommodations.  With high-efficiency snowmaking on 100% of its trails, an entire dedicated learning area perfect for beginners and families alike, the expert terrain of Hunter West and Empire Terrain park, Hunter has something for everyone.  Hunter Mountain, has got skiers and snowboarders covered

Hunter Mountain
64 Klein Avenue
Hunter, NY 12442

8. Grand Targhee Resort
At #8 is Grand Targhee Resort, reporting 81″ – 88″ at resort level. Grand Targhee is a year round mountain resort situated on the western slope of the Tetons in Alta, Wyoming, accessible only through Teton Valley, Idaho. Located in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, typically they stack up more than 500 inches of snow annually. The lack of lift lines creates a wide open snowboarder and skier paradise. Five lifts access a total acreage of 2602 acres with a vertical drop of 2270 feet.

Grand Targhee Resort
3300 Ski Hill Road
Alta, WY 83414

7. Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole is currently reporting a base depth of up to 90″ at the upper resort level. Access to the mountain starts at Teton Village, Wyoming, which is 12 miles northwest of the town of Jackson on Highway 390 via Highway 22. Only a 40 minute drive from Jackson Airport with non-stop service from 13 cities. The resort terrain covers two mountains; Apres Vous and Rendezvous with 2,500 acres of in-bounds terrain and a vertical drop of 4,139 feet. Base elevation sits at 6,311 feet/1924 meters with the summit elevation reaching 10,450 feet/3185 meters. There is also an open backcountry gate system which accesses over 3000+ acres. Of course there is the iconic 100 passenger aerial tram, one eight pax high speed gondola, three detachable quad chairlifts, four fixed grip quad chairlifts, two double chairlift, one fixed grip triple chairlift and one magic carpet.

Jackson Hole
3395 Cody Lane
Teton Village, Wyoming 83025

6. Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Revelstoke Mountain resort is at six, reporting a 93″ base. At Revelstoke Mountain Resort, you can find runs that other people have to take helicopters to ski: It has the greatest vertical drop in North America,at 5,620 feet and their longest run is a mild-blowing 9.5 miles, dropping from the top of Mount Mackenzie to an ever-growing base village. Revelstoke Mountain Resort provides 3,121 acres of skiable terrain spread out over gladed terrain, high alpine bowls, fall line skiing and great groomed terrain.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort
2950 Camozzi Road
Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S1, Canada
+1 250-814-0087

5. Whitewater Ski Resort
Sitting at #5, Whitewater Ski Area has reported a snow base depth of “93. Located just outside Nelson BC, on BC’s famous Powder Highway, Whitewater Ski Resort is renowned for receiving over 12 meters / 40 feet of light, dry, powder snow every season. With its legendary deep powder and endless terrain, Whitewater Ski Resort is attracting attention from across Canada and around the world from those searching for an epic BC winter ski vacation. Over 623 metres / 2044 feet of steeps, deeps, chutes, bowls, and glades are all there, beneath the ski resort’s majestic Ymir Peak.

Whitewater Ski Resort
#1 Whitewater Ski Hill Road
Nelson, British Columbia V1L 5P7, Canada

4. Mount Bachelor
Oregon’s Mount Bachelor is approaching the top 3 resorts, reporting a 98″ base depth at resort level. Mount Bachelor is located in central Oregon, approximately 22 miles (35 km) west of Bend, along the Century Drive Highway. The ski runs are on the northern face of Mount Bachelor, a stratovolcano built atop a volcanic shield in the Cascade Range. It is the largest ski resort (by area) by more than 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) in Oregon, the second largest single-mountain ski resort in the U.S. (behind Vail) and the sixth largest of all ski resorts in the nation. Mount Bachelor offers one of the nation’s longest ski seasons, mid-November through the end of May (weather permitting)

Mount Bachelor
13000 SW Century Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702

3. Sugar Mountain Resort
Sugar Mountain Resort sounds off at #3 with a 100″ base depth. Sugar Mountain Resort is located in Banner Elk, North Carolina, and is open for day and night skiing and ridin, along with ice skating and tubing. The resort features 125 acres of skiable terrain. The 21 slopes are serviced by 4 double chairs, 1 triple chair, 1 tow (for the terrain park), 2 magic carpets (for 1 beginner area, 1 – tubing). For the ultra motivated, 15 of the slopes are typically lit for night snowboarding.

