Definition: Snowboarding – A Feature Film From Matt Devino

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Remember when half pipes looked like this? Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete Tim Humphreys hand planting in an old school half pipe

Are you excited for Definition: Snowboarding, the upcoming feature length documentary film from filmmaker Matt Devino?

We here at FlowSnowboarding are backing this flick. You’ll see a few of our friends from Flow like Scotty Lago and Tim Humphreys.

DEFINITION: SNOWBOARDING. This is a documentary film project exploring the definition of snowboarding from the perspective of those who live it. They would like to invite the entire industry to be a part of this exploration, and to help show the world just how amazing snowboarding truly is.

“I’m really excited to have the backing of Flow for the project,” said Mike Devino “They have an amazing team and everyone at the company loves snowboarding, which is what this film is really all about. The film is sure to be even better with their support.”

“Matt Devino is reaching out and making a difference,” said Dale Rehberg of Flow Snowboards. “Gotta love the passion… it’s all about expression!”

Definition: Snowboarding is two year project to be released in the Fall of 2015. It will include dozens of interviews and document all aspects of riding and the lifestyle that encompasses it. Interviews will be shot over the course of 2014, and exclusive riding footage will be shot during the winter of 2014/2015. Here’s the teaser trailer below. So looking forward to this film.

For more information on the film Definition: Snowboarding please visit:

For more information on filmmaker Matt Devino please visit:

Flow Snowboarding is stoked for this film. It speaks the common thread within snowboarding that ties us all together. Let us know what you think of the film trailer on Social media.

Flow Snowboarding

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world heli challenge

Flow Team Micron Drayden Gardner

BIG Props to Flows 12 year old Micron Drayden Gardner for receiving Straight A’s in school and for being invited to Compete in The World Heli Challenge in New Zealand August, July 31st thru August 16th. Congrats Drayden we are all very proud of the good person you are growing up to be, it shows in your attitude, grades, riding and progression. Keep listening to your parents and continue being a respectful little dude.

More on Drayden’s Trip here:

Andre Kuhlmann is crowned as the new Bavarian Slopestyle King

There hasn’t been a royal family for slopestyle for a while , but with the 1st Bavarian Slopestyle Championship there is a new king.

Andre Kuhlmann from Garmisch Partenkirchen had been crowned on the 24th of March in the terrainpark of the Zugspitze. Blue skies and a perfect park made the event a true royal one.

Congrats King Andre the 1st!!

Flow Snowboarding Team Andre Kuhlmann

 King Andre the 1st (2nd from left) and his royal household

Flow World Freeride Championships

The WFC qualifiers were yesterday, under blue bird skies, pleasant temps, solid spectatorship and higher than preferred avy danger to keep it exciting. The Flow team STACKED the line up – 8 or 9 in total.

Flow Snowboarding Team

Stand out moments:
-Max Zipser and Mikey B’s line selection
-Max’s poised and fluid second run
-Scotty Lago’s HUGE method off the biggest cornice. In fact, in his two runs, Scotty landed 3 air and made only 1 run. Impossible? Nope, I swear, he straight lined Bro Bowl
-Nathalie’s runs. Her first was smooth as hell. Her second, umm, it was the same as Basich’s!
-Sarka Pancachova going only 3 feet shorted off Scotty’s same cornice. Then landing, then getting her feet swept out by an avalanche then standing up, then disappearing, then getting back to her feet, then joining the group with a freakin smile. The crowd screamed when she waved her hands that she was ok.
-Celia Miller stepping outside her comfort zone, staying on her feet, and riding with composure
-Jordan Nield had one squeaky run & then one where he did a method and pointed it down the face
-Shin Biyajima from Japan The crowd cheering for Shin – he’s the “new” legend
-Micah dominating, all in the name of Aaron Robinson and always with the most sincere appreciation towards Flow. He threw a back three off a huge cliff and a huge straight air off a 60 footer into 8th place getting him into the finals tomorrow via heli.

The top 12 list and the top eight men advance to the finals.

Stay tuned…

Words by Brooke Summers

Flow owns the Dutch championships

This week the Dutch championships where held in Laax Suisse. There where supposed to be 3 events for our riders: Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air. Due to bad wheather the halfpipe competition got cancelled, there where rocks allover the pipe. For the 2 events that where left we had Flow Riders in every age category: Joey van de Noort, Youth Men (upto 12), Ziggey van Bouwhorst and Daniel Thio, Rookie (13-15), Jazzley van Bouwhorst and Jeremy Boshuizen, Junior Men (16-18) and in the Open Categorie Rocco van Straten and Aston Egelmeers.

And they all did great resulting in some exciting results:

Two kids became DUTCH CHAMPS in both of the events:

Joey van de Noort and Daniel Thio!!!! Well done and keep it up, they will hunt for you guys!!!!!!!!

Flow Snowboarding Jeremy Boshuizen

But there was more Jeremy Boshuizen did great with 2 podium finishes, 2nd in slopestyle and 3rd in Big Air, whilst beiing the youngest kid in his category.

Flow Snowboarding Ziggey van Bouwhorst

Ziggey finished on the podium in the Big Air becoming 3rd ,NICE!

In the open category Rocco had a tough time after he had just finished his 2 month recovery after his injury. Aston did good he finished just short of the podium in Slopestyle (4th place) and a 6th place finish in the Big Air. Well done for a first time competing in this open category.

This Saturday the Microns will compete in the Final event of the Chill and Destroy tour. Have fun there!

Contest report from the BNLX team crew

This weekend there where 2 important contests for the Flow Crew from Holland and Belgium some of our Microns had 2 events too attend. So they went too Neuss on Saturday for the Chill and Destroy tour they needed some more points to qualify for the final event. This went quite good (we are getting used to our riders making it to the final heats). So they did.

Jeremy Boshuizen was the stand out guy for Flow grabbing 2nd place in the final with a solid run on the rails resulting in enough speed for a FS540 on the final kicker. Our young kids Joey and Jordy did great as well being 10 and 9 years old they finishd in 9thand 8th place. Well done guys!!!

Flow Microns finished 8th & 9th place

In the Meanwhile in Landgraaf the Dutch Indoor championship was going on and man did the Flow guys kill it. On Saturday Erik Bastiaansen became Dutch indoor champion Slopestyle congrats!!! Ziggey van Bouwhorst joined Erik on the podium grabbing 3rd place. In the Rookie class. He only just beat Daniel Thio (He rides Flow as well through a shop sponsor deal Nul15 Boards and Lifestyle) to the podium who also did great finishing 4th.

Flow Snowboard Quantam

Ziggey’s older brother was one of the younger guys in the Boys category and did great finishing in 5thplace. In the open class we had our recently fresh addition to the team killing it, Aston Egelmeers became Dutch Indoor champion Slopestyle, very nice!!!!!!! After this long day of shredding in Landgraaf there was a little party but back to bed in time to get some rest, next day they had the Big air contest.

Flow Micron Team Rider

In the Dutch Indoor Big air contest the guys killed it again with some sick airs and following that some great results. In the Rookie contest the kids grabbed 2nd ,3rd and 4th places well done Ziggey, Daniel and Erik. Jazzley did a great “job” competing in the Boys 16/18 class. He as one of the youngest kids grabbed 2nd place, great!!!! In the open class Aston performed at his best again winning with a big fs 7 melon. In the big air there also was a special shout out to Jordy Keesmeekers our 9 year old shredder from Belgium.


All and all a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!