Storing Your Snowboarding Gear In the Off-Season


For most of us the snow has melted at your local mountains and you are well into your offseason routine or Flow Rituals. If you are not planning on hitting any of the summer camps or chasing the snow up in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Hemisphere or Europe than you need to make sure you store your gear properly so it will be nice and ready come the next winter season. Flow Snowboarding wanted to give you a few tips to make sure your gear is nice and ready for when the lifts start to spin again.

5. Store your gear in a snowboard bag

Storing your snowboard, boots and bindings in a bag will certainly prolong the life of your gear and keep it well organized for when the resorts open. Flow does offer a few luggage and bag options to keep all your gear consolidated in a larger size travel bag.

4. Make sure your gear is dry before you bag it up.

It seems like a no-brainer but we have seen the effects of what happens when you throw your board into a boardbag without drying it first. The snow melts, the rails or metal on your bindings sit in a puddle you didn’t even know was there. You become well aware when you see the rusty edges of your board or other water damage to your bindings or boots. Try to make sure all your gear is dry before bagging it up.

3. Try not to store it in a too hot of a location.

We realize that space is an issue and you may not be able to control where you keep your snowboarding gear, but try to avoid storage spots with increasingly high temperatures. This can cause your board to dry out over the hot summer, especially the base.

2. Wax your board before you store it.

Everyone knows to wax their board before going up the hill, but waxing it before placing it in storage is a great way to make sure you base and board don’t dry up when you store it in the offseason. One thing to keep in mind, is waxing it with an early season wax. I personally wax mine with a mix of all temperature and graphite wax. You never know how the snow is going to ride for your first trip up.

1. Don’t store your gear, keep riding…

This is typically our favorite solution to storing snowboard gear, only store it until your next trip. Winter is over for most ski resorts in the Northern Hemisphere, but there are still plenty of spots on the globe. You could chase the snow and winter down to the Southern Hemisphere, go ride the summer camps in the Pacific Northwest or Woodward camps, or even head to the glaciers or indoor sites in Europe. Don’t let mother nature tell you winter is over. If you are willing to travel, it really has no end.

What are your #FlowRituals when the snow melts Are you chasing the snow or turning the page to your summer activities? Flow Snowboarding wants to know your plans for the next couple months. Are you heading to any summer snowboarding camps or chasing the snow to the southern hemisphere? Have you placed your gear in storage and starting to break out the summer toys like your skate, surf and wakeboards? Learn more about #FlowRituals click this link HERE:


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Snowboard Odyssey Epsiode 1: Snowboarding In Kalavryta, The Land Of The Spartans

While snowboarding in Greece, these boarders’ Odyssey began with the challenge of making it to Kalavryta without ending up in jail, being eaten by dogs or getting caught in a rockvalanche. It becomes quickly apparent that this isn’t your usual snowboard trip. Flow Snowboarding team athlete Antoine Baduel alongside fellow Frenchmen Remy Barreyat and Anto Brotto landed in Athens and headed for Peloponnisos on the very southern tip of Greece. After battling the wild weather they found endless terrain that had barely been touched by snowboarders and put these incredible new lines through their paces.

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Tim Humphreys & Friends at Neffland Outer Space Park at Killington Resort

Flow Snowboarding Global Professional Tim Humphreys was back east at Killington Resort in Vermont, sessioning the Neffland Outer Space park. Outer Space park makes the 3rd Neffland park in the US, with Park City’s Candyland and Boreal Mountain’s Pirate Park. Watch as Tim Humphreys and some of his local friends crew up & take some laps through Neffland Outer Space.

Have you had a chance to ride out on the east cost this winter? Aside from Japan, that’s where the snow has been hiding this winter. Where have you been riding, Flow Snowboarding wants to know. We would love to see your photos and edits. Engage with us on Social Media. Post the photos & videos, tag us and use the hashtags #FindYourFlow & #FlowSnowboarding

Tim Humphreys

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Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away a Canvas ABT Snowboard

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Flow Snowboarding is Giving Away A Darwin ABT Snowboard
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 24th, 2015- Flow Snowboarding

Continuing with Flow’s monthly snowboard giveaway, Flow Snowboarding is giving away a Canvas ABT snowboard this month. The winner will be selected on March 31st. Consolation prizes of other Flow Snowboarding gear will also be given out to the second and third place winners. In order to enter the contest, please use the link found in the header in the blog section of or the Win a Snowboard tab located on Flow Snowboarding’s Facebook page.

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Flow Snowboarding’s Mike Basich on Discovery Channel’s Visit To Area 241

Flow Snowboarding’s Mike Basich had the Discovery Channel out to visit Area 241 for their segment entitled Seeker Stories. In this video they tour his self-built 225 square foot home in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered property near Truckee, CA that we have all grown to know as Area 241. Basich shows how being close to nature drives his most creative decisions.

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Jay Gretzinger in Wildlife Season 3: Episode 1

Flow Snowboarding, Wildlife, Jay Gretzinger

WILDLIFE Season 3 Ep.1 from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.

Jay Gretzinger has returned from the Central Interior of Canada after filming with the Nuulife Cinema guys for the film Wildlife Season 3. Watch episode one of Wildlife Season 3 featuring Gretzinger. In this clip, Gretzinger gets swallowed by an avalanche. Be safe out there in the backcountry.

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Erik Bastiaansen: 1st Place at the 19th FIS Junior World Championships in China

Erik Bastiaansen, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Find Your Flow

At 17 years young, Flow Snowboarding team athlete Erik Bastiaansen of the Netherlands took home gold at the 19th FIS Junior World Championships Yabuli, China. Bastiaansen edged out the Kiwi from New Zealand Carlos Garcia Knight by only a fraction (.25) of a point. Bastiaansen is only the second Dutch rider to claim a junior world title.

“At every competition this season I was on stage, but to win here I did not expect it” said Bastiaansen. “I was hoping (to win) of course, but I was just glad I was in the final.”

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Flow Snowboarding 201: How To Plan A Snowboarding Trip

Are you planning a snowboarding trip? In Flow Snowboarding 101 we covered all the gear you need to go snowboarding. What’s next? Do you need tips on where to begin the planning process of a trip to the mountains? Should I buy a lift ticket or season pass? What type of vehicle and what needs to be in it? Where can I find deals on flights? Where do I stay? We will be covering all of this this in Flow Snowboarding 201.

For people who just started falling in love with snowboarding  or want to get into it, there are a lot of basic questions people have. Such simple questions, but all beginners and people starting out snowboarding are typically afraid to ask. Welcome to Flow Snowboarding School, a series intended to answer your most basic how to questions of snowboarding. Class is in session.

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Flow Snowboarding 101 – What do you need to go snowboarding?

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What do I need to go snowboarding? What are some tips for planning a snowboarding trip? How to tips on learning how to snowboard? Venturing into the park for the first time? Safety tips for going off trail. If you just started snowboarding or want to get into it, there are a lot of basic questions people have. Such simple questions, but all beginners and people starting out snowboarding are typically afraid to ask. Welcome to Flow Snowboarding School, a series intended to answer your most basic how to questions of snowboarding. Class is in session.
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Top 10 Ski Resort Snow Base Depths February Week IV

Find_Your_Flow, flow snowboarding, flow, flow bindings, flow snowboards

It is the last week in February and Flow Snowboarding is keeping you aware of where the snow is still falling in North America. Here are the top 10 ski resort and mountain snow base totals entering week 4 of February. Can any of the US resorts knock Canada off the top spot? Here are the resorts that are reporting their snow depths as of (2-25-15).
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