Sugar Mountain Resort
1009 Sugar Mountain Dr
Banner Elk, North Carolina 28604

2. Kelly Canyon Ski Resort
Reporting a base depth as high as 102″ of snow, Idaho’s Kelly Canyon Ski Resort gets the Silver medal for resort bases this week. Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is a family friendly atmosphere for winter enthusiasts of all ages. Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is a 30 minute drive northeast from Idaho Falls. Founded in 1957, the resort has been described by accomplished snowboarders and skiers as the perfect place to learn to snowboard and ski. With 640 skiable acres, 52 runs, 4 double chairs and 1 surface lift, Kelly Canyon Ski Resort offers terrain suited for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is well known for its night skiing, with most of the hill lit for a unique winter experience.

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort
5488 Kelly Canyon Road
Ririe, Idaho 83443
(208) 538-6251

1. Massif du Sud
At the top of the list is Massif du Sud is reports a base of 161″ – 167″ of snow at resort level. Massif du Sud is a ski mountain about 90 km southeast of Quebec City, Canada. It is part of the park of the same name, the Parc du Massif du Sud. The Massif du Sud is located between the village of Saint-Damien-de-Buckland and the village of Saint-Philémon in Bellechasse, Québec, Canada. Often confounded with Le Massif, the Massif du Sud is renowned for its natural snow and its glades. Although it is the highest ski mountain in the Quebec City region, it doesn’t boast the biggest vertical because of its base already at 515 meters.

Massif du Sud
1989 Route du Massif-du-Sud
St-Philémon, QC G0R 4A0

The snow totals in Quebec, Canada are off the chart. Massif du Sud and Mont Sainte Anne are sandwiching Kelly Canyon Ski Area for the top 3 resort base depths for week 2 in January. There is still plenty of winter left, it will be interesting to see how the resort totals continue to stack up.

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What is the SIA Snowshow?

For most of us in the ski and snowboard industry, especially here at Flow Snowboarding, we are well familiar with what SIA and the yearly SIA SnowShow is in Denver, CO. We also realize that there are a lot of snowboarders and skiers that may have no clue what SIA or the Denver SnowShow is. Flow Snowboarding wants to give you a glimpse into all the hard work we at Flow, along with all the other brands within our industry do in order to make SIA the most anticipated trade show in North America.

Essentially the SIA SnowShow is the grand reveal of next winter’s snowboards, boots, bindings, hard goods and soft goods. Flow Snowboarding received some awesome feedback and input from everybody who stopped by the Flow booth over the last week. A handful of our team athletes came down from the hill to help assist at the trade show booth as well. Mike Basich, Sophia Capua, Dru Williams, Cees Wille & Jordan Zdanek were all on hand.

SIA SnowShow is a trade show at the Denver Convention Center by day, allowing various brands, industry, retailers and shops glimpses of next winter’s line. The evening is stacked with multiple events throughout the city by night; events like the TransWorld Snowboarding Riders Poll and individual industry parties thrown by various brands. So many events all week, you have to pick and choose which ones you are going to.

If after working all day and talking about snowboarding in Downtown Denver gave you an itch to ride, the wiser team athletes in the industry have discovered Ruby Hill Park just 15 minutes south of the city center. It’s a public park that is well lit with a hillside, covered with man made snow and park features. The park is typically open until 9 and is maintained by Winter Park Resort. This year for SIA, there was a rail jam and even a concert featuring Air Dubai.

The final two days of the trade show (2/2 – 2/3) move up to the “On Snow Demos.” This year the demo is at up at Copper Mountain Resort. If you are industry, we would love to see you up here. If you are not industry, just riding around Copper you will see every brands’ skis & snowboards on the hill. A perfect way to start your wishlist for next year.

Have you lads and ladies seen the new Flow Snowboarding line for next year? Are any of you up here at Copper Mountain for the “On Snow Demo?” If you are in the industry, we would love to see you up here. Please share with us your photos and video of you and your friends riding the new Flow Snowboarding 2015-16 gear. Share with us on social media. Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media, tag us and please use the hashtags #FlowSnowboarding and #FindYourFlow